Leaving it all behind

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Summary: Harry knew about the horcruxes when he is faced with betrayal. Fleeing, he enters a new school. If he has to die then he will drag the SOB Voldemort with him. Facing death, Harry leaves it all behind. HPxOMC AU!4567!

Warnings: Slash! Femslash! Kissing, frontage, groping, grinding, rimming, sex, blood play, power play, bondage, BDMS, beastality (We got weres and Draconi), fingering, handjobs, blowjobs and anything else that pops into my mind when I'm writing. HPxOMC. This fic is dark-ish.

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Chapter 8

"If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?"

~ Britney Spears "Hold it Against Me"


In true Anya style, Salus found his whole holiday booked out, evenly split between studying, extra training, obligations and fun. Salus discovered, that while no one in the other Realms had 'Christmas' they did celebrate Nox. Nox was a time when magic aligned itself (much like Halloween) and hence, the 'year-end break' fell around this date. Most clans and families threw large parties and balls. Salus was surprised to find himself with invitations to various balls and parties being hosted during the year end break.

For a formal ball, Anya had practically begged Salus into being her date, citing that no one would question it seeing their 'friendship' and it would save her from the political landmine field of finding a date. And of course she couldn't go alone, don't be stupid.

Salus found himself being asked to another such even by Maxlene when he mentioned this during their bi-weekly project meeting. She meekly asked him, quietly as they brewed, if he would mind escorting her to her family ball. She explained quietly that while her family knew Tor's Pride and they were invited, she had mentioned him to her parents and they wished to meet him. That he was, in fact, invited and should expect an invitation soon but she didn't have a date yet. They could go together as friends. She just didn't want to be the only one without a date, again. Salus didn't know how to react to the relieved expression that crossed her face when he agreed.

Tor, decided, he would join in the fun, seeing that Salus identified as neither as straight or gay, and asked Salus as his date to his Alliance Ball.

And then the mail came. Dozens of invitations to various parties and balls, both informal and formal. Both of people he actually knew and people who he had no idea existed. And the strangest request yet, was a summons to appear before the Summoner's Council that Alcander would escort him to. It seemed they wished to meet one him in person. Salus already knew that the council had been informed of his skills and his rare form of magic, and they had ordered reports on his progress.

Anya pointed out various parties he would be killed out, which ones he would be killed for not attending and which ones were just fun (the ones she was already attending) Salus found himself completely booked out.

While he kept to himself in most classes, it seems that he received some high class invitations by merely being in the same class as some clan members. It explained the baffling invitation Salus received to a vampire party from Vaan Alcander's clan. Salus had stared dumbfounded at the high class invitation, unsure whether he should go or not. If he went, and Alcander did not want him there, things would get awkward quickly. If he didn't go and it turned out that Alcander invited him, well, things would get just as awkward. Plus, it was a vampire ball. How the hell was he going to attend without either making a fool of himself or getting his blood sucked? Salus stared at the invite for a moment. It was only for one, so he couldn't even take Anya as a shield. Instead, he left it to the side. He would have to ask Alcander about it, playing off his lack of knowledge of the Other Realms and having 'commitments in the Human Realm.'

Salus sighed at that, 'Hopefully I won't end up pissing off my thousand year old teacher who is teaching me one-on-one and can kill me without raising a finger.'

So when Salus found himself standing in his dorms at the end of his last day of class, he wasn't quite sure what to do. The balls and parties would only start the following week. He had some training time with Anya in a couple of days' time, the seer had said goodbyes earlier. She was off to 'deal with some clan crap. See you in 4 days!'

He really didn't feel like studying or doing homework. Everyone he knew had left Shakti, going home to their families. For the first time in a long time, Salus felt the ache of not having somewhere to call home. Shakti was his school, but it was not the safe haven that he could call home. Not like Hogwarts had been.

And while his was closer to calling the people in his life friends than he would acre to admit, there was no one he could claim as family. Salus found himself isolated and alone. Just like Harry.

But fame was not to be blamed for this. Or Dumbledore. Or the Dursleys.

This was his own doing. His intention. But it didn't mean it didn't hurt.

So, Salus found himself sitting on his couch and twirling his wand in his left hand. It was a bad habit he had picked up doing when he was bored. His fingertips barely touched the wood, as his spun the wand.

Blue eyes glanced at the pile of books sitting on his coffee table. It was more 'recreational' reading but he really didn't want to read.

'I've never had the chance to just have fun,' Salus, and Harry, realized. He didn't have hobbies. Apart from Quidditch. 'I was always at the Dursleys, or hidden away by the Order or Dumbledore. I was always fighting Voldemort. I never had freedom before.'

And the thought both shocked and disgusted him.

'Well,' Salus mused, 'what do I want to do'?


Salus Moriens walked into Diagon Alley with a smile on his face. He smiled and greeted the ministry officials who checked his magic before moving along. The world was still looking for Harry Potter. Due to the time difference between the realms, 6 months had passed in the Human realm while it had only been 4 months at Shakti.

The shopping district was rather quiet for February, and still rather cold. Salus chose to wear muggle-style clothing and a thick coat rather than winter robes. While it got his odd, and slightly appalled, looks from the shopkeepers, no one said anything. Salus browsed the goods as he made his way down the street. He could buy better quality goods in the other realms but he did buy some potions ingredients that was grown mainly in the wizarding world.

He paused at the robe store, before moving on. He had robes made for Salus, and apart from his battle ones, he's never used any. He might need a few more formal robes but he knew nothing of the 'fashion' in the other Realms. Instead, Salus made his way down the street towards Gringotts and made a mental note to ask Anya about robes.

Gringotts was its usual self: grumpy goblins and disrespectful wizards. A quiet greeting and request at one of the free tellers, and Salus was swept away to his manager's private office. It was a short meeting. No more information about Deatheaters (not accurate information at least) yet but the goblins were working on something. They would let him know. Salus found himself, for the first time, looking over his financials.

Despite the cost of attending Shakti and living in another realm with a high exchange rate, his fortune had grown. The interest returned on several investments were greater than expected, and even after the goblins took their cut, the remainder just about covered his living costs so far. Honestly, he didn't need to worry about money. But it was nice to know.

And that was how Salus found himself walking down a familiar road in muggle London. In his boredom, he decided that he could do with more some more clothing. He had gone to a shopping mall, glancing at the stores in interest.

First he made his way to a sports store. Salus grinned as he entered, making a beeline for the clothing.

"Hi," a bubbly girl popped out of seemingly nowhere, "can I help you?"

Salus jerked back, his magic already gathered at his fingertips, his eyes wide in shock.

"Where the bloody hell did you come from?" was the first thing he spluttered out, before flushing at his words.

The brunette merely laughed before apologizing, "Sorry about that. I was down here," she said, point to the spot she was standing. It was behind a rack of clothing but next to a shoe display. "I was organizing the shoes."

Salus jerked his head in a nod before chuckling. "Sorry about that."

'Demi', as the girl's name tag was labelled, smiled and asked again, "So, anything in particular?"

"Um," Salus replied as his eyes darted around the store, "I need some work out clothing. And sneakers, I guess."

"Well," Demi said with a smirk, "the sneakers are behind me. So pick a style and I'll get your size. We have a few brands and styles of workout clothes. They range from shorts to sweats and hoodies to tank tops."

Salus nodded, smiling gratefully before moving towards the rack of sneakers. His eyes were caught by two pairs, one was black and one was a blue-silver. He reached for the blue pair, slightly surprised at how light the shoes were.

"You really like that colour, huh?" Demi piped up from behind him. Salus turned around and raised an eyebrow in question. The girl flushed as she quickly amended, "I mean, you dyed your hair a similar color…"

Salus was only slightly startled by that. He had forgotten his hair colour. It was a natural colour at Shakti but it did explain some of the looks he had received from wizards and muggles alike.

"That's actually one of the best running shoes of that brand. Expensive though," Demi continued when Salus didn't say anything. "But well worth it. It's light and had a great grip. It's got a built in ankle support and a memory sponge base for comfort."

Salus picked up the black sneakers, feeling it was slightly heavier.

"I'm a size 7. Can I get one of each please?" he asked with a small smile.

Demi's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Um," she started to say, not sure how to word it, "the black pair is about 100 quid and the blue one is nearly 200 quid."

Salus shrugged, "That's fine. But do you have a 7?"

Demi quickly searched for the correct sizes but her mind jumped to the fact that the hot guy was ready to drop 300 pounds on shoes.

Salus exited Sporting Wares laden with bags. It was an odd feeling. He made his way out of the mall and to a quiet back alley. Casting a Notice-me-not charm, he quickly teleported back to his dorm, dropped the bags on the couch and teleported back. He had only gotten work out clothing and he still had the whole afternoon to spend.

