"Are you done yet?"

I looked up and smiled at Roux. He stood behind me, hands in his front pockets, watching me finish cleaning the dishes left over from the party. "Almost."

"Almost?" His voice held a hint of expectation, and I purposely kept mine light.

"Mmhmm." I continued working, keeping my back to him. He was silent, but I knew he hadn't moved.

"Come with me, Vianne, you're done. C'mon." His voice didn't hold any impatience, but it was a tone I couldn't identify. As soon as I looked to him, he stepped away, beckoning for me to follow.

After a moment's hesitation, I followed. It was silly to feel embarrassed or shy. Roux and I were both adults.

Rubbing my hands on my skirts I smiled sheepishly. "I have chocolate everywhere."

His hand came around my waist pulling me closer to him. "It'll be alright."

I glanced up at him to read the emotion in his voice and found him closer then I had expected. His dark chocolate eyes were just in front of my own, boring into them with that intense look I saw on it so often in recent days. That look was the one that gave me butterflies in my stomach, almost as if I was a teenager again. It made me excited and nervous.

"Do you think e-everyone had a good time?" I said it partly out of true curiosity, and partly to alleviate the tension that was coiling inside of me.

He simply said "shh" and began swaying to the music his fellow crew was playing in the background.

It was easy to fall into the familiar dance steps. What was it about Roux that made me feel so nervous and so soothed at once? It was something I hadn't felt in years.

He was attractive, of course, and witty. He didn't look down upon me for my lifestyle or for having Anouk outside of marriage. He understood my restlessness and loneliness. He understood me.

But it was more than that. Watching him dance, he moved such a feral grace, his movements unintentionally sensual. I fell into the rhythm of the dance, enjoying his warm body so close and brushing next to mine, seeming to fill me with heat.

I wanted to feel young, and reckless, and unburdened. I wanted to feel the passion. And I wanted to feel it with Roux.

It was easier than it should have been to lose myself in the dance. To forget Amarnde, and Josephine, and Anouk. My whole world, for just this moment, was just for Roux and me.

His hands lingered longer on my body than expected, his body closer then the dance dictated, and I let my hips sway to the beat as my skirts swirled around my legs. In that moment, during that perfect dance, there was no need to name or to explain what burned between us. I knew it for what it was, and I wanted it.

Passion. Desire.


A/N: I love this movie and I absolutely love the sensuality of this scene between Roux and Vianne. I'll probably add more scenes later, or clean this one up. Let me know what you think.