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Chapter 4

The playroom was a bit on the cold side, due to the stonewalls, but a warm fire was lit in the fireplace set in one wall. A rocking chair stood in the corner, currently being used by a goblin maid. She rocked back and forth as she focused on two young fae playing on the red rug. Similar in looks, they had out-of-control hair, and blue eyes. Their facial features were very close, showing that they were brothers.

"If I leave to get your dinner will you promise to behave?" the maid asked the two toddlers.

"Of course Griselda!" replied the smaller of the two, who looked to be a year or two younger then his brother.

The goblin maid nodded and proceeded to get up from her rocking chair and walk out into the corridor through a wooden door. As soon as the door had been shut, the older brother smirked, even if it was just a baby smirk. He looked at the toy castle his brother was playing with at the moment; and in an instant it was set on fire.

"That's no fair Jare. You know I can't do anything about it!" the youngest said with a huff as his castle continued to burn. Still, his brother did nothing.

The smaller stood up abruptly. He was tired of being teased by his older brother; and even though he knew that when the spell was eventually taken off, the castle would have remained intact and unharmed, it still was an evil trick. He was not nearly old enough for his magical abilities to make an appearance. But he could still play fair. He walked over to his older brother.

"I'm gonna hit you unless you put it back," he said. He had a glare that showed his annoyance.

"No you won't. I'll tell Father," said the eldest. And so his younger brother proceeded to wind his arm up and swing, successfully punching his brother directly in the eye. The fire instantly went out, with his brother's concentration being broken by the action.

The eldest had a black eye for days, and the goblin maid assigned another job, because it was decided she could not properly take care of the two princes. And their father now frowned upon the younger brother, for only shame could come of disrespecting the crown prince. And that's what his brother was, and he would never be. Because he was the youngest who would never amount to his older brother.

And so was the childhood of Jareth and Jayden. Never completely able to settle their differences, they had many fights and disputes. Jareth, being the oldest, was always going to be the heir to the throne. But Jayden had nothing. And that's how it was meant to be.

The garden had started to become crowded, with the new addition to the group taking a spot on the bench next to Sarah. He took her hand slowly, and kissed it. "What a pleasure to meet you, Miss Williams. You look surprised?" he questioned, looking her in the eyes.

"Well I never knew of Jareth having a brother? Or even thinking he really had any family at all. I've never thought about it," Sarah replied. She was able to tell easily how they were related. They both had the same, sophisticated personality.

"Why Sarah, everyone has a family. You have a family, don't you?" Jayden was incredibly curious at the moment. Who was this mortal in his brother's kingdom?

"Well I suppose everyone does. It just didn't occur to me to think about Jareth with that sort of light. And I do have family. Just…not here. They don't know about this place. Well maybe Toby remembers a little, but that was when he was a baby," Sarah replied.

"Oh well. This explains it. You're the girl who solved the Labyrinth, aren't you. The only one. This explains a lot…" Jayden trailed off, muttering to himself.

"Yes but, this explains what?" Sarah asked. Her friends had gone quiet, for it was not kindly thought of for the creatures of the Labyrinth to speak to a fae, and one of royal blood at that, without at first being addressed.

"You are a mere mortal. You're here, in the Labyrinth. There has never been a mortal in the Labyrinth on the invitation of my brother, who has not been running it to find a wished away sibling. Never. You're an odd case," Jayden replied.

"Well I'm here, and that's all that matters really," Sarah said. Jayden seemed cold, and too intrigued for her liking. She had come here to be in the presence of her friends, not to be looked down upon by a nosey brother of a Goblin King. "Excuse me, but I must get going. Its time for lunch," she said abruptly. She stood up off the bench and tugged on Ludo's paw.

Sir Didymus hopped off his bench as well, and gathered Ambrosius from the flower bed where he was making friends with a small, froglike creature. Sarah turned and curtsied to Jayden. "It was a pleasure to meet you," she claimed. Inside, she was in a hurry to get away from this strange fae. He interrupted her time with her friends, rudely, and then became a bit too inquisitive about her reasons for being in the underground.

"Believe me, the pleasure is all mine," he said, remaining on the bench. Sarah turned and walked through the gates, failing to notice the evil gleam in his eye.

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So I know this is really short but I've been having a lot of writer's block lately. We also had a lot of snow recently, which means I'm exhausted from shoveling. Oh well. I seem to end up writing and finish chapters in the really early morning when my beta isn't awake and I really want to get a chapter up. Hence, it has not been edited or anything of the sort. If you haven't noticed, the first part is indeed a flashback to the childhood of Jareth and Jayden. This is meant to be a bit of a transitional scene, where Sarah gets to know Jayden a bit, but you get to know more about him then she does. There's a lot more to come, I just find it easier to write shorter chapters, but I apologize. Maybe if I get a few reviews you might get a longer one next time..*hint hint*