No ConYuu on Valentine's Day? Everyone needs to chip in, so here's my part.

I loved you since I brought your soul to the world where you were born. It took a lot of work to move on with my life after She died. As much as I'd been in love with Her, I wanted to make the world a brighter place by bringing Her back into it.

I loved coming to visit you in secret while you were still small enough to give away your greatest treasure in a heartbeat. I still keep your rubber duck in my room at the castle. Did you know that? You probably don't even remember giving it to me. But your childish innocence enchanted me.

I loved thinking about what sort of man the infant I left behind would become. You'd have the hidden strength within you that your father had, the desire to protect those dear to you. You'd have the energetic spontaneity of your mother, the will to take action and make the world a better place. And you'd have the unerring sense of righteousness that She always carried.

I reminded myself that you were Her incarnation. I told myself that my brother was becoming attached to you. I repeated over and over again that the highest station I'd ever achieved in life was simply from being born to a queen.

But I made a mistake. My focus wavered. When you spoke to me, it sounded like singing in my ears. You asked if you could have two homes, but I heard you ask if you could stay with me. You said that you couldn't throw away the responsibility of the throne, but I fancied you took me up on my offer to run away, over the horizon. Just the two of us. Us.

I tried my best just to love you. But now I'm in love with you, and it's getting harder every minute not to tell you.