After catching his first ever movie (something about a zombie apocalypse that Anya would have gotten kick out of) Salus grabbed a happy meal from Mc Donalds. He had heard about the place. Not that the Dursley's ever gave him any sort of treat. But Dudley had gone on and on about how good it was, Salus had to try it. Though he had gotten looks when he had ordered a burger meal and a happy meal, but Salus wanted to get the toy. It looked interesting, and he remembered the fuss Dudley had thrown when he didn't get the toy.

The food was good but he had tasted better. Though the fries were to die for and he rather liked the chicken nuggets. Taking a walk outside seemed like the perfect plan after eating, only for it to rain midway. He couldn't risk teleporting in the middle of a muggle street, Salus ducked into a shop.

Salus almost laughed when he realized what the store was. It was the clothing shop Gothika, the same place he had shopped all that time ago. The shop looked the same, except for the new range of clothes obviously.

The rain was coming down hard but knowing London weather, it would lighten to a drizzle soon enough, in the meantime, Salus browsed the store, picking up items that caught his interest. There wasn't much he needed but this store's style did carry a certain charm.

He grinned as he looked into the mirror. Black, ripped and skin tight, jeans that showed off his legs coupled with an emerald green shirt that wrapped around his torso. He looked good. It wasn't 'ball' appropriate or battle appropriate but Salus liked it. So, he placed it in the 'buy' pile with undisguised glee at being able to buy things just because he wanted to.

Exiting the change rooms, Salus's gaze was caught by a familiar man who had just entered. He froze for a split second before he could place the man as friend or foe. Black hair and a pair of gorgeous brown eyes all wrapped up in leather. It was the owner, whose named escaped him at the moment.

The man looked up from the book he was checking, and looked at him with a slightly confused look on his face. Salus grinned before approaching the check out with an armful of clothing to add to the pile there already.

"Hello again," Salus said with a smile. The guy's name escaped him for a moment before it clicked. 'Auron.'

The man blinked before his lips were pulled into a smirk. He put down the book and blatantly dragged his eyes up and down Salus's figure, eyes pausing on the silver-blue hair.

"Well, well, well," the man drawled, browns eye staring Salus down, "A repeat customer."

Salus grinned, "Salus. I was here a couple of months ago?"

"I remember," the owner grinned, "I talked you into a tongue piercing. I hope you didn't get into trouble for that, because in hindsight there was no way you're 18."

Salus laughed at that, "No parents or active guardians to speak off; hence the full-time boarding school."

"And you didn't tell me how old you are," the black haired guy replied, looking amused. "Because I could go to jail for kissing a minor, you know."

"I'm 16 so you're safe," Salus shot back with a grin as Auron groaned.

"16? Shit," he cursed.

"Problem?" Salus questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"You're 16," Auron emphasised.

"And you're what? 21? 22?" Salus shrugged, "It's no big deal."

Blue-green eyes stared down brown ones, before slowly and very deliberately trailed down Auron's body. The man was dressed in black jeans and a form fitting leather jacket. He stood slightly taller than Salus and looked just a little bit older. Salus dragged his gaze back up, ever so slowly, as he took in Auron's lean form. Salus smirked at he met Auron's gaze once again. When they had first met, it had been an interesting experience flirting with someone who had no idea who he was. This muggle was hot and good bit of fun. It had thrown him for a loop but now, Salus was feeling adventurous.

"No big deal, huh?" Auron chuckled at that, "you're just a kid. I should not be hitting on you."

"I've had to grow up fast," Salus muttered darkly, eyes flashing. "I wish I was just a kid."

Salus sighed after taking a breath to calm down and shrug it off.

"I don't see a problem, really. I think you're hot, and I know you are at least attracted to me. It's just a bit of fun. Legally, I am of age and no guardians or parents who would actually complain." Salus said with a sigh and a small grin, "Honestly, I'm not looking for anything beyond a fling and a good time. Speaking of which, can you recommend any good clubs in London? My friends and I are here for a week."

Auron paused and gave the boy a long looking before chuckling to himself.

"God. A 16 year old is telling me I'm fling worthy…." Auron shook his head as he stared at Salus. "Towers is a good rock club; a personal favourite. Millennium is the hottest dance club around right now," Auron said with a grin. "But they check IDs."

"Not a problem."

He snorted at that. Any kid who wasn't fazed by being propositioned, or propositioning a guy six years his senior; would probably have a fake ID.

Salus said nothing as he perused the piercings on display, briefly contemplating on getting another one before deciding against it.

He could help but asked, a grin pulling his lips, "Any chance of me talking you into giving me a tattoo?"

"Sorry, kid," Auron said with a sigh and a smile, "No way I'm giving you a tat. I could lose my licence over that."

Salus snorted at that, and said with a dry voice, "So, I'm 'kid' now? Didn't seem to matter when you were sticking your tongue down my throat a couple of months ago."

He ran his hand through his dark hair, and gave Salus a dry look. "You're hot, and you're mature. You sure as hell don't act your age, but I should have realised that before. I thought you were at least, 18."

"Two years make that much of a difference?" Salus mused out loud. In hindsight, he expected that it did. Shakti just made him feel older. And a strange sort of confidence, mixed with an awareness of immortality. "Guess I should have gone to that party with you when you first offered."

Auron shrugged. He moved behind the counter and started scanning the items. Salus picked out a few earrings and tongue rings, not saying anything. He paid for his purchases with a small smile.

"See you around, Auron," Salus nodded as he gathered his packets. It was unlikely that he would see the muggle any time soon, if ever again.


Salus returned to Shakti with a pile of new things but oddly disappointed at the blatant turn down from Auron. The man was hot. But more importantly, he was safe. Salus would have liked to spend time with him, and if it turned physical, well.

'I could have ticked that off my bucket list,' Salus half-pouted as he collapsed on his couch and stared at the ceiling. 'I guess I can always find someone else.'

The image of his red eyed Incubus teacher popped into his head.

'Definitely not.'

It was only the second day of the break and he was already bored out of his mind.

'There is no way I'm studying,' Salus snorted, 'I will burn the next book I read. But there is nothing else to do. Everyone is busy. No Deatheaters to hunt. Maybe potions?'

Salus sat up as he pondered, 'I could start with the variations for the project. It's the most time consuming part but it's just manual labour.'

With a smile, Salus made his way to the private potion labs Sin let them use. No one would be using it as Sin had given everyone the holidays off. The man had said something about him going to a tropical beach to work on his tan and not being bothered by students.

That meant he had the whole room to himself, and it was oddly eerie. Salus set up the work area in one of the rooms and cracked open the notebook that held all the different variations of the potion they were working on. Tor had called it Minor Heal and it stuck.

Maxlene had figured out the perfect order for the ingredients, so the potion actually worked to some degree. However, it was inefficient as hell due to the lack of brewing process. They had agreed to meet up in the last week to start working again.

'Well, the best place to start is the beginning,' Salus mused as he lit the fire beneath the small cauldron. There was no use to use a large cauldron for experimenting. That would be wasteful. 'Maxlene made some extensive notes.'

Tor had compiled all their work into one bound book and made three copies. This included the workings, calculations and notes each of them made.

Salus added the purified water to the cauldron as let it heat up slowly. The first ingredient was Baleaf and to draw out its maximum potency is with a slow boil. Baleaf itself did nothing much to the potion but Tor had noted that it was one of seven binding ingredients. Maximum potency meant it would be easier to combine all the ingredients and limit reactions as Baleaf acted a nullifier of sorts.

On a clean page, Salus made a note of this before continuing Maxlene's brewing process as it.

'Don't change more than one variable at a time,' Salus recalled from Salazar's teaching, 'it's easier to see the reactions that way. Longer and more time consuming, but it is a controlled method where you are less likely to make a mistake.'

Salus spent two hours brewing variations of the same potion, slowly making notes on how it changed at certain points, and changes to the brewing process.

Afterwards, Salus returned to his room and typed out the notes before emailing a copy to Maxlene and Tor. He opened that he had an email from Alcander about his appointment on Monday at 2 pm with the Summoners Council. He noted that he should ask Alcander about the invite when he met him at one on Monday.

Calling it an night, Salus retired to bed. It had been a strangely calm day. It was rather refreshing.


Monday cam faster than Salus expected. Sunday had flown by as Salus gathered his courage to tackle the pile of homework. He made an effort to finish all of it in one day, even if he only went to bed after 2 am. In hindsight, not a smart move considering his appointment that day.

With a tentative knock, Salus entered the classroom. He was dressed in black dress robes trimmed with a dark blue, under which he wore his armour.

Vaan Alcander was sitting behind his desk, dressed in a heavy set of black robes that had the embroidered symbol of Master Summoner as a crest.

'Dress robes were a good idea,' Salus gave a sigh of relief. He hadn't known what the dress code was for meeting the Council.

"Right on time, Mr Moriens," Vaan intoned in an expressionless voice. He gathered up whatever he was working on and filed it away in the drawer at his desk before standing. "I ask you to meet me before the meeting so I could go over the rules and decorum of the Summoners Guild."

