Summery : Nicole Bristow is back at PCA for her senior year and is happy to be back after nearly being driven insane at an all girls school Lola and Zoey are happy to have her back as their roommate meanwhile the guys have a problem with a cricket in they're room keeping them up at night eventually they seek Quines help for the problem and are forced to stay in the girls room while they're room is fumigated by Quine

Nicole Bristow had been sitting in the PCA admissions office almost all morning and she was getting tired of waiting she had been away for a year at an all girls school which she had almost lost her mind at but after being cured of her Obsessive Male Gender Disorder (OMGD) her parents had decided to let her come back to PCA for her senior year she hoped some of her old friends remembered her and hope she would get some nice roommate's

A women steps out of the admissions office "Nicole Bristow"

Finally Nicole thought as she entered the office she put her bag to the side and sat down in the seat as the admissions Lady sat down "Welcome Miss Bristow is this your first time attending PCA academy"

Nicole looked at her for a second she knew she most be new to not remember her "No I went here my freshmen and sophomore year and I went somewhere else last year"

The woman pulled some papers out of her desk "ok if you will start feeling these out I will see what room your in" She hands Nicole the stack of papers who starts to fill them out the lady search's on the computer for a minute " Ok your going to be in room 101 furton hall"

Nicole remembers where that is and who was in it "Who are my roommates ?" she asks cerisoly

The lady pulls something up on her computer "Ummm… Zoey Brooks and Lola Martinez"

Nicole sighed a breath of relief she was rooming with two of her friends she handed the lady back the forms the lady smiled at her "Ok I'll get these processed and here is a key to your dorm"

Nicole smiles at her as she grabs the key "Thanks" she then walks out the door and walks out the main door she sees a bushy haired kid run by and knows exactly who it is until he runs past her and she wonders if he saw her until he turns around still running and looks at her "Nicole !!" he says surprised before tripping over his suitcase and duffle bag landing on top of his golf clubs

Nicole ran over to help him she knew that it was definally Chase "Hey Chase" She helps to pull him up he gives her a hug and then pulls back "What are you doing here ? What about the all girls school"

Nicole smiles at him "Don't have to go anymore"

Chase looks at her "what about your Obsessive Male Gender Disorder"

Nicole looks at him "Cured"

Chase looks at her "Well dose Zoey and Lola know your back yet ?"

Nicole smiles at him "no you're the first one"

Chase looks at her then at the pile of bags sitting beside then at the last things he's taking to his dorm "We'll I'm sure they'll be happy to see you how about I put the last of my stuff in the dorm and help you with yours"

Nicole looks at him "Okay"

Chase continues to talk to her as they walk off