Micro Effect #13: Gimmie a Reason

Author: Ignorant One

Length: 1,621 Words

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Authors Note: This chapter will be decidedly shorter than what your used to reading from me for one reason…its just a short chapter. Lol. Unless I decide to add another Omake, which The FanGurl has asked me to write another slash scene for Shepard and Garrus… and a lot of you have actually asked for some scenes between people, which is great, because I really want to make y'all happy. However, now I've gotten like ten requests from various people, which is great, but now I have to prioritize between all of the subject material I have myself and the requests you, the readers, have asked of me. That's quite a lot of stuff on my plate. Lol. Seriously, if you could see my notes here on my laptop, I have enough material for at least ten more chapters, and that doesn't include all of my half-baked ideas which could form into fully baked ideas with a little bit of work. :3 Also, I don't know what story Saya21 read in order to fave me, so I'm going to assume its this one. Lol. Thanks a bunch Saya21!

Here is a chapter that I haven't been able to write for a while… because of finals are approaching and I have four papers I've been writing… and I just got another one today. Yes, a frowny face. That and the fact that the rest of my free time is spent playing Modern Warfare 2. Hell yeah, bitches, ju getz 0wned!

Tuchanka, the hot, scarred planet being the hell-hole that it is, was inhospitable by its very definition. Only the tough and hardy survived in this harsh environment. That and it seems only those who have spent their entire lives with a Varren up their ass have managed to eke out an existence. One such example was an Urdnot by the name of Veriel, a known and popular Varren trainer. The verren he was holding onto lunged and growled viciously, its teeth gleaming in the small amounts of light that snuck through the cracks in the ceiling. The Krogan chuckled heartily, "Come'on, give me a reason, Shepard."

Commander James Shepard arched an eyebrow from beneath his helmet, a little surprised at the way this particular Urdnot was acting. He and Wrex were extremely good friends, and the last time he visited Tuchanka he had killed a Thresher Maw all by himself… the Commander was curious as to what was exactly going through his head. With that, the human paused in front of the larger Krogan and stood just outside of the leashed varren's range. The creature hissed loudly and lunged again, only to reach the end of the leather-like cord wrapped around its neck. "Come on, Shepard, just take one more step and you'll know exactly how it feels to be a chew toy for my prize fighter here. Three more victories in the pits and this little guy will become even more famous than that Urz mutt who is always following you around."

The Commander smirked as he took off his helmet, placing it underneath his right arm and assumed a relaxed yet in-control posture. "Do you always treat your betters with this much disrespect?"

James could clearly see the anger flash through in the Krogan's black eyes, and his body tensed up considerably, as did the Varren. Mordin, the Salarian scientist standing off to Shepard's right, leaned forward and spoke quickly into the human's right ear. "Commander, I do not believe that antagonizing the Krogan would be wise. I believe that if your baiting continues that there could be a seventy-two percent chance that he would let the Varren go, and at this distance… 'Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a seamstress.'"

Grunt just chuckled and took a step back, crossing his arms underneath his massive breastplate. "Shepard, should you end up killing one of my Urdnot brothers, I will act in your defense, either as a Krant or a witness."

"See Mordin? Grunt has the right attitude to take. You shouldn't be worried about me… just worried about this guy." Shepard taunted, his head tilting forward and to the right to gaze at the now snarling verren.

Veriel's right eye twitched and his body began to shake in a nearly uncontrolled rage, "Ooah… you asked for it, human."

'POP' There was a loud screech and all parties involved stood stiff, except for the Commander, who just silently continued to stare at the verren with an intense interest.

It took only a moment before everyone figured out where the screech came from and their attention shot downwards towards the large canine like creature just in time to see its second overly large eye explode outwards with a sickening 'POP'. The Krogan fought with all of its might to keep the verran contained as it thrashed around in… dare I write….blinding amounts of pain?

Even Grunt was slightly put off by the sudden fleshy explosions, but it wasn't until the Commander held up a hand near the four legged vermin's head that a third but muffled 'pop' was heard. Immediately the verren settled down and sat on its hindquarters, a dopy grin quickly formed on its face as its tongue lolled out the side of its mouth. It was quite a sight to see, the verren sitting happily, blood trickling out of its nose with its eyes open craters exposed to the world. Veriel was aghast with something akin to fear as he looked at his prized pit fighter, now rendered blind and in an utterly relaxed state.

All parties looked towards the Commander as he instead focused on the hostile Krogan. "Did you see what I did to him?"

Immediately the male collapsed to the ground, withering in pain. His hands clenched his gut with increasing intensity as he let out labored cries of pain. "Oh Gods! Not those! NOT THOSE! I've only got four of them, and they barely work as it is! PLEASE! You can crush a heart, just not those!"

The large reptilian humanoid ended the sentence by vomiting onto the cold, uncaring earth. "Fine."

Veriel relaxed and let out a loud sight of relief as he was freed from whatever hold the Commander had over him. "Let this be a lesson to all Krogans that live under the Urdnot banner."

The Commander continued to speak as he stooped down and placed a knee right beside the Krogan's head. "Don't. Fuck. With. Shepard. Or with any of his crew for that matter because I will fuck you up. I don't think Wrex would be to happy with me if I started using my biotics to bust some quads, but God help you if I do."

Mordin was quick to close his gaping mouth, taking a step back before coughing into his hand to regain his composure. Grunt just gave the Shepard a crazy grin and offered the human a hand up, which the man promptly took. "Spread the word, Veriel, I don't want to take any more Urdnot out of the fight."

The Krogan just nodded and whimpered, the humanoid crawling towards his prize fighter- former prize fighter.

Shepard just smiled and continued on his way up the ramp, it felt good to be a badass.