Salus nodded and made his way to the desk in middle of the room. At Alcander's gesture, he took a seat.

Purple eyes nodded in approval at his dress robes.

"The Council asked for the meeting considering the unusual nature of your gifts. I have already informed them of your progress but I will not lie to you, Mr Moriens. They are not pleased with you holding the Aeon Shiva. They believe that it is too much power for a mere fifth year student. They will question you about your magic and your control. Worst case scenario, they will ask you relinquish your bond with Shiva."

Salus felt a cold wave of fury rise in him at the thought. For a moment, he thought it was Shiva before realising it was his contained emotions from Harry. The idea of being controlled; being limited again because someone in power didn't approve.

He took a deep breath to control the rise in temper. He merely nodded at his teacher, but replied coolly, "I don't think even the Council would be able to achieve that."

Vaan raised an eyebrow at the audacity of his student. "You would oppose the Council?"

Salus shook his head, choosing to omit his feelings and deflected the question. "No. But I don't think Shiva would let the bond be broken. Buried maybe, but not broken."

Alcander nodded at that, a small smile pulled at his lips as he moved to lean against his desk, staring down at his student. 'So small yet so powerful. I can see why Castiel craves him. His power is intoxicating.'

"They tend to forget that Aeons often act on their own regard," Vaan conceded, before asking. "Do you still feel the bond as if it's active even when it's in status?"

Salus nodded, "Yeah. It was really distracting but it's quieter now. But I can still feel it. Like if I just touched it, She would come."

"I wonder if you have an affinity for Ice or if that's your magic adapting the bond due to the dual presence of a Wild Magic affinity," Alcander mused for a moment before launching into a lecture on the decorum of the Summoning Council. "Aeons have an infinity to Wild Magic."

Salus shrugged at that. He had stopped questioning his magic, but rather was thankful for it. It's been saving his ass for years. But, he would rather not be studied as a lab rat.

Alcander dropped the subject and motioned for the door. "Shall we leave? It is better to be early than late when dealing with the Council."

Before they could leave, Salus remembered that he needed to ask Alcander about the ball. "I'm sorry sir, but I have something to ask you."

Vaan paused but inclined his head for Salus to continue.

"I received an invitation for the Nox ball form the Zubren Family, head of the Libra Clan. I was told it was your clan." Salus said nervously.

"And?" Alcander questioned with a raised eyebrow. Salus flushed

"I wasn't sure if it was sent to me by mistake or perhaps you would prefer if I didn't attend. I'm not exactly sure how comfortable it would be to have your student there," Salus said in a rush.

Vaan Alcander looked amused. "I put your name on the list, along with my other promising students. I expect you to be there. A Clan gathering is formal affair, and I can assure you nothing out of sorts will happen to you. Unless you accept another duel form one of my other students."


"Please RSVP soon," Vaan added before gesturing, "If there is nothing else, shall we go? I'll take us there."

Salus nodded and gripped the offered hand. Alcander's skin was smooth as marble, and just as cold. And yet, under the thin fingers, Salus could feel the strength that coursed through his teacher. Beyond the physical strength of a vampire, he once again felt the slumbering power that lay in him. His magic shifted, as if tasting something rare before retreating beneath his skin, tingling at the type of magic he had just come into to contact with again. Salus's eyes widened as he felt like he knew Alcander's magic, even if the enormity of it suffocated him slightly as he felt it being restrained.

'Master Summoner,' Salus reasoned before he was pulled into darkness as Alcander stepped into the shadows, pulling Salus behind him.

Vaan Alcander stepped into the foyer of the headquarters of the Summoner's Guild. This was the sole entrance to the cylindrical building, and perhaps, its most opulent room. Salus stumbled after him, trying to shake the cold that seeped into him while walking through the shadows. It was not a natural cold; but a bone-seeping chill that felt unnatural. The only thing stopping him from falling was the hand Vaan kept a hold of; and then the light touch to his shoulder to help him reclaim his balance.

Salus looked up to meet the concerned gaze of his teacher. It was only then did he realise he was visibly shivering. Gentle but firm hands moved to support him, moving him to sit down on what Salus assumed was a chair of some kind.

He couldn't think. All he felt was the bone chilling cold that seeped everywhere. It was in his veins, his heart. The cold gripped his lungs but that was not why he couldn't breathe. He knew this cold. Salus knew this cold and it was terrifying. And it was not the icy power of Shiva.

He wasn't there. He was back, in the dungeons in the one place he called home. He was shackled, betrayed by those closest to him. For what? The easy way out? He would have died fighting a war for them. And they turned on him; choosing not to try and save him. Rather, they willingly sacrificed him. But that was not the cold feeling.


Salus gasped as he body shook.

"Mr Moriens!" Vaan Alcander had never seen a reaction to Shadow walking like this. Salus Moriens was not the first human he had led through the vampiric transport, but his student was shivering and gasping like he couldn't breathe. His skin was like ice and he wasn't responding. His pupils were blown wide. "Salus!"

The cold….

He was Harry again. He was chained down and dying. It was all being ripped away. His magic, his life, his very soul. They were taking it, leaving cold down to the hollow core.

He didn't know death to be so cold.

Why was he dying again?

Salus-Harry-Salus couldn't understand. His mind whirled, his magic fluctuated. He couldn't process what was happening.

'Who am I?'

"Salus!" Vaan was visibly worried now. His student was having some kind of flashback. He knew that the human must have gone through something traumatic to send him running to Shakti of all schools. Vaan swore when he received no reaction save a fluctuation of magic around him. He looked up. There presence had attracted an aid who was staring wide eyed at them. "Get Healer Litiso here now! He's at Shakti. Tell him student Salus Moriens needs medical attention!"

The man nodded, probably an apprentice Vaan vaguely noted, and disappeared in a light. Vaan turned his attention back to Salus, who was still shaking but staring blankly. Whatever trauma his student carried, he was now trapped in it. For the first time, Vaan cursed that he didn't know more about his student. That he didn't dig deeper into the human's past.

'I am…. Harry?...Does it matter?'

Vaan did what he could to keep Salus warm, conjuring a blanket over the warming charms. But he suspected that the shaking was no longer from the cold but rather a shock. More worrying, was the automatic reaction of Salus Moriens' magic.

"Salus, you need to listen to me," Vaan tried to reached his student, where ever he was trapped in his memories. "You are safe. It's just a memory."

Salus blinked. 'Salus? My name is…'

Slowly, lips formed the words, still staring blankly, "I am not Salus."

Vaan Alcander knew that. Salus could only be an alias. There were no previous schooling record given on his transfer. He didn't even claim to be a student but merely an heir. Someone who that would have protected because human wizards valued bloodlines. They would have only sent him to Shakti if the human realm could not protect him. Especially considering the 'Harry Potter' situation that gripped the wizarding world. If an heir to one of the oldest and most sought after bloodlines existed, factoring his power and aptitude for magic, they would use him like they used Harry Potter.

"But you are safe."

'Was he?' Harry could feel everything like it was a needle. Thousands, millions of pricks. His magic was around him. It was protecting him. His magic, he could trust, even if it felt different. It was keeping him safe….

'I am safe.'

"I am," Salus's mouth formed the words slowly, as if unsure, and his eyes finally moving to meet purple ones, "safe."




Startled eyes looked at Vaan Alcander. Blue bled into an emerald green, the green overpowering the blue. And there was something in that gaze, something that Salus never possessed. The boy had always been serious, slightly unsure at times and closed off.

'Fury,' Vaan realised as he stared at the fire hidden in the green irises. Salus Moriens was furious, hidden so carefully under the serious persona that was the Shakti student. Anger, vulnerability, fear, hatred. For a moment Vaan wondered if anyone even knew the real person under his alternate identity.

The deadly calm settled in his mind, even with the chill sitting in his heart.

'Harry Potter was betrayed and almost killed. And Salus Moriens rose in his place, vowing revenge. I am Salus. I am safe. I am alive.'

Harry chanted it like a mantra as his magic calmed. His thoughts settled. He remembered he was alive. He was Salus. He could protect himself this time.

"Salus, are you alright?" Vaan asked quietly as Litiso arrived. He shot the man a look to keep quiet.

Salus breathed deeply as he met a concerned purple gaze. He nodded before dropping his gaze to his fingers. He was still cold.

"Shadow walking," Salus said shakily, "it uses Death Magic, a latent element, right?"

"That's right," Vaan replied, his hands still on his student's shoulders. "And a natural death magic, and wild magic. Some argue there is soul magic involved too."

"The cold…"Salus tried to say, but stopped. He took a moment to understand his thoughts; his magic. He licked his lips before continuing, "I felt like I died. For a moment, I didn't exist anymore."

Litiso swore as he pushed Vaan out of the way. Immediately, he started casting diagnostic spells. Harry Potter, no matter how deeply he hid in Salus Moriens, has a close connection with Death Magic. He has died before. The killing curse as a child. The basilisk poison that ran through his veins. Dementor's kiss. The ritual was tore him apart and it was only sheer willpower and magic that put him back together. The child walked the line far too many times not to know how it feels to die.

