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For the 3rd time today, and probably the 10th time this week Joan threw up. I must have the stomach flu, she thought to herself.

"Honey," her mother asked, "are you sure you're up to going to school today?"

"Yeah mom, I'll be fine," she said.

"Okay but if you're still feeling sick I want you to go to the nurse and go straight home"

Joan promised and grabbed a bagel for breakfast.

"I thought you don't like bagels," her father said

"Normally I don't but I've really liked them lately. I guess my taste must be changing"

"If you don't watch it your tastes aren't the only thing that will change," Luke teased.

"Okay that's enough," Will said with a smile, "stop teasing your sister"

"Sorry," Luke said

"Thank you," Joan replied, "apology accepted"

"I have to go honey," Will told his wife, "I'll see you tonight"

"Sure," she said kissing him, "see you tonight"

"Um… Helen are you still angry about the other day," Will asked insecurely.

"It would hard for me to still be angry because I wasn't angry in the first place"


"I promise," Helen replied, "I wouldn't get angry about something like that"

"That's a relief"

"I love you," she said

"Love you too," he said

Joan finished her breakfast then started to walk to school. She threw up on the way.

"GOD this flu sucks," she moaned.

"Hey Joan over here"

She looked by the tree where the voice was coming from.

"I might have known," she mumbled seeing Cute Boy and walked over to Him.

"How are you feeling," He asked her.

"Like you don't know," she challenged

"Joan," He told her, "I have an assignment for you"

"There's a shock," she said, "can it wait until my stomach flu is gone"

"You don't have the stomach flu"

"What do you mean," she asked, "I've been throwing up all week and I've been eating weird and- oh you have got to be kidding," she ended off realizing what He was saying.

"I have a great sense of humor," He said, "but I wouldn't kid about this"

"But I can't be," she replied, "I haven't even- oh you've GOT to be kidding"

"No I'm not kidding about that either," He said, "look I know this is a bit of a shock to you-"

"A bit," Joan challenged, "this is level 10,000!"

"You probably have questions," he added

"Oh," Joan replied, "YA THINK!"