A/N: thinking about this show today, I remembered Hetty giving them all notice about a sexual harassment lecture. So this is my version of it. Or, my second version. The first was crap. Original was Nate/Kensi and while I like that pairing, I am now into Callen/Kensi more, though I can right both. I just find Nate hard to write.

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"Now I want us to perform some role plays on what is and is not acceptable in the work place."

Everyone mentally groaned. They had been at this sexual harassment lecture for the past two hours, and it was boring. They knew what was involved in it, because they had to take the same lecture every year. The role plays were pointless in their eyes. But all the same, they knew they had to complete them.

Cynthia, the blonde instructor for this session had never had this team before for the lecture, though she had heard rumours about them. And some weren't so good.

She looked around at the six of them sitting around this room, five males, and one female; and felt immediate pity for her. She knew how hard it was for a female to fit in, in any job in society. But it was much harder in a job that was a total boys club.

"Why don't you two come up here," Cynthia pointed to two at random. Kensi and Callen looked at each other, and shared a knowing look. They knew exactly what was coming.

The two stood up and walked up to the front of the room, facing each other, while Cynthia stood besides them. "Now, why don't you try to kiss her, show the others an example of sexual harassment."

Kensi and Callen looked at each other, catching one another's gaze. They heard the chuckle from their audience and tried hard not to join in. Without warning, Callen's lips crashed down, meeting Kensi's in a passionate kiss.

He heard wolf whistling – probably Eric, but ignored it as he deepened the kiss, Kensi responding.

Seconds later though, Cynthia physically pulled Callen of Kensi and gave him a disapproving look. "That is sexual harassment -taking advantage of the only female in your team. There could be serious consequences for that."

"So what you're saying," Callen asked a second later, "is I am not allowed to kiss my wife?"