Author's Final Notes: If you read through "In Defense of Fate" without batting an eye, I applaud you, and appreciate that you read the story. Just to shed some background on how the story came to be - I wanted to try to write an adventure story involving the continuing quest of Ren and his crew, but incorporated the 13th treasure as something they'd already found. This was originally meant to be a four part story - two parts within "In Defense of Fate" and two parts within "Birth of the Dark Heart", the latter of which I haven't finished. I'm not sure when I'll get back to it, but I can almost guarantee it won't be as long as this one. I'm a little surprised at how many words (on average) each chapter is. It may seem like a lot, but for it tying around the same time as being my first fanfic, I'm proud of it. It took about half a year to write in total, I wrote a scene per few days and managed to weave it in between working on school work and my novels. How it managed to be finished before my novels, I have no idea. It could very well be a novel in and of itself with respect to length.

I hope that you've enjoyed reading it and as always, feel free to comment/make suggestions/constructive criticisms if you like. I always welcome it.