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A full moon had risen over the lights of Las Vegas, merging to create a bright atmosphere for the cool night. Parties raved, scantily clad women walked on the streets, and Sarah Williams stood in a full gown at an apartment complex in the middle of the city, waiting for her ride to the ball. How unusual she seemed in such an atmosphere, with the skirt falling to her ankles, fluffed out in such a manner that it rather embodied a dress such as those worn in the Victorian Age.

A car drove up to meet her on the sidewalk where she stood outside a small apartment building. "Hey, Sarah, just jump in the back!" said a man also clad in similar Victorian attire. Sarah pulled up her skirts as she clambered into the back seat of the mini-van, greeting the driver with a smile. "I can't believe we're actually doing this, it seems so unreal. Especially in Vegas," Sarah exclaimed. Several others were seated in the car, and she appeared to know them well. Her eyes held a gleam of excitement as they continued down the road.

Sarah Williams was 22, and an aspiring actress. Las Vegas held many shows, where she and the acting troop she had discovered could perform for enough money to get by. She enjoyed acting; being someone she was not, living in a new world. It in some way allowed her to continue her childhood, even though she had grown up very quickly, after that one faithful day…Oh, that day. She thought back to it even now, when she was all grown up and on her own. She hadn't seen Toby in almost a year, with her current financial situation. But that wasn't the point. She still dwelled in the memories that were the labyrinth, her dream world. Yet, Sarah knew there was no way to return. She was much too old to be wished away to the Goblin Village, even if there were still those who believed enough to wish someone away.

Which brings her life to tonight, the masquerade ball. She had been convinced by several of her acquaintances in the acting troop to attend the ball with them, because she always refused their proposals to go out and get drinks after a show or go clubbing; claiming she was not fit for such activities at the current time. Since they all had outfits from previous plays to wear to the old fashioned ball, there was no excuse for her not to go. And so she went, joining her acquaintances, for she did not view them as close as friends but desired to keep them as colleagues.

The moon submerged itself behind a block of cloud as Sarah stepped out of the van onto the concrete. The hotel before her played home to a semi-annual masquerade ball, held in one of their finest ballrooms. Several others jumped out of the van after her, and joined her on the sidewalk while the car was taken over by the valet. "Ready? You might see a few who are more…fanatical about the Victorian times then us actors. Just stay close, you'll be fine. No need to worry," said a blonde to Sarah's left, who happened to be named Cassie.

"Well of course there was nothing to be worried about," Sarah thought. "It's a simple masquerade ball. Its not as if it was a goblin masquerade ball." Though Sarah so wished it was, so she could once again experience the magic she had felt. Not from the goblin king himself, but from the entire atmosphere, simply being in a room where the air was charged with magic and dreams.

The group headed into the hotel, placing their masks upon their faces at the door. Sarah stayed behind the others, not sure what to expect about this "fabulous masquerade ball" that her "friends" had been talking about for weeks. Cassie opened the doors to a large hall, where gold and silver streamers were flung about in a random manor, and a large chandelier glittered and shed a medieval light across the floor. The room was filled with dancers wearing dresses of all colors; with corsets, with lace, with heavy jewelry. Sarah simply stood in awe, as her friends pulled her into the room. She was slightly disappointed that as magical as it looked, she did not feel the magic in the air as she had at the Goblin Ball.

The night passed by quickly, and Sarah danced with several partners. None however were like those of the Goblin Ball. She really needed to stop dwelling on the Goblin Ball, and try to enjoy herself in the mortal world. "Its not fair!" she said to herself, thinking how unfair it was that she could not let go of the past. Of course she was still in contact with her old friends, but she missed them dearly.

She continued dancing with random strangers, men in breeches, and coats, and boots, and fancy hats. Some had dark plum colored outfits, while others wore blue, or a dark green. They all seemed the same to her, no difference between one partner or the next.

Maybe she needed to see a psychologist. But how embarrassing would that be, to have to see someone because you can't let go of your childhood? Sarah shook her head at the thought. She dearly wished she could return, because her few hours in the Labyrinth had been so much more exciting then her 22 years here. If the Labyrinth did really exist. Could it have just been a figment of her imagination? Her face turned downcast at the thought. If it was only her imagination, would she never really be happy again?

The clock struck midnight. The large clock tower within the ballroom loomed over the crowd, ominously. Then, quite suddenly, the doors blew open, as if a gust of wind had targeted them directly. But the intruder was not wind. In the doorways stood a masked man, but not properly dressed for a Victorian styled ball. Masked more, in the burglar kind of sense. He grabbed onto the doorframe to steady himself, obviously drunk. Dancers had stopped mid-step, and stared at this oddity, but not for long. Soon, screams rang out as he pulled out a gun. He started to fire as people ran out the exits unoccupied, or attempted to jump out of the windows around the room.

Sarah Williams, was perhaps the most unlucky. She stood beneath the clock tower, at the farthest point from any exit at all. The shooter, in his drunken rampage, eyed her as his target, for she did not run. Instead, she attempted to hide behind the clock, knowing that she would never make it to the doors. Bullets fired near her head as she swiftly slung her legs behind the clock, and wedged herself between it and the wall. Terrified, she looked out of the other side. The shooter remained wobbling on unsteady legs, attempting to control his weapon. As Sarah panicked behind the clock, all she would think of was her looming death. Of course, that's all she thought about, until she blacked out seconds later.