Hey guys I noticed that a lot of you who favroited my A New Start like Naruto stories so I figured why not see how Kohona deals with a little magic Brian Trent age six.

"Hey Guys I'm going to Diagon Ally for some shopping" Brian said

"Have fun" Was herd by Harry and Hermione

Decked out in jeans, sneakers, a nice bright colored shirt, a leather jacket, and his charmed messenger bag Brian disappeared in a swirl of Floo powder, little did Brian know that not wearing a robe over his clothes would lead to a very bad end of a day.

Gringnotts Bank

"Hi Gripjaw I was just wondering how you would go about getting a house elf" Brian asked

"Well one must pay a fee at the ministry and then go to the shop, all that's needed is a form from the ministry saying you paid the fee and can buy and elf now hears the address to the shop" Gripjaw said

"Can you do that here" Brian asked

"Yes just a few moments you need to go to your vault yes" Gripjaw asked

"Yup" Brian said

"Stop back on your way up" Gripjaw said

Entering his vault Brian opened a subspace pocket with his ring and began loading gold into that, frowning at the ring Brian decided to tweak it a bit as the ring flew off his finger obeying the commands of his master it changed shape into a watch and merged with his right wrist, adding a new safety feature if Brian was unconscious or in any type of danger the ring would form a shield around him.(A/N Think the watch Mihoshi wears from Tench Muyo)

One last stop at Gringnotts presented Brian with the form and a new way of using his shun shun rikka Gripjaw was able to put his hairpins in a large oval blue pendent the best part is the pendent didn't interfere with them they could come out and return with ease Empowering the simple rope chain to be strong as diamond and never come off by anyone but himself was an added bonus and an anti theft charm .

Brian went to the elf shop Entering he was appalled at the treatment of the elf's locked in rows of cages arms and legs shackled together like prisoners, deciding to get two instead of one at least I can save two by giving them better lives" Brian thought

Brian chose two elf's red male he named Ben and a yellow female named Gwen the bonding of the elf's to master is what shocked the storekeeper and the elf's all were engulfed in a bright white light the elf's wore looks of shock as they said "master is truly powerful" as they felt there magic increase ten fold.

Setting down some ground rules for the elf's they went like so

1) If you don't understand something ask me.

2) You will get one day off a week.

3) Any thing you need or want ask me and I will get it for you.

4) You will be paid two Galleons a week.

5) I'd like you two to pick a hobby or skill that you like and work on it when there's nothing to do.

6) You will not punish yourselves.

In the end two crying elf's were hugging Brian's legs They talked him down form two days off to one.

Brian stopped by Leads luggage to expand his trunk room, he added a big library, potion's storage, an Orhime AI, some federation tech rooms.

The most heavily guarded room housed a copy of the golden and blue pokeballs.

Why Brian needed this space you ask it turns out Hermione was a sailor moon addict too she created Sailor Mercury's micro laptop now that in itself wasn't a big deal it's what Hermione found out it could do besides scan magical enemies it could also scan magical objects.

Magical books, potions, potion ingredients, wands, trunks, and anything else could be scanned but once entered into the Federation Computer Database these items could be successfully replicated with out harm.

Brian was on his way home when entering the Floo hub in the leaky cauldron when three people in white masks shouted "Avada Kadava" at Brian just as he flinging Floo powder these things happened his watch shield act vacated the three curses hit the shield and the Floo flared the combined energy of the shield and the curses was enough to open a tear into another dimension and the Floo transport sent Brian though that portal after taking down the leaky Cauldron hub.