A/N: Pure smut. Twincest so if you are not into that please don't flame just turn back now. Please R&R it makes me happy. YAY!!!! It also makes me want to write more. LOL that's not blackmail I'm serious. It really does.

This is extremely wrong. Not wrong in the way that I don't think we should be doing this (which is a bit twisted if you're looking at it from a different perspective) but wrong in the way that we are in school in the janitor's closet where we could be caught at any second. That issue seems to escape me however, as Declan circles his index finger around my clit. I'm so grateful I decided to wear a skirt today. I try my best to hold in the loud moan that is rising in my throat but I can tell it's going to come out despite my best efforts. I grab the back of Declan's head and crush his lips to mine letting him swallow my moan.

"God, Declan." I mumble while he sucks on my lower lip.

My head falls back and hits the wall with a painful thud but I don't care because the only thing I can focus on are Declan's fingers and what they are doing to me. A few more strokes and I'm coming... hard. Declan slips his hand out from between my legs leaving my knees shaking. Luckily I have the wall for support. He kisses me a few times before pulling far back.

"I'll see you at lunch." He gives me that shit eating grin and I want to slap him.

There is no way he is just going to walk away leaving me like this. As his hand wraps around the rusty metal door knob I grab his shirt collar and slam him hard, it's his turn to have his back against the wall. He looks at me with wide surprised eyes.

"You think you're getting off that easy?" I ask him.

He smirks. "Actually I am getting off."

I shake my head and lean in to kiss him. It's not aggressive... yet. They are soft sweet kisses and my tongue traces his lips before he opens his mouth and lets me enter. Then it gets aggressive. He tries to take control of the situation but I have the upper hand here... literally. I easily unbutton his khakis and ease my hand down into the waist band of his boxers and wrap my hand around him. He's hard. He's so hard and ready I can feel him throbbing. I lightly begin stroking forcing him to bite down hard on his lip from crying out in frustration. As my lips place kisses across his strong jawline and down his neck I pick up my speed. His breathing is heavy and ragged.

"Mmmmm." I nip down on his neck harder than necessary and I know it's going to leave a mark. That makes me smile. He comes and lets out a shaky breath. His hands tangle in my wavy hair and he begins to furiously kiss me. His hands quickly move down my arms and he starts shoving down his boxers. Just as he pulls me flush against him, I kiss him hard and seductively lick the side of his face. I pull away fast before he has a chance to grab me back. I pick up my bag from the floor and hurry to the door.

"I'll see you at lunch." I wink at him and give him a wicked smirk. I open the door and rush out making my way to the girls bathroom to fix myself up. Just the thought of Declan in the janitor's closet with his pants and boxers around his ankles and his eyes wide and jaw agape make me tingle with silent laughter and excitement. He is definitely going to make me pay for this when we get home... and I can't wait.