Okay, so, I lied, this isn't just lemons, fluff, and cupcakes; there is a real plot, but, I am just tired of the way that anyone who accepts Clark for who and what he is just ends up dying. Which is my main reason for writing this.

So, I can promise one thing, this girl will not die.

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Remember, this is set in Season Four.

"No, stop, I'm trying to help you!" Clark called, but it was useless; the redheaded girl racing by couldn't even hear him. She skidded around his large frame, delivering a swift push to his midsection, knocking him off balance.

"If you're smart you'll stay down." The girl hissed, her eyes alight with a fire that was pure malice, but Clark could see a small sliver of something else in those striking emerald orbs: fear.

Before the young teen could ask what was happening, two men appeared, as if from thin air, to stand before the girl.

"Seems you've learned some new tricks." She spat, eyeing the assassins with disdain.

"It's over, Louhi; you need to come with us."

She let out a ferocious cackle, shaking her head and Clark couldn't help but notice the waves of curly, red hair that fell just below her chest. "That's not going to happen, Luke, and you know it." Louhi declared, all traces of fright thousands of miles away.

She cast a careful glance at Clark, hidden behind the fortunate landscaping of the Metropolis skyscraper, and warned him, with her eyes, not to make a sound.

"We have something that might make you change your mind." Luke threatened and Clark held in his sigh as the bulkier of the men pulled a pistol from his jacket pocket.

Why hadn't I just gone straight home after the Met U? The young hero thought. Did I really need to stop for coffee? Despite his complaining, he was starting to except that life really wasn't very random at all. He was obviously meant to rescue this girl.

"Alright, guys, take it easy." He said, pulling himself to standing position. The smaller of the men jumped back in surprised confusion.

"What are you doing?" Louhi demanded, furious. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"Are you?" Clark countered, his body acting as a shield between the gun wielding maniacs and the slender woman.

"What's this, Louhi? Another pathetic attempt at subterfuge?"

"Fuck you." Louhi scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "He's not with me."

"He sure thinks he is." Luke joked, nodding at the way Clark stood like some type of protector before the teenage girl.

"Look, I'm just trying to calm this situation down, alright?" Clark interrupted, agitated. Since when did doing the right thing come with a set of insults included?

"Look, kid, why don't you just run on home to the farm?" The small man suggested, no doubt making a jab at Clark's plaid button up and worn jeans. "We don't want to hurt you." He added.

"Well, I'm not going to let you hurt her, either."

Luke rolled his eyes and fired the gun straight at Clark's chest. Normally, he would have just taken the shot; or maybe, if he felt especially cocky, he would have caught it with his hand. But not this timeā€¦

As soon as the gun had been fired, it was dropped to the ground. Luke and the other man collapsed, blood pooling in the corners of their mouths and, with a thud, Louhi fell back against Clark's chest, blood dripping from the gunshot wound in her chest.