Long time no write, guys. I'm really sorry.

I can't say anything that'll really not make you disappointed, but here goes.

As some of you might now or realized, I was in nursing school. I've graduated and now I have to pass the NCLEX examination to get my license.

I've tried twice now. I failed both times. I am on my third attempt. This exam 'locks' you out for 3 months every time you fail, and the first try costs $400; any re-exams are about $320. As you can see, I've already spent $720 on this exam, not including reviews and study material. I'm gonna spend another $320 here in a month, meaning I've spent $1040 on this exam just to get a fucking license.

It's been difficult. I've been a disappointment to myself and my family. Writing has been on the wayside, even though I still love it. Not to mention fandom crap and BLARGH.

Anyway, I know its all excuses. ~.~ And I'm sorry. It's all I can offer.

I do want to finishes these stories but right now? RL and my own inspiration aren't working with me to do it.

However if you don't want to wait for me, you are free to email me at kid_nyght(a)yahoo.com and ask about any fic you would like to know the resolution of. I can give you a summary of the events meant to happen and the ending if you would like closure. Please put the fic title in the subject so if it goes to junk mail I can retrieve it easily.

Thank you ALL for reading and reviewing my works in the past. I appreciate you all and I'm sorry I was just another disappointment ; ;