Title: Some Things Never Change

Author: InvisibleBrunette

Rating: K

Summary: Jim Gordon has an unusual meeting with the new Batman. Takes place in the new Batman and Robin series.

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A knock on his office door stood Commissioner James Gordon's attention away from his paperwork.

"Come in" Jim called.

A rookie officer, Daniels he believed, poked his head in.

"Commissioner, there's someone to see you" Daniels said quietly. He seemed nervous about something.

"Well, send them in"

"I can't, Sir. He wants you to come up to the roof"

Jim blinked. Now who on earth would want to talk to him on the- Oh. Oh.

There he was in all his glory, standing by the bat-signal. That in itself didn't strike Jim as odd. Hell, he'd seen the Dark Knight standing there many times over the years. No, it was the look of nostalgia on Batman's face as he looked at the city's skyline.

"Good evening Commissioner" the masked man greeted, staring into the distance.

Commissioner. Not Jim. The Batman he knew called him Jim. It was things like that, and the fact that this Batman was a few inches shorter, that told the head of Gotham's police, that this wasn't his friend of many years. Someone else was defiantly under the mask.

"You wanted me, so here I am" Jim said, stepping closer to the Dark Knight. "Gotham has been quiet for a few days. So what's up? Something going on I need to know about?" he asked, pulling out his pipe.

Batman sighed through his nose. Wondering, for the hundredth time, if this was really a good idea. Finally, he looked the Commissioner in the eye.

"No, it's nothing like that" the vigilante said. "I... I didn't just come out of the woodwork when I took up the cowl. But..." pausing a moment, he pulled something out of his belt. "You knew me as someone else"

The Commissioner simply stared at him. What on earth was he telling him?

Batman held out a gold sheriff star, with the words 'The Law' written clear as day across the shiny surface.

Jim nearly dropped his pipe. The surprise was evident on his features. "You're- Oh my God... Robin?" no wait, the kid hadn't gone by that name for a while "Nightwing?"

The former Boy Wonder's mouth twitched upwards. "I haven't been called Robin in a long time." he admitted, dropping Batman's rasp. "It's good that I didn't have to prove it this time either"

The Commissioner thought back to his first encounter with Nightwing and chuckled. "You were full of those puns"

This time, Batman smiled softly. "Someone had to make him laugh" he gave a small, one-armed shrug.

"I guess you're right" Jim smiled around his pipe. The two men stood quietly for a few minutes, until the older of the two broke it. "He's really gone, isn't he?"


"I'm sorry about you're dad, Kid." the Commissioner looked away. "It's always hard losing a parent"

"Thank you Commissioner"

"Cut that out. You've known me for years, just call me-" the head of GPD looked back, only to see that the vigilante was no where in sight. "-Jim..." he shook his head ruefully. Some things never change.


"Every now and then I have the feeling that I've totally lost my mind. It's a great feeling" -Nightwing