The only readings he got back were of a panic attack, a strange case of suffocation and a startling increase in Death Magic aptitude. Litiso calmed himself down before speaking to Salus.

"Salus, I need you to listen to me," he said calmly. He kept looking at the boy until he looked back, clarity visible in his eyes.

"Professor Litiso," Salus greeted with a frown. "Why are you here?"

"Vaan was worried when his star student reacted to his shadow walking," Litiso said lightly as he summoned a potion vial. "Now, you show signs of suffocation and hence, oxygen deficiency."

"Hence the Aeros Potion," Salus said with a slight grin.

"Hence the potion," Litiso agreed as he handed over the vial. Salus drank it without a word. The elf was his personal healer, and as he vowed, could not cause him deliberate harm. "I would give you a Calm Draught but I need you to pull your magic in."

Salus looked confused at that. "I have."

Litiso shook his head. "The Death Magic around you; the chill. Salus, you've copied and cloned it. It's your magic, triggered by whatever memory of dying you have. You need to control it before you go hypothermic. Humans are not meant to control such large amounts of natural death magic."

Salus blinked. That… actually made sense. The cold didn't go away because once the memories were triggered, he copied a freaking vampire's natural amount of death magic. And it stayed active because he didn't feel safe. But in doing so, he has was cold; and then stuck in the memory.

It happened naturally. The cold retreated and he was warm but cold. It took a moment before the cold disappeared completely.

A vial of Calming Draught was thrust towards him. Salus blinked at it before looking at Litiso.

The elf stared down at him, "You've just had a severe panic attack. Drink."

Salus drank it, eyes locked on Litiso.

"He just needs to rest," Litiso informed Alcander. The vampire gave a sigh of relief. "And I need to do a full medical."

"I thought he just needs to rest," Vaan shot back, eyebrow raised in question.

"Salus Moriens may be physically well, but he's suffered emotional, magical and mental trauma," Litiso explained patiently.

"That is not a case of 'he just to rest'!" Vaan practically growled back.

"I'm fine," Salus cut in, his voice calm due to the potion. "Just give me a moment to process."

"Process what exactly?" Litiso asked an in dry voice. "The amount of trauma you're going through? Honestly, you need a qualified mind healer and psychiatrist to handle that; and I only know what's in your medical files."

Salus shot him a glare as he sat up. He stretched out his neck trying to loosen the tension. "I'm not afraid of my memories because I lived through it already. It felt strange to try and assimilate that much new magic but my magic has settled down now. It's feels like latent magic."

Litiso blinked at that. "Extraordinary… I had categorised your instinctive magic as basic, but it really isn't. It's quite extraordinary. It stays in a latent state until you need it. Salus, you may be controlling a high degree of instinctive magic subconsciously."

Salus looked up from his hands. His finger flexed and relaxed; finally feeling like they were his own rather than a foreign appendage. He considered what Litiso was saying and shrugged. Maybe. He had no idea how his magic was changing but it felt normal to him.

"So, not so much magical trauma and I've already lived through the mental and emotional trauma. Am I physically fit?" Salus questioned. Out of the corner of his eyes ne noted that Vaan was hovering. The indifferent vampire was hovering. It made him smile slightly.

Litiso sighed, "You're not dead or dying. At most, you'll be physically tired but nothing a good night's rest won't fix."

"Then I thank you for your assistance," Salus said with a smile, before wincing slightly, and adding, "er, please mail me your fees and account information. I'll have them transferred."

Litiso and Vaan blinked at that.

'And Salus Moriens is back,' Vaan mused.

The elf nodded, "Very well. I expect you to make an appointment for a full medical at the start of the term."

Salus nodded, hearing the silent 'I will find you if you don't.'

And with that, he left.

Salus sighed, as he pulled off his bandana. With practice hands, he removed the circlet and ran a hand through his hair. He could feel the tension building up behind his forehead as he tried to massage it out.

He couldn't stop to think what exactly happened. Now, he could figure it all out when he was alone and safe. Now, he had other things to deal with. With a sigh, Salus replaced his circlet and bandana.

"I guess we are late for our appointment," Salus queried, his attention on the still hovering Alcander. The vampire stared at him for a moment. He shook his head and turned to the waiting aid. The same one who had fetched Litiso.

The man checked the time and intoned in what seemed to be a respectful voice, "You have ten minutes until the meeting High Master Summoner Alcander."

Salus stood up, albeit shakily. Vaan moved to assist but stopped short of touching him. He didn't know how Salus's magic would react to his touch. Salus shot him a blank look.

"I don't think I can copy anymore latent magic from you," Salus said quietly, as he reached out, hand shaking slightly, and touched Vaan's hand. Both inhaled but nothing happened. Salus gave him a tight smile.

"It's seemed your advantage is a double edged sword," Vaan replied in a small voice, purple eyes unreadable as he took in his student's posture. "Are you well enough to see the Council. I am sure we can postpone this meeting, if need be."

Salus shook his head, "It's better to get this out of the way. My time off seems just as busy as my term time."

Vaan raised an eyebrow but asked nothing. Instead, he took a step back and addressed the aid to lead the way.

Salus found himself standing in front of the Council of Summoners, staring down nine men and one woman. He stood as firmly as he could, acutely aware of Vaan's gaze. The vampire seemed to think he would collapse at any moment.

Following the proper etiquette of bowing and introductions, Salus faced the Council with a blank face. He didn't know if they had been informed of his 'episode' in the foyer, but he would rather not show weakness to these people. If he had learnt anything, it was that those in power always had an agenda which didn't include the individual.

"Step forward, High Master Summoner Alcander," Council member Surak intoned in his deep voice. Salus was pleasantly surprised to see a Draconis sitting on the Summoner's Council. "We wish to question your actions as well as your students."

Salus didn't move as Vaan stepped up onto the dial next to him. It felt like he was being judged in court. Anger flared up within him as Salus refused to lower his gaze. Instead, he looked directly at Surak's yellow eyes.

"When was the first time you were trained in the art of Summoning?" Council member Delerene purred. Salus twitched slightly. 'Succubus.'

He glanced at his teacher only for the vampire to nod slightly, indicating that he should answer the question.

Salus took a deep breath and replied easily, "When I was tested for an aptitude in Summoning at Shakti by High Master Summoner Alcander."

"Explain." Council Member Quatros. Vampire, is Salus recalled correctly.

Salus shrugged at that. "I'm from the Human Realm. When I applied to Shakti, I didn't know half the magic on the list of courses offered. Summoning sounded interesting. So, after taking the placement tests, I was tested for an aptitude for summoning. High Master Summoner Alcander did the basic MPS test, after which he would temporally transfer a summon. At first, it didn't seem to work as I could not detect any MPS in my magic. My magic has a latent instinctive ability. It usually only reacts in defensive or healing situations."

Vaan cut in at this point, "Mr Moriens' magic reacted when I transferred MPS into his reserves. His magic instinctively reacted. The MPS was accepted but then multiplied into a small reserve. I thought that Mr Moriens had received some training in the field of Summoning, and opened my summons. The Aeon Shiva was the last to be used. Mr Moriens didn't copy my link to the Aeon. Rather, his magic felt link and sought out the Aeon and formed its own link. I then questioned if he had any training and by whom. I was shocked to discover that it was a natural ability of his magic that had done that. With some further instruction, Salus managed to summon Shiva with relative ease, to which She accepted the link with him. I then insisted that he attend Shakti, if only to be trained as a Summoner."

An elf, Council member Luriel, asked the next question after the silence befell the room, "And what is Mr Moriens ability now?"

Vaan blinked and answered without missing a beat, "Theoretically, a first year summoning student. I believe he has master all levels of the elemental materia as well as healing materia and has started the first level of non-elemental materia. He can summon and pose some form of control over Shiva. This has not been tested as I have informed Salus not to summon Her."

"Yet, he summoned Her in a summoner's duel against a fellow student of yours," Council member Sol said with a smirk, "Master Summoner Welms' daughter, a very gifted summoning student."

Salus snorted at that. He this was going to be coming. He learnt that from the Malfoys.

"I was attacked in the corridors one evening at Shakti by Welms and her friends after Professor Vaan made is extremely clear on the first day that we were not to, in any way, sabotage another Summoning student. Miss Welms was the expelled from the Summoning class, which she then challenged me to a Summoner's Duel."

Vaan inclined his head, "I informed the whole class, as I do every class of mine, that despite the nature of Shakti, they cannot sabotage a fellow summoning student in any way. There was too few students who can become summoners. I have very few rules in my class, but should this be broken, the student in question will be removed from my class immediately."

"Is there evidence of the alleged attack?" Sol pressed further.

