Micro Effect #1: Hussy

Author: Ignorant One

Length: 811 Words

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It wasn't easy to see a grown woman cry, let alone one who had lived nearly eight hundred years, but it got the job done, and that Asari was being bitchy enough for ten lifetimes; she got what was coming to her. With a couple of sniffles, the blue skinned woman let herself be hauled off of the floor by Shepard, and he quickly wiped away the tears with the heel of her palm. "Alright… I will review and revise the contracts. There is already enough suffering in this galaxy…I should not add to it."

The pure-blood Asari looked him in the eyes as she made some adjustments to her Omni-tool before stepping to the side. "Thank you, thank you for showing me the way. I don't want to become one of the people I despise."

Tali and Grunt looked at each other as they both watched the woman walk off in a somber saunter. The Krogan chuckled, "Interesting, Shepard. The tank taught me that making women cry had the opposite effect when it comes to achieving your objectives."

The Quarian shook her head, "I completely agree, but Shepard just has a way with women I suppose."

"Also, since when did your combat training involve fraternizing with females?" Tali snuck in quickly, tipping her helmet towards her imposing, lizard-like companion.

Grunt shrugged as he turned around and stared off at the various models of hovercraft that sat on the other side of the partition overlooking the city. "I don't know, but it seems like if it could come in handy, the tank taught it to me. Of course, the imprint failed…I don't really feel anything towards females over males."

Tali looked over at the tank-born Krogan for a moment before she realized that Sheppard had disappeared. "Wha? Where did Shepard go?"

"Oh? He went back to that green Asari… said something about letting her know that the contract had been revised."

Sure enough, not two hundred feet away stood Shepard and the green Asari, what was her name again? Tali shook her head as she walked closer towards the pair. It really didn't matter to her since James took Garrus and Wrex out for the Zhu's Hope operation, but the closer she got, the more she could hear.

The Quarian watched as the green skinned woman let her left arm come up and caress Shepard's cheek in a way that made it look more than friendly. The words her auditory sensors picked up confirmed it. "Thank you, Shepard…if it wasn't for you…I might not have gotten this contract amended. Maybe when I'm no longer working for the colony…and when you're no longer… doing what you do… maybe we can get together sometime."

The woman's tone was sickeningly sweet, almost seductive, and that sent every jealous bone in Tali's body reeling. Who did this woman think she was?! She had no right to be offering herself to the Commander in such a casual manner, and that Asari had absolutely no ideas of the hardships the crew of the Normandy faced! That woman had no right to even consider such a thing! The Quarian clenched her jaw tightly as she walked towards the pair a little faster; a woman on a mission. However, the Asari split before Tali could give her a piece of her mind.

The young woman walked right up beside Shepard and they both watched the woman walk off. Tali crossed her arms underneath her breasts and let out an audible 'hmpf'; her weight shifting to lean more on her right leg.