The scene changes to the clock beside Zoey's bed it reads 2:00 in the morning all of a sudden Quinn comes over her two way web cam [1] "Zoey"

Zoey rolls over in her bed to see Lola already climbing down off her bunk and over to the screen then she gets making sure not to step on Michael and Chase who are asleep on the air mattress and over to the screen "What's wrong ?"

Quinn looks at them "Well I got up to go to the bathroom and I realized Herman wasn't in his cage"

Michael walks over as she continues to talk Lola looks at her "Isn't that your spider ?" [2]

Michael looks at them "What's going on ?"

Lola looks at him "Quinn lost her spider at 2 in the morning"

Quinn looks at her "Well it wasn't my fault I was asleep"

Chase rolls over in his sleep "Michael"

They all turn towards him as he continues "Michael stop tickling my leg"

They all look at each other then Michael looks at him "Dude I'm over here"

Chase continues to lay on the mattress "Well something's tickling my leg"

Quinn looks at them "Herman"

Lola looks at her "Herman"

Chase rolls over to look at them waking up a little bit "Who's Herman ?"

Zoey looks at him "Quinn's spider"

Chase sits up and looks at them "Spider"

They all look at him

He jumps out of the bed and starts jumping around the room in a panic waking up Logan and Nicole in the process "SPIDER…SPIDERRRR"

He then trips and hit's a wall Zoey walks over while he's still sitting against the wall she scoops the spider up in a bowl and turns to Quinn "I found Herman"

Chase stands up beside her "I'm sleeping on the couch"

Lola looks at him "It was just a spider"

Chase looks at them "Yes and Michael's been wrapping his arms around me and calling me Lisa ever since we went to sleep"

He walks over and grabs his quilt and pillow off the air mattress and goes and lays down on the couch as the rest of them look at Michael

[1] Zoey 101 : Back to PCA

[2] Zoey 101 : Quarantine