Destruction was a part of daily life. Death was no longer something he feared, more like embraced, it was what he knew was going to happen when all was said and done and he was prepared. All that Sasuke could do was be prepared when that time came.

'I will fulfill my task and be done with life. That is my destiny, isn't that right nii-san?'

He was prepared. The familiar feeling of the hilt of his sword soothed his racing heart as his sharingan activated to signal the beginning of the end. Sasuke set his jaw firmly and took a step forward out of the shadows that provided his cover.

"Sasuke!" Naruto ran forward, thrashing wildly, a bright determination Sasuke vaguely recalled reflecting in his eyes.


There was ringing in his ears, people screaming perhaps? He wasn't sure but when he tried to strike, his limbs suddenly felt numb, heavy, unable to move. A sharp pain shot through his skull and he felt his own weight become too much for his legs to handle. Darkness began edging it's way in to his vision and he sucked in a breath. A blanket of black over powering his inner voice that was screaming for him to get up and continue on.

More muffled screaming, now they were touching him, shifting him, shaking him, calling for him. How dare they? His mind was slipping away and though he tried to drag himself back, the urge to feel nothing overcame the want to fight.

Darkness, darkness was a suffocating factor. He couldn't open his eyes, he tried to move his arm but he found it feeling heavy. He felt as though they were being restrained by some unknown source. He wanted to grope around, to know where he was, but all there was, was darkness.

He could not see.

He could hardly feel.

'Am I alive?'

"Do you think you could do me that favor Hinata-chan?"

'Who is that?'

"A-ano Naruto-kun… I'll do my best."


He felt her presence, she sat on the wall opposing his bed. Whenever his body allowed him back to consciousness, he knew she was there. Sometimes she hummed out a syllable, softly, a melancholy noise he was not accustomed to. Most of the time it was because of the riffling of pages, a book she had brought in with her. He would breathe deeply and in the air, he often caught the slightest hint of earth, and an almost flowery scent.

He would often wonder why she was there, why even bother sitting with him? He was still restrained by unknown weakness and tied down physically to the rails of his hospital bed. It was obvious he wasn't going anywhere. So then why?

'Why bother?'

On a good day he could listen to her soft breathing and subtle noises from where she sat for a good long while before the black over took him once more. Dragging him down to a thoughtless slumber. On a good day he would take notice of how difficult it was proving for him to open his eyes.

'Too heavy…'

But then there were those days when all he could feel was pain. There was an ache in his chest, where his heart should be if he had one. His head often throbbed with great force but he could not find his voice to express how he felt. All Sasuke could do was hope, pray, for that ever endearing darkness to take over him and drag him in to blissful nothing.

He had moved, Hinata was almost sure of it. She bit her lip and concentrated hard on the man laying before her. Naruto had entrusted his dearest friend to her, asked her to make sure when he woke, someone with a kind gaze would be waiting for him. Naruto had enough faith in her good heart to give her this task of waiting for Sasuke to wake. Her fists tightened in her lap as she watched Sasuke's chest rise in a great intake of breath.

'Will he wake?'She was on the edge of her seat with anticipation and when he exhaled she released a breath she herself had not known to be holding. Leaning her head back, she situated herself to continue her vigil and wondered when Naruto would be back from his current mission.

She was uneasy of this situation. The man named Uchiha Sasuke, the man who was unconscious and restrained, was a feared man. A man who had killed many to obtain power, a man who had betrayed her village, her people, her friends and as a part of the village, she herself. Hinata doubted her ability to forgive this man for all the pain he caused.

'But it must be so sad… for him…'Her gaze softened considerably as she watched Sasuke in his fitful state. There was what seemed to be a permanent grimace on his face, he was pale, and he trembled slightly from a fever she knew he was fighting. She groped her memory for all she knew about this man, and could not help the pity rising within her heart.

'So much pain…'

This is a plot bunny. I do not know what triggered it, but I was talking to my friend and suddenly I had this urge to write. I've been attempting a fic in the naruverse for quite some time... I am caught up with the manga, I know where the anime is at, it's just still uncomfortable for me. I don't think there'll be much action in this since I'm still too timid to do fight scenes but we'll see. I'll finish TWCSWWA and dabble with Shattered and figure a proper plot out for this. I just want to write. That's all I want to do. Tell me what you think because this was on the quicks.