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Kyon has been having trouble sleeping lately.

It started out innocently enough. It all began with a nightmare. It was a very odd one as well. A series of fleeting images playing as though they were on one of those old-fashioned film reels. There plenty of colors with in it, too- Hazy oranges and yellows, a flash of blue, a glint of silver, a spot of purple, splotches of red, and dots of white.

Of course he ignored it.

Everyone has nightmares.

No big deal.

But then Kyon began to have even bigger problems. The dream became more frequent. Sometimes, he'd nod off in the middle of class and catch a gleam of silver flash before him. Red flecks would appear whenever he'd shut his eyes just for a rest. The colors would swirl together into a myriad of sickly shades that almost made him want to vomit. It lasted for a bit, then just seemed to leave him. Peace once again coursed through his life.

Not that Kyon ever told anyone about this.

He didn't want any of his friends or family to worry about him.

It's not like he was crazy.

But then one day, he entered his classroom and made his way towards his seat. No problem at all. Then he turned around to stare at the front of the room. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

It was that person. That person. The one who had been a former classmate of his. The one who had transferred away. The one who had tried to kill him.

It was her.

But no one else seemed to notice her but him. She made no move to come near him. Or anything considered remotely hostile. She just stood there and just stared at him. That was it. Just stared. With that same sugar-coated smile she used to give her fellow students and teachers. Now it seemed as disgusting as a rat or cockroach to him. So as soon as class ended, he dashed out of class at a pace faster than Haruhi and into the clubroom.

And there she was again.

She was there as the gorgeous Mikuru poured him his tea.

She was there as the quiet Yuki was reading her latest novel.

She was there as the amiable Itsuki engaged him in a simple game of Othello.

And she was everywhere when the daring Haruhi took them all out on a routine patrol.

But Kyon didn't tell them about her. It was just his imagination acting up on him. It would go away soon.

He wasn't insane or anything.

But when that person began to appear in his room in the dead of night, just watching him- always watching him, with deep, blue eyes that seemed to devour you like a merciless ocean in a storm and you can't even do anything as you're pulled right down into its depths and drown- he began to realize that maybe he should tell someone. But even as he considered it in his mind, she'd bring her finger to her lips and smile that innocent smile of hers and shake her head from side to side. And he knew that telling someone would make things worse.

His parents and sister began to badger him constantly at why he looked so beaten down all the time. Kyon had thrown them some excuse about being nervous for school or some other trivial fact. Not like they'd take him seriously if he told them.

Haruhi and the others had begun to notice as well. She'd said that it was unbecoming of an SOS Brigade member to have lost so much sleep in the past few months and demanded he tell her what was wrong. But Kyon could never bring himself to reveal why. Kyon was afraid- not just for himself, but for Haruhi. He couldn't get her involved in this. Or any of the others.

It wasn't their problem.

So when Kyon outright refused to answer Haruhi whenever she asked him about, her rage quelled and she became worried about him. The bags under his eyes and the way he'd stare fearfully at the dark corners of a room were becoming more apparent to her. So one time, when she'd come late one night to study with him over a test, Haruhi had stated she would spend the night with him. Kyon wasn't even able to answer her when she suddenly hopped into his bed and drew the covers over the two of them. She buried her head in the crook of his shoulder; the heat of her body warming his own. When morning came, she silently exited his room and made the long trip to her own. It was the first time Kyon had gotten a good night's sleep in awhile and he made sure to thank Haruhi for it at school, only for her to state that it was only a part of her duty as a Brigade Chief. But her stays became even more frequent over the next couple of days, and Kyon cherished every one of their nights together.

But he knew Haruhi couldn't be with him all the time.

One day, Haruhi announced that they would all be having a sleepover at Tsuruya's house. She didn't specify why, but Kyon was silently grateful. He arrived there earlier than everyone, surprising even Haruhi. Tsuruya kept them all entertained with her party games for awhile before they all turned in for the night. They slept in their sleeping bags in the upperclassman's cavernous living room. Kyon slept peacefully for a few hours before the need for a drink overrode his need for sleep. He got up, made his way to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of water, took a sip, and brought the rest of it back with him to the pitchy-black living room. He toyed with the idea of flicking on a light-switch but though against it. Kyon gulped the rest of it down before settling into his sleeping bag, zipping it up comfortably to his chest. He took one last look at the sleeping forms of Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Itsuki, and Tsuruya, smiled, and let sleep claim him.

The first few rays of the morning sun shone through the blinded windows, kissing Kyon's head. He sat up and his body declared it was time to pay the bathroom a visit. He stood up, rubbed the crust from his eyelids, and...

...almost screamed and threw up.

The sleeping bags of his friends were all tore open viciously as though by greedy claws. Amid the pieces of the ruined fabric, were the mutilated bodies of his friends. Blood seeped out of their sleeping bags like ghastly puddles. Their mouths were open in the middle of silent screams, their eyes lifeless and cold, and their hands in the position of still trying to hold off their attackers. Even the invincible Yuki was stone-cold dead, her small face an even lighter shade of white. Kyon stumbled back, trying to fight off the urge to pass out from the panic squeezing his heart, and bumped into the sticky wall behind him.


He turned slowly, his stomach and nerves dreading what lay behind him. He was right. The wall behind him was covered with blood. Not random drops thrown on from a fierce struggle, though. The crimson liquid was arranged into a neat, curvy message that was made just for him to read.


The screams poured from his mouth like a river. He fell down to his knees and screamed into his hands, not even caring about the icy blood soaking the back of his shirt. They were dead and it all his fault.

All his fault, all his fault, all his fault, all his fault-

A sudden shaking at his shoulders caused his eyes to snap open. Kyon blinked. He was back in his sleeping bag, with all five of his friends surrounding him. Concern adorned each of their faces. No bloody message on the walls.

Another nightmare.

He went to bed alone at his own house that very same day. The images of all of his friends lying dead in puddles of their life's fluid in front of him still haunted his brain. He pulled the covers over his head, trying to shut out the dark shapes that swam about his moonlit room. His teeth chattering and his knuckles numb, Kyon slowly peeked out from his blanket at alien world that he had once called his room.

There she was again.

Standing there a few feet away from him in her old uniform, hands folded behind her back. This time, however, she confidently strode towards him. She cupped the side of his face and studied him, analyzed him, like some kind of lab animal. He could only watch as she slid into bed alongside him , and began to run her hands all over his body. He did so in return. Her fingernails dug into him like knives, objects that were weighing heavily on his mind right now. As he explored the contours of her frame, her tongue invaded his mouth, and he found himself tangling with the instinct of retching. But he didn't. Any boy his age would have been in absolute bliss. But not him.

It felt... wrong.

Kyon jolted upright and looked out the window.

Morning had come.

His forehead was damp with sweat, his pajamas stuck to him like used tissues, and fingers hesitantly unwound themselves from his tangled bed-sheets. He placed both feet on the cold carpet of his room, and ran his fingers through his untidy hair. Just another nightmare for him again.

It was when he heard the frosty giggle behind him, however, that he sprang from his bed and whirled around.

"Mmmmm... Did you sleep well, Kyon?" Ryoko Asakura inquired sweetly from her place on the bed, and Kyon was too frozen with fear to even scream for help.

Some people have a monster living in their closet or under their bed.

Others have an inner demon that lives right inside them.

Kyon has one that's a little bit of both though.

And she'll never, ever let him go.

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