A/N: Let me say this quickly. This crossover combines Luxe series and Gemma Doyle Trilogy. Penelope's character comes straight from exclusively the first Luxe novel. Fee's comes from all three Gemma Doyle books. It just seems to me that both Penelope and Fee seem like they would make a perfectly daunting pair.

Title: Silks

Pairing: Felicity Worthington/Penelope Hayes

Canon or Alt. Universe: Crossover.

Setting: Paris, 1898

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Neither Luxe series, nor Gemma Doyle Trilogy are mine.

POV: Third person


The Paris streets were filled with nice young men in suits, walking with pretty young women on their arms. All she could see was a swirl of fine gowns as the couples filtered into the Paris Opera House. After two years of living in the City of Light, this should've been a normal sight to the eyes of this certain young woman. But unfortunately, it was not. She had been holed up in the garret of an artist, who was very unknown and quite a pig. For the past six months she had been dealing with his company, in hopes that it would stave off her loneliness. But it hadn't. And now she stood in her slacks, smoking a cigarette and watching Paris's finest stroll into the Opera.

Felicity propped her boot up on one of the suitcases she was traveling with. The night breeze tossed her blonde hair around her shoulders. Even in trousers she was a lovely sight to behold. There was flat she was renting now, a room where no one asked questions. She was hoping to pick someone from the crowd to bring home that night, lift her spirits. But no one noticed her, except for the few society women who whispered about how scandalous she was being. Felicity smiled, amused, and tipped her head to anyone that found the audacity to stare.

Failing in her search, she dropped her cigarette and stamped it out with her foot. Her suitcases were light in her hands as she picked them up and turned into a cemetery- a shortcut back to the flat.

Gravestones stood ominously up from the earth, but Felicity wasn't frightened. The graves almost gave her a sense of calm, and reminded her of a girl with violet eyes and dark curls. She sighed. Yes, the cemetery was more of a home to her than any of the places she had stayed in Paris. Tombstone after tombstone passed in a blur and mausoleums rose up like great skyscrapers of the dead, displaying wealth in a morbid kind of way. A bitter laugh came from behind one of those ominous buildings. Felicity shook her head; she must've been hearing things. Traveling through a cemetery at night was definitely not one of her better ideas. She stepped slower now, quieter, almost daring the laugh to echo across the quiet grounds again. And it did, the distinct high-pitched laugh of a woman echoed throughout the tombstones. A flicker of light danced across the side of a marble mausoleum, and Felicity saw the shape of a young woman. She walked determinedly over to the stranger, wondering what on earth she could be doing in a place like this at night.

Right upon reaching the girl, Felicity noticed a flask in her hand.

"Hello." Felicity muttered softly, quite amused at the state she had found this stranger in.

"Oh, my lord." The woman dropped the flask and it clinked against the stones. She gaped at Felicity, her lips quivering. "Way to sneak up on me. What on earth are you looking at?"

Felicity glanced the woman up and down. If not for the bright blue eyes she would've thought the woman a reincarnation of her lost love. The woman's hair was dark and her features were fine, even by candlelight Felicity could tell.

"What are you doing out here?"

The woman scoffed, gathering her red skirts and straightening up. "I could ask you the same thing. What an awful thing to do, sneaking up on me like that. Why, I thought you were a mugger or a rapist."

Felicity quirked her brow. "You're lucky I was neither. Now, what're you doing out here?" She could tell that the dark haired woman was younger than herself, though only by a few years.

"If you must know. I was ditching the opera to enjoy myself for a bit." The woman spat, stepping right up to glare into Felicity's eyes. "What a strange color your eyes are. Grey like a storm cloud."

Felicity grabbed the girl's outstretched hand lightly. "Would you care to take a walk with me?"

"Yes," The woman snatched back her hand quickly. "I would care. Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Felicity Worthington, at your service." She tipped her head to the angered stranger. "And who may I ask, is so furious with me?"

"Penelope Hayes." She bent over to pick up the flask and tucked it into her bodice. Felicity's eyes lingered a bit too long after the drink had been hidden.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry, Miss Hayes?"

"The opera, Miss Worthington. My mother will be expecting me."

Felicity nodded. "Very well. Meet me tomorrow night, back here. Do you think you can manage that?"

Penelope turned, her gaze curious as she met Felicity's amused grey eyes. "Yes." She said slowly. "I think I can manage that." She gave Felicity a smirk before running off through the cemetery, her heels clicking on the stones.

Felicity bent down and blew out the candle. Turning to watch as the beautiful young stranger crossed the street. Her dark hair swayed in the breeze and Felicity noticed her vibrant red skirts. Such a woman had caught Felicity's eye. Perhaps, their chance meeting could turn into more with a little help from fate and womanly wiles. The whole walk home, Felicity smiled, thinking about Penelope Hayes- the young woman whose life she was about to change forever.


A/N: The Paris Opera House is a fictional place created for use in the novel and movie Phantom of the Opera and was used in the same context here (minus the phantom).

Mentioning of the "girl with dark hair and violet eyes" alludes to a relationship between Felicity and Pippa. Yes, Felicity loved her. And yes she is gone.

For time's sake this takes place two years after Gemma Doyle Trilogy ended and one year before the first Luxe novel takes place.

Hope that's not too confusing.