"Healer Darian Litiso of Shakti can produce the medical records and confessions of the students involved in the incident," Vaan replied calmly, although Salus wondered if it was a trick of the light when he saw a slight twitch in the vampire's eyebrow. "Now if you are done standing up for your loyalty to Master Summoner Welms, I would like to proceed to discussing the training of Salus Moriens."

Council member Sol frowned but bit back whatever he was going to say and sat back. There was nothing else he could question. How Vaan Alcander ran his lessons at Shakti, as long as he was in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Summoner's Code, was under the jurisdiction of Shakti. The expulsion of Filimia Welms cannot be contested by the Council. But the defensive actions of Salus Moriens could.

"High Master Summoner Alcander is correct. We are here to discuss the further training of Salus Moriens and his interesting ability."

Vaan stood still, waiting on the council as they looked to each other. They entered a quiet discussion while leaving the two standing there. Salus looked to his teacher. Vaan merely raised his eyebrow, tilting his head forward.

Salus took the hint and looked forward. For a split second, the world tilted. Salus inhaled quickly, blinking quickly as he tried to clear the darkness that clouded over his vision.

'Shit. Not now,' Salus freaked out. 'I cannot pass out in the middle of meeting the damn council.'

So he did what he could. Salus dug deep into his magic, reaching for the swirling mass inside his core. It was strangely active, but understandable considering the sudden change in his magic. It felt so foreign yet so strangely familiar and right.

It felt like death, and in that, it felt like life.

And that made every freezing breath of air all the more precious.

It seeped into his body. The magic, holding his body when he didn't have the energy to stand. But was the cold grip that helped him stay awake. Not the cold touch of death, but the cold touch of an ancient vampire's strength. Salus's body jerked to an upright, ramrod straight posture, and stayed like that.

The vampire watched his student as he forced himself to stay standing. It gave him an odd sense of pride of the human. The boy refused to back down. And it made Vaan want it smirk at the outraged faces of the rigid Council.

He never liked those old bats anyways.

The meeting ended without much discussion. Salus rolled his eyes at the bureaucracy. The Council, in their brilliant opinion, left Salus's training to Vaan, with strict orders to receive reports on his progress. Salus did note that his teacher didn't tell the esteemed (and do read his sarcasm here) Council about how he would be receiving one on one lessons as the rest of his class moved up a year level.

Rather than shadow walk, Vaan teleported them back to Shakti. Although he didn't question if his student was alright, he did inform Salus to have a medical check-up.


The first week of the holidays flew by as Salus worked on the Potions project and his extra training and reading. For the first time since he stepped into Shakti, he felt confident. He had read up on all the other races and general history. He knew he couldn't mistakenly insult anyone. Moreover, he had covered spells he would have learnt if he had attended Shakti for his first three years of magical school. He was currently working through fourth year on his own while Hadrian had been slowly pushing him through the fifth year spells.

The only time he really left his dorm, was the quick trip to his goblin Healer to check out his health. Everything, including his impending death, seemed to be in order. Although, his magic had changed yet again, as it apparently absorbed the latent magic of a thousand-year old vampire. Neither Salus nor the goblin knew what to expect with that, so Salus just went with it. He theorised that his ability in Death Magic probably increased.

"We are going shopping!" Anya announced as she walked into Salus's dorm that Friday, "Bring your card."

Salus looked up from the book he was reading, "Why?" he asked blandly.

Anya sighed as she gathered her hair and tied it into a high pony tail. "Because, dumbass, you have nothing to wear to any of the formal balls or parties. And I won't be embarrassed by you those atrocious wizarding world robes. Those people wouldn't know fashion if it bit them in the ass."

Salus eyed her for a moment before sighing and putting his book down on the coffee table. She was right about him not having appropriate clothing. Not to mention, if he had to read anymore he was going to burn the damn book.

"It's kind of scary that you know what's in my closest better than I do," Salus remarked as he got up and stretched. The girl merely grinned in response.

Rolling his eyes, Salus made his way to his bedroom in search of his wallet. "Where are we going, anyways?"

"Drakulgarde. The shopping district in the Drark Realm. It's more of the vampire area. The only place to shop for high end clothing. And you can afford high end clothing," Anya replied with a smirk.

Salus winced as he stared at his wallet. High end clothing meant expensive clothing.

"I'm not that rich," Salus protested.

Anya rolled her eyes, "Chill. It's time for the Nox specials so we can probably get some good prices. We'll get them tailored to fit so it'll save money in the end. I know a cheap but excellent tailor."

Salus sighed and nodded, as he said in a grave voice, "Okay, do your worst."

Suddenly, that seemed like the worst thing to say when Anya got that scary look in her eyes.

'Oh, boy.'

Nine hours, two traumatised shop assistants and one poorer Salus, and Anya was done. She was humming as they return to Salus's room. Fashion, it seemed was closer to muggle wear than Wizarding world fashion. Salus had shot himself in the foot when he had mentioned that maybe it would be easier to get some clothing form the human realm. Anya had demanded they go to the human realm and shop in the 'non-magical' section. So Salus took Anya to London and she attacked high end fashion with a relish when she discovered that her card worked.

So Salus had three new over robes, two formal robes and seven suits. Nine hours was the shopping trip cut short.

'Never again,' Salus vowed as he dropped into the couch. Anya made her way to the kitchen and was clanging around doing Merlin knows what.

"Go shower Moriens," came Anya's voice as he heard the fridge closing, "you have plans tonight, don't you?"

Salus frowned at that. "How the hell do you know that?" He had been thinking about going out but that was before the shopping trip from hell.

Anya's head popped out of nowhere, and she was grinning. Silver eyes were swirling faster, "I know. We are going out tonight. Trust me on this."

Salus groaned at that. "We?"

"Yup!" Anya said as she returned to the kitchen. "I'm making something to eat, so go and take a shower. We leave in two hours,"

"If we leave in two hours, why the hell do I need to shower now?"

"Because after we eat, I need to get ready. That's at least an hour."

Rather than argue with the crazy seer, Salus forced his body to stand and move towards the shower. 'Why would she need an hour to get ready?!'

True to her word, Anya took an hour to get ready.

Salus was waiting, half-heartedly reading his summoning course work, ready. At Anya's prodding, he had gone with the leather pants he had bought on an impulse. She paired this with a tight, white button down shirt. He chose to leave behind his usual bandana and hidden circlet.

For once, Salus was in Anya's dorm. The suite she had was twice size of his. It was a full sized, two bedroom flat, with a kitchen Salus knew Aunt Petunia dreamed off. The down side was that everyone knew where it was.

It was very high class. Everything Anya owned was high end. Salus knew that Anya had money. She hadn't so much as flinched when Salus dropped some serious money. She didn't look at prices when she shopped. And she attended Shakti and was doing her second mastery. The fees were steep.

But everything seemed so impersonal.

Except her couch. Anya had a killer couch that Salus was honestly considering stealing. Or trading something for. Because it was like a giant marshmallow. A giant green marshmallow. And it ate him when he lounged in it.

"Two minutes," Anya said as she walked into the room and dropped into the chair across from Salus. Vaguely, he noted that she was carrying a pair of black heels in her left hand. Rather, he stared wide eyed at her. She was dressed in a short mauve dress; it wrapped her body in a leather, boned corset. The bottom of the dress was a ruffle of black net under mauve net, pushed further up pale thighs as Anya buckled her heels.

Salus swallowed, wishing he had something to drink. Anya, on any day, was a striking beauty. But dressed up, Salus could appreciate her beauty just like any other man, especially as her hair fell from its side swept state across bare shoulders. She had done her make-up choosing to go heavy on the eye make-up. It made her silver eyes all the more striking. Salus was sure that the muggles would think they wore contacts.

"Ready?" she asked with a knowing grin. Salus pulled his eyes from her legs (when did Anya had legs like that?) up to meet her amused eyes. As she stood, the dress fell, not by much, the front resting high on her thighs. Net material fell to the floor from the back of the dress, making her legs looking even longer.

"Shut up," he groaned but stood up. Ignoring the way the net fell and swayed around her body as she walked out in front of him, Salus asked, "where are we going?"

"That human club you were thinking about going to," she said easily as she made her way across the room. From a draw in the side board, Anya pulled out a wad of notes. "That place uses dollars?"

"Pounds, it's in London. I prefer going to places in the human realm where I know the area. The human realm is not a stable or safe place right now. " Salus replied automatically, eying the cash. "And do you always keep large amounts of random currencies around your room."

Anya grinned but said nothing as she put back the roll of dollars. She rummaged around before sighing and pulled out a credit card, "This should work?"

Salus looked at what was a black Visa card and nodded but cut in, "Visa works in almost every country in the human realm; the non-magical at least. How do you have a Visa card?"

"I've been to the human realm on clan business before. While I have the Zenix card, it's not accepted everywhere in the human realm. So I've got one of these but never really used it. Zenix made a deal with the goblins and now it works."

Anya handed him the card. Salus gave her a look. She shrugged.

