Author's Thoughts:

Well, this was certainly a journey that I'm going to remember –and treasure– for the rest of my life.

First, let me say that this isn't meant as any disrespect to my fellow Mass Effect authors or any author in general. I've been a fanfic reader for many years. I have a profound and deep respect for those that put thoughts to words and have the courage to publish it online. I also understand and respect that they do it for their own reasons.

However, for me, as a reader, no matter how much I admire that courage, I can't help but cringe at some of the quality of work that is posted. Not to say that I'm better or they're bad, but some things posted weren't simply to my taste or I was of the opinion (Perhaps misguided, perhaps not) that the work should've been better. Of course, on the flip side of the coin, there were works that I can't help but read, then reread again. Unforgettable works that I've always hoped to aspire to with my own story.

With all that said, I felt that I had little right to judge without embracing the same courage to write and post work of my own. This fanfic started out as a project, to even see if I even had the capability to write at all. The outpouring of reviews for just the first few chapters was enormous. I was humbled and grateful for those that gave my work a chance and made the time to leave their thoughts. It was because of that, I continued to write. What was once a project, became a hobby. What was once a hobby, became a mission to see this story to the end.

So, I would offer my most sincere appreciation to my fans that have stuck by me; that encouraged, supported, and assisted me into finishing this massive undertaking from a first time author. I would also offer thanks to all other authors out there. Good and bad are relative opinions anyway, and now I've learned that it's no small thing to write and publish something for all to see it. It's because of you that I even started.

There those in particular that I would thank and have their contributions acknowledged.

First, special thanks for my fellow Mass Effect authors and other authors of works I constantly read. They either kindly given me permission to use a little of their work to weave into my own, or offered inspired ideas that they were willing to give to me instead of using it in their own writings.

Special thanks and acknowledgements (In no particular order):

Mass Effect Author's:


Ronnie James Dio






Other fanfic author's and sources of inspiration:




Skyllian Blitz





Jason Kreuger Myers



William Shakespeare

Walt Whitman

Alfred Tennyson

I would also like to offer my appreciation to certain reviewers and fans that went above and beyond the call in their support of me. These are people that didn't just review, but actively helped me and took the time to make this fic better by offering input, ideas, or pointing out glaring mistakes.

To my supporters and fans (In no particular order):



Breakdown Boy

Annara Ren




Swordsman of Shadow


Paragon Sheperd

THE reader




Breakdown Boy



Lord Europe




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Swordsman of Shadow

Rise Against713









Mr. Tacito

If there were names I left out, I apologize. The list is simply too extensive for me to write. Rest assured, I know who you are and you do too. My eternal gratitude goes out to you and all others that followed my work.

To EpisodeSkywalker, AKA PirateWars: That poster remains absolutely lovely and will always be my coverart. Thank you for creating it.

I would also like to give thanks to my brother, who will only be known as HibikiR101_0984. He had the patience to often act as my sounding board whenever I got stuck or needed to bounce a few ideas around.

Finally, last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank my beta reader, Wyl. It's thanks to him that the quality of my fanfiction looks as good as it does.

To Wyl: Thanks man. It's been my greatest honor to have met you and working with you has been a blast.

The following movies and television shows were used as sources of inspiration. No copyright infringement was intended nor was any money made during the course of this fanfiction. Every title is the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets

Band of Brothers

Starship Troopers


The Recruit


House, M.D.

Burn Notice

White Collar

Chrono Trigger: Short Action Scene

The Island


Clear and Present Danger

Bad Boys II


Babylon 5

Pitch Black

Terminator: Salvation

The following video games were used as sources of inspiration. No copyright infringement was intended nor was any profit made during the course of this fanfiction. Every title is the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Dig

Ace Combat 5

Ace Combat Zero


Star Wars: Republic Commando

Skies of Arcadia

This is a work of fanfiction using the world and characters of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is the intellectual property of BioWare and EA. No copyright infringement was intended nor was any profit made during the course of this fanfiction. I do not claim any ownership. This story was of my own invention and is not purported as part of the Mass Effect universe. Fight for the Lost was created for entertainment only.

Special thanks go out to BioWare and the creative mind(s) that brought us Mass Effect. It's a wonderful and robust sci-fi world that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

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Till next time, everyone!

- LuxDragon