The white had never seemed so black.

Roxas shuddered, drifting from one side of the room to the other, his arms cradling himself in an attempt to feel better. But he couldn't -the crack of thunder and rain shooting against the building taking his stomach his stomach to a whole new level of gone. He was tired, but wouldn't be able to sleep with the sounds of a thunderstorm turning his whole body into a shivering mess that matched his secluded and isolated mind. Suddenly, Roxas heard a knock on his bedroom door and nearly fell over his organization coat.

"W -who's there?" Roxas stuttered out, gaining control of his balance once more.

"It's me, Axel," His door to his room slid open, the tall and lanky red-head strutting in. Roxas stared at his bare chest and baggy sweatpants and for a moment forgot about the thunderstorm until his mind got whipped back into reality by another loud crack. He shut his eyes in desperation to keep his face neutral, but by the sigh Axel emitted he figured he'd failed at that. "Are you scared of the storm? Is that why you're pacing?"

"How do you know I'm -" Roxas paused as Axel pointed his finger to the floor.

"My room's below yours." Curtly Roxas nodded, twisting the bottom of his shirt in his hands in nervousness. The only sound heard by the two was the beat of the rain, for once not making Roxas a nervous wreck. Maybe having Axel here was a good thing...

"C -can you stay for a least until I fall asleep...?" Mumbling, Roxas stared at his feet as his cheeks illuminated a candy heart pink. Upon hearing an aggravated sigh a scrape, though, Roxas looked up to see Axel moving a chair next to his bed with a faint smile on his face.

"You're a troublesome one, Roxy. Get in bed." Roxas felt his lips turn into a smile as he walked over to his bed, getting in it quietly as Axel slouched in his chair and crossed his arms over his bare chest. "G'Night, Roxy." Still sitting up, Roxas watched Axel close his eyes and lose himself in his own thoughts.

Without thinking Roxas asked, "Aren't you gonna get cold?" A toxic green eye opened, focusing on Roxas.

"Yeah, I guess." The curt answer didn't satisfy Roxas though, seeing as he didn't want to be rude when Axel was going out of his way to stay all night with the kid. Not knowing how to phrase his offer, though, Roxas scooted over to the left side of his bed and lifted the covers up on the right. Now both of the toxic green eyes were showing with one eyebrow raised above them. "Thanks, kid." Awkwardly Axel slid into the bed, laying down closer to Roxas than he had thought. And even though he knew Axel did wield fire, he never would have thought that he could have been so warm. It was comforting, though, seeing as most everything in the organization was cold. Finally, though, Roxas lied down as Axel rolled over onto his stomach and put his arms over his head. Roxas watched in slight wonder at the boys movements, having never been able to sleep on his stomach.

Abruptly a crack of thunder as loud as a train crash broke Roxas out of his observations. He jumped, his whole body grasping onto Axel. A flash of lightning appeared as Axel turned to stare at Roxas, his toxic green eyes never looking so bright and alive.

"Calm down, Roxy, I'm here to protect you." The older nobody said, strained his neck upwards to place a kiss on the younger nobody's forehead. "Now just get back on your back, close your eyes, and think of some sea-salt ice cream..." Roxas did mostly as told (his eyes still open), Axel's arm draped over his chest and his hands clutching it lightly. Maybe, just maybe, the white wasn't so black afterall.