"What? This dress doesn't have pockets. And I don't want to carry Zenix."

A quick teleport to London, the pair was walked out of the Hilton London. The valet opened the door and hailed a cab. Salus thanked the man. Getting in, the cab driver gave them a look through the mirror.

"Millennium, the club please," Salus told the man. Anya was content to sit back and watch the city pass her by as they drove through the city.

"We should spend some time here," Anya mused. "That hotel is nice. I've never been on a vacation before."

Salus chuckled at that. "Me neither. A vacation sounds good."

It seemed Auron was not kidding about it being one of the hottest clubs around. It was barely ten pm and the line outside was at least hundred feet.

"Shit," Salus swore. "That's a long line. I don't think we are getting in anytime soon."

Anya looked at the line with a raised eyebrow," I don't follow lines."

"Welcome to the Human Realm where you are not important nor do you get preferential treatment," Salus replied dryly.

Anya huffed as she walked past him. "Please, do you know nothing about me?"

"Anya?" Salus questioned as he trailed after, ignoring the poisonous looks from the people waiting in the line. Anya marched up to the two large bouncers by the door.

"Miss, please join the back of the line," the large man said, not moving from the entrance.

"Anya Valsura and Salus Moriens. I booked the VIP section," Anya replied, not moving an inch, with a smile. "I informed a Miss Gerald that this I wished to see if this establishment was suitable for a party I wish to host. An international party. So I standards."

"Of course you booked the VIP section," Salus muttered before staring at her. "Please don't tell me that you want to host a party here."

"I don't do lines," Anya said again, more smug before shrugging. "It would be a new location. If it's good enough."

The other bouncer went to the desk inside the club and returned with a woman. She was carrying a clipboard and her cell phone. And looked harried.

"Let them through!" she snapped. "I am so sorry for this. Please, come this way."

Anya smirked and nodded. Salus sighed and followed her.

They stepped passed the rope and into the entrance of the club. They could hear the bass pounding against the interior walls. Miss Gerald stopped at the desk.

"We just need to confirm your credit card details for the payment for the use of the VIP section and the tab for your drinks," she said with a stiff smile.

Anya nodded and waved her hand at Salus. "Use my card for both of us. Tonight is on me. Count it as a scouting trip."

"You do know I'm not one of your mindless minions, right?" Salus asked sarcastically as he pulled out his wallet from his leather jacket. He pulled out Anya's credit card and the fake ID he had duplicated off his own. He pulled out his fake ID for good measure. There was no way muggles would discover the goblin made ID as fake. "And you want everyone to travel to London for a party? To this club?"

"Of course, darling. But tonight I want to have some fun," Anya grinned at that. "And people have travelled further than this for one of my parties."

Salus gulped, visibly. 'Fuck.'

Eyebrows were raised as they saw two black cards in the wallet but said nothing. The processed the payment quickly and handed over two silver wristbands that had the words, VIP.

"Just tell the bartender your names when you order and tell them to add it to your tab," the cashier explained.

With that, wristbands on, the pair moved into the club. The first thing that struck them as music, so loud you could get lost in it. Then the heat of a room packed with moving bodies and lights. The lights were dizzying.

A small hand tugged on Salus's hand. He looked down to see Anya holding his hand. She pulled him in the direction of a cordoned off staircase. They showed their wristbands and were granted entrance to the VIP section.

It was Salus that spotted the VIP coat check in. Subtly casting a spell on his wallet, he handed over the jacket and then made his way over to the bar. Anya, it seemed, had already ordered.

"Drink," she ordered pushed two shot glasses over to Salus. And with that she picked up one of her own shots and knocked it back with a practice ease. Salus hesitated for a moment before doing the same. He gagged at the burned and spluttered.

"What was that?!"

"Vodka. Drink."

Salus eyed the shot in front of him. 'It's going to be a long night.'

Two rounds of shots later, Anya dragged him onto the dance floor. It was packed. Mildly, Salus noted that if he was attacked at the moment, there would be difficult to defend themselves in the mess.

Anya leaned in close, and yelled into his ear to be heard over the music, "Relax! Nothing is going to happen tonight! Now dance with me!"

Anya seemed to lose all inhibition, choosing to close her eyes and move to the beat. With her arms raised above her head, Anya was moving with her hips swayed to beat. She tilted her head back, black hair cascaded over her bare shoulder and it was sensual in a way that sent Salus's heart pounding.

Silver eyes gleamed from lidded eyes that glowed, as she smirked at him. Salus flushed at the thought of being caught checking her out but still didn't move. Smirk still in place, she swayed over to him and draped her arms around his neck. She pulled him close, forcing a stumbling Salus to place his hands on her waist to balance.

Her eyes stared deeply into blue ones, never breaking as she started to sway. Her hips moved side to side, moving closer until he was pressed up against him. Her lips tugged into a smirk as she shifted even closer until her lips were inches from his for just a moment before pulling back slightly.

The gaze was challenging.

Salus sighed but started moving and let the music take over. The beat pulsed through and Salus let go. He moved with Anya, refusing to back down form her challenge.

The songs blurred from one to another. But it didn't matter. Not with the soft body moving against him and the pounding around him that matched the beat inside of him. The slow, rising temperature under the strobe lights and the musky scent from the alcohol, sweat and smoke.

Salus was snapped out of it but the yelling in his ear, "I'm going to get something to drink. I think there is someone who wants to dance with you."

Salus blinked slowly as he opened his eyes. But Anya was already gone, weaving between the dancers in a beeline for the bar.

His magic buzzed a moment before an arm wrapped around his waist. Salus frozen as he glanced at the person behind him.

Brown eyes smirked at him, slightly hazy and definitely dilated.


Salus smirked right back at him, and started dancing again, leaning back into the body behind him. Fingers tightened on his waist as Auron started to move in unison. It was a completely different feeling, the movement of sharp muscle in contract to Anya's softer muscles.

Hot air against his ear sent shivers through Salus's body even in the heat of the dancer floor, "I really shouldn't be surprised that you are here, Salus."

Blue eyes closed against the vibrations that resonated from the chest behind him. Salus was still flushed from dancing with Anya, and now feeling Auron move against him; his heart was pounding in a way that made the blood rushing in his veins burn.

In one swift move, Salus turned around, forcing Auron's arms to wrap in him a more intimate embrace. "And yet you are the one who came and danced with me. So much for staying away, Auron."

Salus pulled back and smirked at the frozen man. A glance over his shoulder revealed Anya, watching from her seat at the bar. She caught his eye and tilted her head towards the stairs. Salus nodded.

Half a step forward, Salus leaned against Auron and spoke into his ear. "See you around. Try not to taste any forbidden fruit."

And with that, stepped away from Auron. Salus flashed a smile before he walked away, making a beeline for the VIP section. So what if he was a little bitter at the turn down from the man.

"You had a hot guy wrapped around you and you left," were the first words out of Anya's mouth, "what gives?"

Salus waved down the bartender but looked lost at what to order. Anya rolled her eyes and ordered two Long Islands before turning her attention back to Salus.

"I know him and he's tipsy," Salus replied shortly.

At Anya's flat look he sighed and kept going, "He turned me down sober. I refuse to go for him while he's drunk."

Anya chuckled at that, turning to face him, "Someone turned you down? Ouch."

"He says I'm too young for an old man like him."

Silver eyes gave him a strange look but said nothing. "So, are we calling it a night?"

Salus looked at his glass for a few minutes before shaking his head. Why shouldn't he have some fun? With that, he downed the rest of his drink.

"No way in hell."

Anya smiled at that, throwing a look at the bartender before following Salus back to the dance floor. She would continue to play buffer for now.

'Salus Moriens, I may not be able to read your past or your future but when I do get a vision, it's always right.'

Salus refused to let then evening be a bust. Instead, he hit the dance floor again. Not even a minute later, Anya was wrapped in his arms again. It took a few more songs before Anya was dragging him to the bar again. Rather than going to the VIP bar, which had no line, she went over to the main bar.

"Why this bar?" Salus yelled over the music. "There's no queue up there."

Anya grinned at that, gathering the back of her dress to try and avoid someone stepping on it. The bar was crowded as they pushed forward. There were groups of people all around, chatting away.

"You may take forever to get a drink, so let me order," Anya shouted back as she pushed forward. The guy shot a glare at her before realising who he was glaring at. Salus watched in amusement as his expression changed and he shifted away. The blond changed his position to watch her as Anya waved down the bartender. "I'm female."

The silver wristband flashed in the bar lights, catching the girl's attention. Tired eyes but a smile firmly on her lips, the bartender asked, "What's your poison?" She reached out and checked the wristband before adding, "Miss VIP."

Anya grinned.

"Two vodka shots," she started to order. "Top shelf."

"No vodka!" Salus interrupted, leaning over Anya's shoulder. "I don't care how expensive vodka you order it tastes horrible."

She leant back, very aware the blonde's eyes were on her. "That was for me."

