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Chapter Five: and now it begins

Gene stood in a dark, seemingly never-ending path of pitch black. He ran his fingers through his coal-black hair, smiling wanly as he looked for anything to latch his hopes upon. He felt despair tugging at his throat, making him feel dizzy and heartbroken and useless.

"Let me go," Gene told—almost begged—her. He tried to paste a fake smile on his face as he attempted to appease Megumi, but he knew his attempts were futile. He felt his heart constrict as he closed his eyes and saw Mai, panic-stricken and pallid from fear. He gripped the hem of his shirt in frustration. What could he do?

"No," she said as she threw him a sidelong glance, not really caring about anything anymore. Nothing mattered, after all. She was dead. Dead. The word had such finality to it that she didn't want to argue with anything. "Why do you even try when you know I'm not going to let you?"

There was nothing to be said for that short while as they look at each other. The heaviness of the air made it hard to breathe for Gene and his already-frazzled nerves.

And then, Gene spoke. "Because I love her. Because she's far too precious to die..." The moment he said it, he realized that it was true. He loved Mai…but he was only going to be a spectator. For the idiot scientist and Mai, and for himself. That was how it was supposed to be.

"Precious to you? Or for your brother?" she asked.

"For both of us," Gene replied. It was true, after all. Although Oliver didn't realize it completely, Gene knew how much Oliver loved Mai, and although he loved Mai…no, because he loved Mai…he would never, ever be with her.

"What a loved girl," Megumi stated wistfully. She toyed with her hair as she curled a lock around her fingers. "A love triangle. I never thought I'd really see one, nonetheless see two twins over her after one's dead." She glanced at him.

And this time, Gene truly smiled at her as he thought of Mai. "Indeed."


Serving tea to Naru in the base, Mai looked at her boss and was struck still when a frantic Gene appeared in her eyes for a split second. Her face paled as she remembered the detail from the previous night. If she told them, she'd surely be endangering them…but they needed this information. It was vital. The tray she held fell from her grasp as she succumbed to her nerves from a faint, dark memory.

The cups shattered on the cold tiled floor. Tea spilled from the broken shards, and as if surprised, Mai blinked at the loud crash and hastily looked around, hurriedly picking up pieces of china from the cold floor of the old science room. The other regulars looked at her in surprise and in worry that she could cut herself. Bou-san and Ayako hurriedly went to Mai's side to help her some, the three of them kneeling down and picking up shards.

"The roll book," Mai whispered to herself. Her voice was shaky and feeble as her body still shook slightly, her mind in a numb sort of despair as weak tremors continued to roll across her spine. Worried, Ayako and Bou-san pulled her up from the floor and set her on the couch.

"Mai?" Naru called. "What's the matter?" It was a concealed question. Are you okay?

"She…Megumi ripped the roll book of Hina-san's class. Hina-sensei was Megumi's homeroom teacher..." Mai said as her voice hitched in her throat. No, I'm not okay. She couldn't breathe. Who was wrong? Was she going to let this idea swallow her whole, ruining her very self? What was…

"Oh god, Naru…oh god," Mai whimpered as she rolled herself into a ball.

"Research Mizuki Hina. I want every piece of information there is about her." Naru stated. His voice was clipped and dangerously low from suppressed anger. When everybody in the base remained silent, he threw a glare at the vicinity. "Now."

Lin curtly nodded at Naru before turning his gaze to the computer in front of him, rapidly typing into the machine as windows began popping up on the screen.

Maybe Hina-sensei was unconsciously mean. Maybe she didn't mean to turn a blind eye from the incidents.

Or maybe...she wasn't all that she made herself out to be. God, please don't let it be true.

The last idea scared her. She didn't want to think about how Hina- sensei could have been wearing a mask all the time, about how…

No. She was the one that was hurt. It was Megumi that physically hurt Hina-sensei.

But…was that really it? Was she going to allow herself to completely ruin a person's image in her mind based on that amount of knowledge?

Who was the real culprit of this mess? Was it the person who allowed it to happen…or was it the person who hurt people?

Mai had no idea.


"You hold a grudge," Gene said to Megumi. It was a statement, not a question or something with open-ended answers.

Megumi smiled. "Yes. I do." Looking away, she murmured the lyrics to a child's tune, closing her eyes and envisioning a small pond with wild animals freely going about. And then, she was there, a rampaging ghost with nothing but bloodlust, killing each peaceful creature in the most gruesome ways possible. What had they done to her? What had those pieces of scum done to her? "I'm going to kill them all."

