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In the wee hours of the morning, a beautiful drunken redhead awakens from a long fun-filled last night. As she brought her hand to her forehead in pain, she felt the unusual feeling of wanting to vomit. She quickly turned to the side of her full sized bed and released the contents of what happens when you get drunk at a bar filled with people. The vomit landed on the floor in a loud thump. She made a mental note to remember to clean that up later.

As she struggled to open uncooperative her eyes, she could see the sun rising in the could see the sun in its orange and yellow hue starting to ascend upon Konoha. She didn't have to be a weather expert to know that today was going to be a beautiful day. Starting today, she was to start her job as a Jounin. No longer was she Uzumaki Kushina "the chuunin". No! She was Uzumaki Kushina "the Jounin!" She had worked her behind off and that hard work was finally paying off. Finally, she was going to get the respect she deserved. No longer was she going to be treated like an outsider to the people of this village. She was finally on the road to achieving her dreams.

As she prepared to stand, the world began to tilt.

'Crap' she thought as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Maybe I overdid it with the sake" she thought.

Last night, she had gone out to celebrate her promotion. She had gone with her best friend Hizashi who was already a Jounin. Although she normally didn't drink, she was egged on by the self proclaimed "super pervert, Jiraiya." Normally, she ignored the old coot but the way he egged her on infuriated her. She would shut him up once and for all. So she did what any person did when presented with a challenge. She accepted the challenge. Loudly and proudly. She was an Uzumaki! Uzumaki's didn't run away from a challenge. Believe it!

As the memory of getting wasted started to fade, she prepared to stand again. She didn't need an alarm clock to tell her that it was beginning to get late. Besides, she didn't see her alarm clock anywhere in sight even though it normally sat on the desk next to her bed.

As she prepared to stand again, an arm wrapped around her waist pulling her close.

A voice of alarm rang through her head. Someone else was in bed with her. This was was unexpected.

She glanced over and saw the lump of a figure wrapped in her favorite blanket.

The lump.

She assumed was male flipped over stopping any thoughts they may have been in her mind.

No! It couldn't be! Not him! Anyone but him!

It was then she finally took in her surroundings. The room looked like a disaster area as if a bomb was dropped upon the area.

Clothes graced every available area in the small room. Even though the room was normally a mess, she was smart enough to realize that some of the clothes did not belong to her.

A gasp escaped her throat. The feeling of dread surrounded her. She prayed to kami that this was some kind of nightmare. Some kind of evil Jounin hazing ritual or something.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember everything from last night. An image that she hadn't expected invaded her mind.

The image made her choke and blush. It was safe to say she had slept with this intruder. But, that didn't mean he had to stay. Besides today was her first day at a new job. If she didn't get a move on, she was going to be late and the one thing she hated was tardiness.

She spied a kunai on the floor next to bed and willed her feet to move. As she stood, the world wobbled again but this time she maintained her balance.

She had maintained her balance long enough to slip on her own vomit and land on the floor in a heap.


A loud thump echoed as she hit the floor. She looked up. The figure in the bed still hadn't moved.

"Crap how can that guy sleep through that?"

As she dragged herself from the floor and noted the vomit she now had all over in an unusual brown and green color, she grabbed the kunai to execute her plan.

As she approached the sleeping figure, she took note of the bright blond hair and his toned chest. Even though she normally didn't go for blonds, she couldn't help but notice how nice his body was.

She placed the kunai over an artery in his neck where she knew she could kill him in one blow. The figure still didn't move. She leaned over and climbed on his chest(throw up and all). She leaned over and did the thing all ninjas hated...

She imitated an alarm clock...Loudly.. Into his ear.

As expected, the blond idiot woke up in a snap. Since she was sitting on his chest, she took the opportunity to slam him back onto the bed.

His blue eyed peered into hers, his shock written all over his face.

Anger began to consume her.

"I am going to ask you this just once, Minato. What are you doing in my bed?"