Turning back to the bartender, "Sorry about that. And one whisky, top shelf, on the rocks for this guy. And one chocolate martini. Put it on my tab."

The girl nodded before moving off to get the drinks ready.

"You only drink top shelf," Salus yelled. "Typical."

She laughed at that, turning her back to the bar, choosing to look at Salus. He tried not to let the crowd push him against her, and in turn, braced his arm around her against the bar.

"Getting rather close tonight aren't you, Mr Moriens. Maybe I should retry my luck against your personal preferences. Maybe I can sway your tastes for a night?" she joked, but Salus's instinct screamed there was something dangerous boiling under the surface.

"If there was anyone who could tempt me, it would be you," Salus replied with a smirk.

Anya said nothing as she stared at him. Rather, she turned her attention back to the bartender who returned with their drinks. Picking up the two shots, she handed one to Salus, silver eyes never leaving his.

Salus took the shot with a small sigh and little resistance. He then took a large sip of the whisky to drown out the aftertaste.

"You think vodka tastes bad but you drink whisky straight," Anya mused with an amused grin, shaking her head.

Salus was distracted from answering by the sudden cheer. Both looked over the end of the bar with interest. It seemed like a bunch of teens celebrating a birthday, considering that they were gathered around a girl who was being handed drinks.

Salus watched Anya with interest as he felt her magic shift. Her eyes were shining, and Salus knew it was more than the lights. Her expressionless face shifted into amusement as she shifted her gaze towards the birthday celebration.

She promptly turned around and waved down the bartender again.

"A bottle of Champaign for the birthday girl there," Anya told her. "It's not everyday someone turns 18. Just put it on my tab."

The bartender stared at her wide eyed but nodded. Anya sighed and downed the martini. She then turned to the blonde and plainly asked, "Are you going to ask me to dance or stare at me all night while I dance with my gay best friend?"

Salus choked at that but stepped away as she dragged the unsuspecting blond to the dance floor. Finishing the last of his drink, he left the glass on the counter and moved towards the VIP section. From the dance floor, Anya grinned.

The VIP sections was quiet save for a small group of people on the other end of the area, lounging on the couches sipping away at their drinks. Rather than sitting alone, he made a beeline for the bar and a seat.

"Did your date dump you?" came the question from an unfamiliar voice.

Salus's head shot around only to be met with ridiculously blue eyes and an easy smile.

"The hot black haired chick who you came with," he continued in an amused tone as he leaned against the bar.

"Um," Salus flailed for a moment. "No. She wasn't my date."

"So, you come to the hottest club in London with a girl like that and it's not a date?" the guy asked, as he learned forward with interest. Blue dragged across his body, making Salus suppress a smirk. "What's the story?"

Salus raised an eyebrow at that.

Kurt shrugged. "It's a slow evening. That group is slowly drinking through several bottles of wine and Champaign. And then there is you, the mysterious Salus M and Anya V who booked out the VIP section for two people. And rolling with black Visa cards no less, if gossip is to be believed."

Salus laughed at that. "Gossip huh? Well, you seem to know my name at the very least. And Anya is more of my mentor and best friend. Nothing more."

"Nothing more? Really?"

Salus shrugged, "I lean more the other way. Plus, that is a whole lot of crazy I am not getting into. I believe she has dragged some poor fool onto the dance floor."

"The other way, huh?"

Salus smirked and dragged his eyes slowly up and down Kurt's body. "Yup." He popped the 'p' sound. "As for the cash, trust funds and wealthy family. We go to the same boarding school overseas."

"A fellow rich kid," Kurt mused with a smile but his eyes locked on Salus, "so how old are you really, Salus?"

"18," the wizard replied without a missing a beat. But he noted the expensive clothing not to mention the Rolex watch he was wearing.

Kurt snorted before chuckling. "Yeah right. Fellow rich kid. My dad owns this place, along with most of the clubs in London. It's kind of obvious. You look younger than 18 and your friend has been ordering your drinks the whole night. Try again."

"16," Salus admitted. "And I prefer whisky but Anya insisted on 'expanding my alcoholic experiences'."

"Well, VIP Salus M. I'm Kurt, aged 19. I'll be your bartender tonight. Now, may I suggest a drink that is always a hit with the newly legal?"

"Sure," Salus shrugged, despite the amount of drinks he had, the dancing seemed to sober him up. Kurt started moving in a practiced eased behind the bar. "So what's your story? Rich kid working the bar at his dad's club?"

Kurt flipped the mixing flask with a grin, "Daddy dearest was short-handed and ordered me to pick up the shift till midnight. I don't mind so much. On occasion, I get to flirt with cute guys."

He placed a drink in front of Salus with a smile. "Try it."

Salus wisely didn't ask what it was, but took a small sip. It was a strangely tangy yet slightly bitter taste. He suspected it was far more alcoholic than it tasted.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Salus asked teasingly.

"Well, it is my job," Kurt replied just as teasingly. "But now, a far more important question remains."


"Yes, well questions," Kurt amended, "First, please tell me you are single. And second, tell me why silver hair?"

Salus stared at him for a moment before taking another sip. "The hair was a whim but I like it. My question, are those contacts?"

"Natural actually. Single?"

Salus grinned and took a long sip, staring into Kurt's blue eyes over the edge of the glass. Gathering the fabled Gryffindor courage, he took a plunge. Kurt was safe. No magic. Just some guy who was attractive. "You get off at midnight. Find me on the dance floor."

And he left glass in hand. He resisted the urge to look back as he walked down the stairs and onto the dance floor. He eyed Anya who seemed to have been adopted by the birthday group from the bar and was happily dancing away. It took only a moment for her to drag him over and introduce him to their new drunk 'friends'.

Once again, they lost themselves to the music and fun.

Until the arrival of another that brought a smile to Anya's face. She leaned in close, speaking to Salus as he eyes were locked on the man. "Have fun. Just a flash of a vision."

Salus's head whipped around to stare at her in vaguely veiled shock. "What?!"

But she was already pushing him towards Kurt, "I'll be leaving soon anyways, so don't look for me. See you tomorrow!"

The teen raised a blonde eyebrow but said nothing at the scene. He merely offered a hand which Salus grasped. One last look at a grinning Anya, Salus let Kurt pull him deeper into the mass of dancers.

Kurt knew the club better than even the regulars. So he pulled the gorgeous boy in to the darker, less crowded corner. In one smooth move, he pulled Salus closer by wrapping his arms around the slim waist. Kurt grinned at the startled expression on Salus's face. He leaned in close.

"Please don't tell me you have never been kissed because you are far too tempting for me to actually behave," Kurt said in his ear, pressing his body against the younger teen.

The beat of the music pulsed around them and between them as Kurt moved his hips against Salus's own. It was slow and sensual. Salus smirked at that. It relish, Salus wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck, pulling him closer.

"Kurt, please. I'm in a night club. I may be inexperienced but I've been kissed."

Salus grinned as he felt a hand slip into his hair. Blue-green eyes slipped close as Kurt pulled him in for a kiss.

Lips slipped against lips, angled slightly. The soft of the touch of a tongue and Salus's lips parted willingly. He willingly submitted to the experience of Kurt, for once, letting someone else take control. Kurt changed the kiss form gentle to rough in a heartbeat; pulling Salus in closer.

When air became necessary, they pulled back, panting for breathe.

"Been waiting to do that," Kurt confessed against Salus's lips.

"Not complaining," Salus shot back, fuelled with the liquid courage, nipped lightly Kurt's lips.

Kurt groaned lightly at that, his hand moving from Salus's waist to grab his ass. "You're playing with fire." He warned, stealing a kiss, "how inexperienced?"

Salus sighed at that, going quiet while he played with Kurt's short blonde hair at the nape of his neck as he started dancing again. "Does it matter?"

"You're 16 Salus."

Salus pouted at that, "Virgin. That's all you're getting from me. And I'm not interested in a relationship. Just some fun."

"Just fun? Are you sure? Meaningless sex may look fun but it can leave you feeling used."

Salus pulled back at that, staring at Kurt's face. The tone the man used spoke of personal experience. He chose not to comment on that, rather replying. "Just fun. It's a bit late for the being used and dumped. So I just want someone I can trust to have some fun."

"So, you start looking for some fun at a club? Not smart. Especially when you're drunk."

Salus rolled his eyes at that, "Technically Anya dragged me here. And I can take care of myself. And I'm tipsy; not drunk."

That got a predatory smile from Kurt as he pulled Salus into another kiss as they moved to the beat, hands trailing across the length of Salus's body as he leaned in. The hot breath of air made Salus shiver at the intimate sensation.

"This is how it's going to go, Salus. We are going to dance tonight, and then I will give you my number. I would like to take you out. I really would love to show you a good time, but Salus, I've been there. The sixteen year old in a club. Trust me when I say you don't want your first time like that."

