Author's note,

Hey everyone, or anyone... this is my first Metal Arms: Glitch in the System story! I've gotten this idea from finding this gem of a game and, once again, loving it's charm and wittiness! (killing thousands of Mils with tons of guns isn't that bad either XD) So, here it is:

Loud, blaring sirens began to ring through Glitch's head, waking him from his short rest. He recognized the siren. Droid town was under attack; but from what? The Mils had been deactivated and peace had finally come to Iron Star, hadn't it? He shook his head as he began to get his weapons ready. His weapons had been left untouched for many months, but he had kept them cleaned and ready for battle, just in case. He had just pulled his weapon hand off, when four droids ran into his small house, guns drawn and pointed at him.

"Hey guys, what did I say about pointing those at me?" the yellow droid said sarcastically. None of the other droids laughed or lowered their weapon, they all simply glared at him and began to slowly move toward him. "Okay guys, seriously, knock it off!" he commanded, reaching slowly for his fully automatic S.P.E.W. The droids noticed his movement and ran at him.

"He's reaching for his weapon, get him!" one of the droids yelled as one of the droids tossed an emp grenade at his feet. Glitch began to feel sluggish and drowsy as the grenade sent out a large blue pulse in all directions, hitting him. He fell to the ground hard and fought to stay functioning, but it was no use. Just before blacking out, he could hear the sound of a single tire rolling through his door, and the silhouette of his former colonel.

Well, that's not much... but I just wanted to get the story started... it'll pick up soon, and I might be updating this a bit more often than my other stories (Might) Anyways, tell me what you think, and hope you enjoy it!