And she was. The death sentence she put upon all of them put her heart in such peace that she knew she was going to make that happen.

Gene looked at her. "But why?"

Megumi ignored his question. "I once heard of how people who attempted to commit suicide and survived were glad to be alive. I'm glad I'm dead. I'm so glad that I want to show them exactly how it feels to be pushed to an edge..." Megumi smiled, as if finally in peace with herself. "And I'm going to show them in the bloodiest ways possible."

"Will you let me go?" asked Gene.

Megumi snorted. "You really have a one-track mind, don't you? Is the girl that precious to you?"

"She's the most precious person in my life."

"Even more than your twin? She's not going to be my first victim, you know. I have much more people to...punish...first," she told him. "You're boring, you know that? All you care is love, family, and all those mushy ideals that aren't really there. You're not even alive." Megumi sighed. "Just go. You're sickening."

With a wave of her hand, Gene felt himself go free.

"Thank you."

Megumi stilled. As soon as he left, she grabbed her hair with both of her hands and cried.

"This is all their fault...I hate them."


Itou Miyuki browsed through the countless shelves of books in the isolated part of the public library. Humming a catchy tune she heard in the mall a few days back, she raised an arm as she tried to reach for the book she had in mind.

"Just a bit more..." she told herself as she balanced on the tip of her toes, grimacing slightly as all of her weight went to her toes. "Just a bit...ah, got it!" Cheering to herself, she reached out for the book and caught it in between her thumb and index finger.

"Having fun, are we?"

Screaming, Miyuki turned to see who was there, dropping the book on the dusty floor as she frantically looked around her. There was nothing. She shook her head and looked at the mahogany shelves.

"I must be hallucinating...I mean, there's obviously nobody―"

"Nobody, you say? Well, you did say I was one." The voice spoke again.

Miyuki's body began to shake. "Who's there?" she asked, her voice wavering from fear.

A girl appeared in front of her. "I'm sad. Don't you remember me, Miyuki-chan?"

"Nakamura...?" Miyuki asked. "That's impossible! You're dead!"

Megumi smiled. "I'm so happy that you remember me! We used to be classmates, ne?"

"You're dead!" Miyuki repeated, more for herself than Megumi. "Why are you here? Get away from me, you freak!" Scrambling to get her stuff and away from this rampant insane girl, Miyuki hurriedly tried to get away from Megumi.

"Of course I'm dead, you silly!" Megumi's smile grew. Donning the Morishita High School uniform of a checkered skirt and black blazer, she comfortably walked to the end of the aisle they were both in.

"Go away! Rest in peace or something! Just get away from me!"

"I would if I could," Megumi said with a petulant frown. She looked at the girl in front of her as Miyuki tried to push her away to go out of the section.

"Get out of my way! Let me go, you disgusting bitch!" Miyuki shrieked.

Megumi grabbed the other girl's wrist with a cold glare that sent a chill through Miyuki's spine. "I'm sorry. I can't." She squeezed the girl's wrist with a strength that she didn't know existed.

A sickening "pop" rang through the library. A painful scream soon followed.

"Oops! Well, there goes your wrist," Megumi said in a sing-song tone, not at all sorry.

"I'm sorry," Miyuki began to say with a frantic gleam in her eyes that Megumi found rather to her liking. "I'm sorry I was so cruel to you, I'm sorry that we bullied you, I'm sorry, please, please don't hurt me…" Megumi never realized how torturing could be so, so fun. Nobody had told her how enjoyable this feeling of power was.

"Well, Miyuki-chan..." Megumi said as she inspected at the enormous books at her side with a predator's ease, "...sorry doesn't cut it."

The tall bookshelves hovering around and above the two began to shake violently. The wood groaned with old age, and the books from the upper shelves began to fall to the floor with a loud "thump".

Miyuki's eyes widened. "Please...please, don't, please..." she begged. Miyuki held on to the girl for dear life, tears streaming across her face as she mustered the strength to raise her wrist that had been pulled out of its socket and appease the dead girl in front of her.

Megumi looked at her one more time.

"As I told you before, Miyuki-chan...sorry doesn't cut it."

The bookshelves around them began to topple. It felt like an eternity to the both of them.

"If you survive this...tell the others I'm after them, will you? Surprise visits are more boring than they should be."

With a loud crash, the shelves completely fell over. The last thing Miyuki remembered hearing were the frantic voices of the library employees and a light, airy giggle that was gone as soon as it reached her ears.

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