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I really wasn't in the mood to speak with my family when I got home. I snuck in the house through one of the windows in my room and headed straight into the bathroom that connects to my room, ignoring the thoughts of my family that had sparked up at my arrival. I trusted Alice and Jasper with my secret and knew they didn't tell anyone, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rosalie and Emmett noticed a difference in me yesterday as well and if they did, I'm sure one of them would have mentioned it to Carlisle and Esme. I knew I would have to tell them, all of them, eventually, but I couldn't now. Things were still too confusing and I was unsure of everything.

I turned the shower on its highest setting, even though temperature barely affected me. I stepped under the water and let out a long sigh Life had become so confusing in the length of just one day. My life consisted of Bella and not much else. Of course, I still kept up with the Wizarding World. I still had the Daily Profit delivered to my window every morning and I kept tabs on Harry as well. I kept clippings of all of the articles written about him. The day he defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was the first day I had been happy in a long time. Not because the darkest wizard of all time was finally dead, but because my Harry was finally safe. He's not yours anymore, you dimwit.

Now that Harry was back, what was I going to do? I was with Bella, my singer. I was drawn to her in a way that I couldn't explain. But she wasn't Harry, the boy I fell in love with when I was still human. The boy I still loved to this day. But I hard hurt him. I never came back, even after my newborn days to tell him I was okay. Harry had lost a lot of people over the years and I'm sure finding out that I was really "alive" this whole time hurt him to his core. Would he ever forgive me? By how things went yesterday, things seemed slim, but then again, Harry had been thinking about him in the shower…

Just the thought of Harry in the shower touching himself over me made my member spring into life. I felt so dirty. I had no right to think of him this way anymore. He wasn't mine. But still…seeing what he was thinking in his mind…oh Merlin…

I let my fingers wrap around my stiff length for the first time in a long time. Ever since I had become a vampire, I found no urge. I suppose my thoughts were mostly occupied with blood but now…all I could think about was a naked, wet, Harry James Potter.

I didn't last long, which didn't surprise me. I had over three years of celibacy backing me up. I felt guilty about what I had just done, but I couldn't help myself.

Before I knew it, the water was running ice cold. I turned the shower off and stepped out onto the tile floor. I quickly dried myself off, wrapping the towel around my waist before stepping into my room. I looked out my windows and saw that the sun was still shining in the sky, completely uncovered by the clouds. The rays from the sun bounced off of my skin, making it sparkle. I remember learning about vampires at Hogwarts and how some were known to sparkle and I always found that to be ridiculous and laughed at it at the time, only now I can see the karma in the situation.

I changed into normal clothes before sitting down at my piano bench, letting my fingers fall onto the keys at their own will. I had always loved music growing up. My father taught me to play the piano at the age of six. I continued to play up until I started school at Hogwarts. I would play whenever I would return home for the holidays, but I didn't really pick it up again until I spied the piano at Carlisle's house the first time I arrived. Although that was three years ago already, it seemed like it was a longer.

"This is it," I heard Carlisle say from next to me. I looked up and saw what he was talking about. The house coming up in front of us was beautiful to say the least. It was white, had three stories, and looked like it could be reaching a hundred years old.

Carlisle put his car into park as it came to a stop in the driveway, where I could spy one other car. "It's beautiful, Carlisle," I said in a quiet voice. I still wasn't all that comfortable being around him. I knew that he was the reason I was alive, if you could really call it that, but being around him, knowing he was a vampire was still something I had to get used to.

"Thank you, Cedric," he said with a smile on his face as he stepped out of the car. "We just moved here a few months ago from Alaska."

I nodded politely and stepped out from the car, following behind him as he walked up to the front door. He opened up the large door and stepped to the side. I slowly walked in and looked around. The inside of the house was beautiful as well. It was very large and open. An entire wall had been replaced with glass and you could see that the lawn stretched out until it met with a river. To my right, there was a massive staircase that curved as it went. I wasn't allowed to examine much more when my mind was suddenly invaded with the thoughts of the other occupants of the house.

"He's here!" I heard the thoughts of a girl with a high-pitched voice.

Suddenly a girl with short, dark hair and a pixie-like face appeared at the bottom of the steps. "Hello, Cedric! My name is Alice. It's so nice to meet you! I hear you're a wizard?"

I looked over at Carlisle who was scolding Alice. I wonder how much he had told his coven about me?

I turned back to Alice and smiled, offering her my hand. "It's nice to meet you, Alice." She looked at my hand and giggled, before pulling me in for a hug.

I looked away from the bubbly girl and noticed that there were four others there that I had yet to notice. The oldest looking one approached me with a smile set on her face. "Hello there, Cedric. My name is Esme. Welcome to our home." So this must be Carlisle's wife, I thought to myself. As if he could read my mind, Carlisle stepped next to Esme and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Next, a boy with wavy, blond hair stepped up and offered his hand. "I'm Jasper," he said, nodding his head to me as I took his hand and nodded towards him.

Jasper was quickly replaced with a much larger male, with short, dark hair and a lot of muscles. "Hey man, I'm Emmett," he pulled me into a large, bone-crushing hug, catching me off guard. "So what can I call you? Ced? Ceddie? Or how about just Eddie?" Eddie? No one has ever thought of giving me a nickname before. That's the thing with the Wizarding World. Most people went by their birth name, no matter how ridiculous they are.

