Red ivy high

Grace Van Pelt slung her bag over her shoulder and walked through the gates of Red Ivy High school in Sacramento, California. She followed the map her father had crudely drawn to the student office to pick up her timetable. It was the first day back and a few other students were there too. It was her junior year and her younger sister, Autumn was due to start freshman year at the same school, but Autumn had a friend from Iowa that was already here and she had gone to find her, so Grace was left on her own, not knowing anyone. She stood in line with about 3 other students, an Asian boy who looked around her age, she noticed a small electronic bracelet around his ankle, behind him was a short girl with short raven hair, and looked like a sophomore, but she noticed the piece of paper she had read junior, she couldn't see a name, standing beside her was a blonde boy with curly hair and bright blue eyes, he smiled over at Grace, who smiled back. Standing over to the side was a muscular boy with the school's football jersey on, he had dark brown hair and seemed to be looking at her a lot. She looked down, blushing.

'Next' the receptionist said

The raven haired girl walked up.

'Teresa Lisbon, it says that I'm in physics, when it should be chemistry' she said

'Ok, let me see what I can do for you, it seems here that there is an opening in the chemistry class on at the same time as the physics class so that's easy enough'

'Thanks' she said walking over to the muscular boy, the Asian boy, and the blonde boy.

Grace expected them to leave, but they didn't.

'Next' the receptionist called

'Grace Van Pelt, I'm new here' she said

'Ok, here is your timetable, locker number with combo, map and homeroom' she said passing over the sheets of paper

'Thanks' Grace said

She turned around and started to walk towards her homeroom when she heard someone calling her name.

'Hey, Grace'

She turned around to see that it was Teresa Lisbon, the girl from the line.

'Yes?' she said

'What class is your homeroom?'

'234, why?' she said

'Same as us' she grinned, 'Come with us if you want, it's sort of hard to find'

'Thank you' she smiled as she walked towards them, happy to have made some friends.

'I'm Teresa Lisbon, this is Patrick Jane, Wayne Rigsby and Cho' she said pointing to each of them in turn.

'Grace Van Pelt' she said

They were interrupted by the shrill sound of the bell

'Come on, we better get to class, we can go via your locker' Teresa said heading off in the appropriate direction

Grace followed them and quickly dumped her spare books in her locker before going to her homeroom, which was hard to find. As she looked around she saw the typical stereotypes around the room. The popular cheerleaders, the jocks, the Goths, the glee kids and the kids that didn't fit anywhere, so just stuck together. As they sat down Patrick started to talk.

'There is something going on between cheerleaders' he said

'And why might you think that?' Teresa said sarcastically

'They seem to have gone off into two separate groups; they have left two chairs between them and they seem to be in huddles'

'They're probably arguing over who gets to be on top of the pyramid' she said, obviously not caring

'What's this about?' she asked Wayne, who was also rolling his eyes at Jane's suspicion

'He has weird hunches all the time and lets us know about all of them' he explained

The rest of Grace's day passed quickly, she had English, chemistry, math and gym with the group and biology and French with Teresa and Jane, who she noticing chemistry between them. At the end of school bell, Teresa offered to walk home with Grace as they lived in the same direction to which she accepted. She quickly text her sister to let her know and walked off with Teresa, Jane and Wayne, Cho went by bus

'So, what was your first day like?' Teresa asked

'It was good' she said 'The teachers seem nice, and it was really fun'

'Sheesh, wait 2 weeks and you will be begging for spring break' Teresa joked

Grace laughed

'I don't mind school, it gives me something to do' she said

'Don't you do sport?' Wayne asked

'I do, but I haven't enrolled yet, I did hockey, volleyball and jazz back in Iowa' she explained

'Oh, cool' he said embarrassed

They continued walking in silence until Wayne walked off onto his street

'He likes you' Jane said the second he was out of earshot

'Excuse me?' Grace said

'No, he does, it's very obvious'

'Just like the cheerio's hate each other' she said sarcastically, not wanting to admit that she knew he did

'I usually never agree with Patrick's hunches, but Wayne never acts like that' Teresa said

Grace laughed

'He seems nice enough'

'He is, you should give him a shot' Patrick said

'I shall consider' she said

'Can I ask why Cho has the electronic monitoring bracelet on him?' she said curiously

'Yea, he was in Juvie, he is on probation at the moment, but only two more weeks' Lisbon said

'What did he do?' she asked

'Got involved with bad kids, I used to be very close back at primary school, but he just unwound a bit, we are close again though'

Teresa and Jane, who lived across the street from each other, both walked into their houses, which were in an average neighbourhood. Grace walked towards her own home and as she opened the door, she heard her mom calling her

'Grace, come help in the kitchen please' she called

'Coming' she said putting her bag in the hall closet

'Your dad has had a hard day, so go easy, we are making casserole' her mom explained

Grace sighed at this news, her father snapped out often when he'd had a hard day and started peeling carrots and telling her mom about her day.