Directly follows "From The Past". Higher Ground belongs to Canadian Television and Fox Family. I only own the plot.

Peter Scarborough and Sophie Becker faced the Cliffhangers group.

"Does anyone have anything they want to talk about?" Peter questioned.

"I need to apologize to Scott," sixteen-year old David Ruxton declared. Surprised, the others stared at him.

"Why?" asked Sophie.

"For all the times that I called him "Scotty". If I had known about his stepmother, I never would have called him that. I'm sorry man," David apologized.

"It's okay," sixteen-year old Scott Barringer responded.

"I can't believe the skank followed us," sixteen-year old Shelby Merrick said in disgust.

"What is she, obsessed or something?" fourteen-year old Jess Merrick asked.

"Who knows?" Scott responded with a shrug.

"I'm just confused about something," Shelby stated.

"What's that, Shelby?" Peter queried.

"Why'd you wake us up?" Shelby asked.

"She told me to," Scott replied.

"Why?" sixteen-year old Juliette Waybourne asked in confusion.

"She wanted to humiliate me," Scott replied moodily. "She knew I was still afraid of her. That I'd do what she wanted. She wanted to show that she could still control me."

"That's great. A skank on a power trip," sixteen-year old Daisy Lipenowski said in disgust.

"Exactly," confirmed Scott. "I---I didn't want to, but I was afraid to say 'no'," he confessed.

"It's called 'emotional intimidation'," eighteen-year old Katherine "Kat" Cabot told him.

"She's right. So don't even think that this was your fault, Meat," sixteen-year old Augusto "Auggie" Ciceros agreed.

"Right. I know that, but thanks," Scott said.

"So, uh, forgive me for sounding like Peter, but uh, how do you feel about all of this?" sixteen-year old Ezra Friedkin questioned. Scott blew out a breath.

"Dirty," he admitted. He held up a hand to curb any protests. "But I know it wasn't my fault. It was hers. I'm not going to fall back into that trap. She won't mess with me. No more," he continued.

"Good for you, Jocko," Daisy complimented.

"You've come a long way, Scott," Sophie told him.

"Could I, uh---just go back to the cabin? I just want some time to myself," Scott said.

"Of course, Scott," Peter agreed, realizing that the boy didn't want to talk anymore. "You're all dismissed." With that, everyone went their separate ways.