"I suppose any is fine," I said.

Emmett seemed to be pleased with my answer and stepped back towards the only one there that had yet to introduce her to me. She was beautiful, tall and blond. She stared at me, making me feel uncomfortable. After giving me a look over, she said, "What kind of name is Cedric?"

I just kind of gapped at her. I wasn't quite sure what to say to her. Looks like I didn't have to, for Esme stepped out to her, a scowl on her face. "Rosalie! How dare you say such a thing! Cedric is apart of this family now and you have no right to say such rude things to him!"

"Excuse me for speaking my mind, Esme! We will probably start school next year and what do you expect from the other students? I'm sure they'll be much worst than I am."

Emmett stepped up in front of Rosalie. "She has a point, Esme. Even if she said it in the wrong way."

Esme sighed and let the scowl fall from her face. She turned to me and smiled sweetly at me. "I presume that Cedric is a Wizarding name?"

I nodded at her, still unsure of the situation. "Yes, it was my great-grandfather's name."

Everyone was quiet for a while before I decided to speak up again. "If my name is an issue, I'm willing to take a different name. Besides, this is a new life for me. I don't need reminders of my old life.."

"Oh, we wouldn't ask that of you, dear," Esme said, putting one of her hands on each of my shoulders.

I shook my head at her. "No, I think it might be a good thing not to be called that now."

"But what should we call you then, son?" Carlisle asked me.

I hadn't thought that far ahead. I thought it over, and came out with nothing.

"How about, Edward?" Emmett spoke up. "I mean, part of your old name would be in it, and that was I can still call you Eddie." He let out a loud, booming laugh and I thought it over. Edward wasn't a bad name and Emmett was right, it was slightly similar to my real name where it probably wouldn't take much getting used to…

"That works," I said.

Carlisle smiled and nodded his head. "Welcome to the family, Edward.."

"Edward? Edward? EDWARD!"

I quickly came back from my daydream state and noticed that Alice was sitting next to me on the piano bench and my fingers had stopped playing. "Sorry Al," I said. "How long have you been there?"

"Oh, not too long," she said. "Care to share what got you into such deep thinking?"

I smiled at her. "It's nothing, Al, promise."

She rolled her eyes at me and huffed. "Would you like to talk about the boy with the glasses?"

My eyes shot up to her. "No, I'm not ready to talk about Harry with you, Alice."

She nodded her head and sighed. "Just know that I'll always be here when you need, Eddie."

I smiled at her as she left the room. I caught her thoughts as she was passing the door. "I hope he'll be alright…"

I hope I will be too.


I decided to leave right after my talk with Alice and go hunting so I could avoid my family for the rest of the day. Before I knew it, I was at the Canadian border, with three deer already drained on my way here. I sighed and slid down the side of a tree. I sat there, against the tree for what must have been hours. I probably could have sat there in the woods for much longer if my phone hadn't begun to ring. I looked down and saw who had bothered my peaceful state. Who else? Bella.

I could ignore her. I could crumble the phone in my hand and not have to be bothered by her. But I knew I really wouldn't ever do that; to her or anyone else. My finger hovered above the 'talk' button for a moment, letting it ring a couple of times before I answered. "Hello?"

"Edward? Where are you? I went to your house after school but your family said they didn't know where you were."

I sighed and turned the phone over in my hand. "Well, the sun was out today so I decided that I would take the opportunity to go for a hunt. I must have lost track of time."

"Oh, okay. Will you be at school tomorrow?"

"If it ends up not being sunny, then of course I'll be at school."

"Alright, good." There was a pause and neither of us spoke, but it didn't last long. Bella decided to add more. "Well, I talked to that new British kid today."

My ears perked up at the mention of Harry. Why would Bella speak to Harry? "Oh yeah? What for?" I asked in a bored tone, trying to show no interest.

"Well, I wanted to see what got you so interested in him."

"What are you talking about, Bella?" I asked her, trying my hardest not to sound too irritated.

"Edward, I understand you were asked to help him, but you were talking to him like you knew him!"

I rolled my eyes. This girl was too insightful for her own good but of course, I would never actually tell her that she was right. "You're crazy, Bella. I was just being polite. You're over-thinking things."

I could hear her sigh over the phone. "I don't know, Edward. He's rude anyways. He couldn't even remember my name after I reminded him of it twice!"

I had try and not chuckle at her. "It doesn't matter, Bella. He's just one person." Who happens to be the most important 'one person' to me, I caught myself adding in my head. "Not a big deal."

"Alright, Edward. When are you coming back?"

I looked up towards the sky. The sun was already lower in the sky then I remembered. By the time I made it back home, it would probably be dark. "I'll come home now. See you tomorrow at school."

I was about to hang up the phone, when I heard her tiny voice saying something. "Will you come, tonight?"

What could I say to her? I was supposed to be her boyfriend and I was neglecting her. I didn't come over last night so what would she think if I didn't show up a second night in a row? She would suspect something, and probably dig deeper into things that weren't meant to be dug into. I sighed inwardly and closed my eyes. "Of course, Bella," I said.

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