Salus blinked at that before shaking his head with a rueful smile. "Out of all the guys in this nightclub, I had to hit on the one with strong morals."

"Darling, I wouldn't say I have strong morals. If I did, I would have told security about your fake ID. But I'm far too attracted to you to let you go completely."

Salus laughed at that before pulling Kurt into a fierce kiss, taking control of the kiss from get go. But loving every brush against the other's body. His grin grew bigger at the moan he drew from Kurt but yelped when a hand squeezed his ass.

Breaking the kiss, Kurt bit Salus's bottom lip, "You're playing with fire, darling."

Salus said nothing in response but pressed his body closer. Kurt smiled, slotting a leg between Salus's, grinding up against him and then pulled into a kiss. Salus, in response, moaned into the kiss and pulling at blond hair.

Salus let it go and just moved with the music. He lost himself in beat and the hot press of lips. Kurt moved like liquid, grinding against him. Lips attacked his neck, sending new sensations crashing through Salus's body as Kurt trailed kisses, nipping and sucking at his neck in the relative darkness of the dance floor.

True to his word, at the end of the night, Kurt gave Salus his number and walked to the door of the club.

"I do hope you call," Kurt murmured between soft kisses. Salus grinned into the kisses and hummed.

"I'm on break for two weeks," Salus replied, grinning, "I'll call you tomorrow? I need to get my phone sorted out. It doesn't work here."

"Perfect," Kurt replied with a smile.

Salus left with a smile, taking a cab back to Hilton. It was far more inconspicuous to teleport from a hotel than an alley.


"Oh Kali, you're still a virgin?" was the first thing out of Anya's mouth when she showed up at Salus's door the next day. "Nice hickeys by the way."

"Why don't you come in," Salus said dryly.

"But seriously, the way you two were all over each other last night I was sure that you would being still be having hot sex at his place," Anya continued as she walked in. "No horizontal tango?"

Salus grinned at the memory of the previous night, "It got hot and heavy but it turns out I hit on the only guy in that club with morals. Hot but doesn't want to have no-strings attached sex at 16. He's been there."

"You have the worst luck with men," Anya said through giggles. "Maybe you should try a girl next time?"

"Shut up," Salus snapped back as he made his way to the kitchen for his late breakfast. "While I can appreciate a hot girl…"

"It would take someone special for you to choose her," Anya finished as she leaned against the counter. Silver eyes stared at him. "What about me?"

Salus froze, back to her. In a very quiet voice asked, "What about you?"

"There was chemistry last night," Anya replied in a just as quiet voice, "and it wasn't the alcohol."

"You're engaged."


"Fine," Salus spat out, angry as he turned around, "yeah. You would be one of the few girls I know who I be tempted to choose. But I won't. Anya, we are friends, despite my every attempt at not making friends here. I wouldn't risk a friendship or break your heart like that even if you weren't engaged."

"Why is me being engaged such a big deal in this?" Anya asked, curious with a frown.

"Trust issues," Salus replied stiffly as he returned to his cooking eggs.

Anya stayed silent as she watched Salus cook the rest of his food. It was only when he plated his food did she speak again. "So, are you seeing him again?"

Salus nodded, "I was planning to get a cell phone and calling him back."

Anya sat awkwardly. The tension in the air was palpable. "Um, I'm going to go. I have to finish some papers."

Salus sighed and nodded. He refused to face her after that abrupt confession of sorts. He didn't get her. She was cold, the hot then crazy then sane. It was headache inducing to keep up with her.

"Hey Sal?" Anya said softly from the door, "you are the closest thing I have to a best friend. So thanks, for looking out for me. But for the record, one, I don't want this engagement. He's kind of an asshole, and two, you really need to see the way others see you. You tend to count yourself short. Any person would be lucky to have you in their life; be it as Salus or whatever your real name is. I don't know who broke your faith in yourself or your trust, and I won't ask for the answers, but you really shouldn't let it control you like this. Isn't this the same as letting them win?"

The only noise for a while was the heavy breathing after the soft click of a closed door.


Litiso sighed as he rescanned the magical make up of Salus Moriens. The human was fidgeting on the bed. The elf had emailed the boy, telling him to come in that morning as he would be free, for a check-up.

Salus Moriens, and Harry Potter's, magic had changed. Well, more like shifted.

Darian ran a hand through his short hair, a she tried to understand exactly what was happening. Salus smiled sheepishly at his Healer. "Sorry about this Professor."

"No, it's okay," Litiso replied with an easy smile that reached his smile. "It's actually quite fascinating."

Salus snorted at that. He's heard that before.

"No really. Theoretically, we study the different branches of magic that interlock in a pattern of use and characteristics. Your magical core is shifting across the different branches of magic," he explained with a quiet tone of excitement. "Your magic, supposedly because of the unique case of surviving a dark lethal curse with only residual protections of your parents and family magic, changed at a young age before your magical develop usually starts in humans. Now, not only did it grants you wild magic, which lead to your instinctive magic, but your affinity to Death Magic."

Salus blinked at that, trying to comprehend what his teacher was saying. "So," he said slowly, "my magic changes? Like more than adapting?"

"Yes," Darian replied as he burnt the two sheets of paper that held the recordings of Salus's (and Harry's) magic. "But it's past that stage. I had not realised it at first, considering the trauma you had just experience prior to your attendance here."

Salus kept quiet.

"The Wild magic initiates the instinctive magic which, in turn, initiates the Wild magic. It's a circle which should have killed you, but the adaptive nature of your magic made this effect latent. It explains that when you're exposed to foreign magics, like summoning or vampiric, your magic lashed out to protect you. It also, absorbed the magic and duplicated within your core. While in summoning, that gives you your extreme learning curve. With vampiric magic, it recognised that the magic would actively kill you as you are not a vampire. So, it took on the latent properties, like affinity for Death magic and Shadow Walking."

"You are fascinated by this, aren't you?" Salus asked dryly at the grin on his blond healer's face.

"If your magic had a consciousness, I would love to meet it." Darian said solemnly.

"So, am I dying faster?"

"No," the elf said with a smile, "Actually, this opens up a whole lot of options to trying to find a treatment of sorts. You're magic wants you alive. While I was searching for way to preserve your bonds it hadn't occurred to me to actually use the unique properties of your magic."

Salus nodded at that, a light smile on his face as he got off the bed. "Well, then I'll see you next term."

Darian smiled and nodded back as he cancelled the wards. He watched his student make for the door, he couldn't help but ask, "What changed your mind?"

Salus stopped, hand on the door but didn't turn around. "I guess," He said softly as slowly, "someone slammed it into me that by just accepting it, I'm letting them win. As much as I said I wouldn't let anyone that close again, I have people I would call my friends. Harry will still die. I just was Salus to live. So I'll hope; just a little."

Darian Litiso sighed as his student left. Salus Moriens wanted to live; now he just had to find a way to fix the unfixable.

"No one can truly live alone, huh? Guess I should my own advice."


It was beautiful. The gardens of Alsur. Really, it was.

But Anya couldn't bear to look at it. No, rather she was floundering for the first time in a while. After she gained complete control of her powers, there were very few people who she couldn't read. And she usually stayed clear of them.

But Salus Moriens was more than a puzzle.

And she hated that the slowly forming friendship might forever bear the cracks of an impulsive move with an uncertain result.

And while she would like to ponder the tangled web of past, present and future, he was grating on her nerves.

"Father insisted we meet," she said stiffly, "but keep to yourself. I wish to walk alone."

"Don't be stubborn," came the gentle but stern voice from behind her, "we are engaged. When you graduate from your Death Mastery, we shall wed. As free time is rare, we need to use it wisely. You already cancelled dinner before."

Anya turned around in a fury as she spat, "Understand this, again: I have no interest in you or marrying you. You are not my choice nor shall you ever be. I will turn you down even on the so-called wedding day and no one can force me otherwise. So stop this ridiculous attempt at courting me!"

Before she could move away, he had caught her arm in a tight grip.

"What changed? Before you accepted this arrangement as it benefits both our families. Is it this human who dares to call his friend?"

"Salus is not the one who dares to call me a friend. I call him mine! Let go of me or I shall show you why I am allowed to walk unescorted," Anya hissed, her power building as everything around them started to wither ever so slightly. She watched in grim satisfaction as he paled from strain.

He let go but was cut off from replying by a ringtone. Anya was already checking her PDA, smiling at the mail.

"Well this was unpleasant. Let's not do it again," she said sarcastically a she typed outa response. "I've got to go. Fashion emergency. First date out of all things."

She was already walking away, calling someone on the PDA, "Hey Ren! Want to spy on Salus's first date? No, a guy he met when we went out. Call Harry. I'll get the details from him in the next hour. How? Simple, he needs someone to help him pick something appropriate for a first date, and possibly, popping his cherry. No, you can't- actually, I would love to see you convince him to sleep with you. I don't think you can run fast enough."

She teleport away, not even looking back at the building fury in her fiancé.


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