Title: Dark Valentine

Author: Mooncat

Rating: K+

Summary: Valentine's Day on an island with the Huntzbergers - that can't be a pleasant holiday. AU-Version of episode 6.15: A Vineyard Valentine.

Warnings: Angst, language, tense moments

Disclaimer: All stories, original characters and plots archived herein are property of their respective owners and authors. Gilmore Girls and its characters are property of Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Hofflund/Polone in association with Warner Bros. Television. No copyright infringement intended.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz © 01.20.2010

Author's Note: This my response to the Valentine's Day Fic Exchange prompt from R.S. Lynn. Thanks to R.S. Lynn for the interesting prompt. Thanks to Julie for organizing yet another fic exchange and a very big thank you to my beta for getting this baby on the road.

Dark Valentine

1. Late Night Goon

"Did you hear that?"

"Probably just Stan. Go back to sleep, Ace," Logan gave a muffled reply, not even lifting his head.

"No raccoon can make that much noise!" Rory protested. She heard it again − a strange, scratching, squeaky sound. "Besides, it sounds as if it's coming from inside the house," she whispered nervously. "What if it's a burglar?"

Turning his head, Logan opened one eye. "At the Vineyard? Dream on. No burglar's this insane." Seeing that his sarcasm had no calming effect whatsoever, he pulled her into his arms with a sigh. "I told you, this house's a grandma. It's squeaky."

"This is the third time we're here. I've never heard anything like this," Rory argued but did relax somewhat though. It did help that she hadn't heard anything else for the moment.

"There's always something new, especially this time of year," Logan replied unworriedly, already almost asleep again. Sure enough, moments later his deep breathing filled the quiet room.

Rolling her eyes, Rory listened to the house, not ready yet to go to sleep herself, making a mental note to never rely on her boyfriend should there ever be a real burglar. The house stayed quiet but, nonetheless, Rory was unable to fall asleep. Not that she wasn't tired. She and Logan had enjoyed every second of being here, finally alone and having some extended, uninterrupted time with each other. Between her studies and the paper and Logan's own classes and many business trips Mitchum dragged him to, they hardly saw each other, let alone had some quality time together. All the more reasons she had let Logan talk her into taking the time for this extended Valentine weekend.

So far, it had been breath-taking. And she wasn't thinking about the beautiful scenery of the island here. Apart from the early dinner Logan had prepared and set for them out on the deck so they could watch the sunset, they honestly hadn't seen much of anything yet. Luckily, she already knew the place well enough to be perfectly happy to not do the island tour. A short walk at the shore, eating royally and otherwise doing what they had done all afternoon and evening before collapsing into their bed out of exhaustion as plan for the weekend was just fine with her.

Huh, eating, she thought, suddenly craving for a midnight snack. After all the way they were going at it, she sure could use the extra calories, she thought with a contented grin. Careful as to not wake Logan, she slipped out of his arms. Shivering instantly in the cold air, she grabbed Logan's sweatshirt and pulled it on. Tiptoeing out of the room, she headed straight for the kitchen, deciding on not taking the detour by the den to turn on the lights to the hallway and living room.

Big mistake.

She had barely entered the living room area when she bumped into a big figure. Her heart racing, she shrieked, trying to backpedal but already, an iron grip kept her wrist captured and she felt herself pulled forward. She was just about to scream for Logan when light flooded the room and she found herself face to face with none other than Logan's dad.

A very displeased Mitchum Huntzberger.

"What are you doing here?" he hissed, his cold eyes narrowed on her.

Swallowing, she nervously licked her lips, her heart still skipping a beat here and there. Jeez. "Uh, Logan?" she stammered, thinking it was quite obvious why she would be here and not really ready yet to form coherent sentences.

Instead of calming down, that response only seemed to enrage Logan's dad more, his hold on her tightening. "My son is here?"

"Of course. It's Valentine's weekend," she pointed out, irritation slowly replacing the shock this late run-in had given her. She had known that she wasn't a favorite of Mitchum Huntzberger or any of the elder Huntzbergers, and obviously, her being here came as a surprise, still, no need to treat her as if she was a burglar or something. Whether he liked it or not, she was Logan's girlfriend for almost a year now and it was Valentine's weekend, damn it.

He said nothing in return. The anger almost visibly emanating from him though spoke of what he thought about his son actually spending time at the Vineyard during Valentine's with his girlfriend. Not that she was surprised. It's been a long time since she had foolishly looked up to this man, blinded by his achievements. In the meantime, she had learned a thing or two about him, some through her own, highly unpleasant encounters with him but way more so through his son. Not just by his occasional comments and rants about the living incarnation of Darth Sidious but also by simply watching her boyfriend in certain situations like holidays or anniversaries and by seeing his reactions and expectations at any situation. It hadn't taken her long to comprehend that his parents had done a real thorough job at screwing up Logan and Mitchum Huntzberger was certainly the one who could take most credit for this.

No, she didn't like this man at all, let alone respected him. Actually, she was quite sure she'd come to hate him for what he'd done to Logan - or neglected to do.

He was still staring at her, looking her up and down disapprovingly, but then suddenly, the atmosphere in the room changed completely, making her skin scrawl in trepidation. This was an ability his son had inherited, the power to dominate any place he went to. But while it was part of the attraction with Logan, it was only intimidating with Mitchum. And what she saw in the ice-cold eyes and even more what she felt in the crackling air around them was downright frightening, making her very conscious of the little she was wearing.

But no, she had to be imagining this, surely Mitchum wasn't going to sink that low. Still, the faster she got away from him, the better. "Let go of me," she demanded patiently.

His grip only tightened though, starting to bruise. And his gaze definitely wasn't focused on her face anymore. Her discomfort growing, she nervously yanked at the tight hold capturing her with no success. Instead, she felt herself being cornered against the wall, causing her heart to beat furiously once again.

"Mr. Huntzberger, let go," she repeated, more urgent now.

Unfortunately, her struggle only seemed to incense him, stepping closer, way into her personal space. "I see why my son is so hung up on you," he murmured and she felt his hot breath over her face, her neck.

With it, she also smelled the lingering taste of alcohol on his breath. Great. Horny and drunk.

A shudder ran through her but she reined in the beginnings of her panic, telling herself to stay still and calm. "Let go or I'll call Logan. I don't think he'll appreciate finding his father cornering his girlfriend."

Her threat seemed to cut through whatever state of mind he was in as he stopped. He didn't pull away or let go of her either. Actually, for a moment, it almost looked to her as if he was considering the options and which should prevail. Her eyes narrowed. Enough was enough. "Take one more step forward and your balls will not only be acquainted with my knee… I guarantee you, first I'll scream that the whole island will hear and next I'll be on the phone, calling my grandparents, the newspapers and, if necessary, the police," she told him flatly, meaning each and every word she said. "I doubt very much that you want any of those options so just step back and let go of me right this instance and I will write this off on you being drunk and I will not mention this incident to anyone."

She wasn't really worried that he would force her to anything and that most of this − whatever it was − was indeed due to him having had a few shots too many. Nonetheless, he wasn't easing up now, she didn't care a fuck who he was. She was not going to accept such a scandalous behavior toward her.

To her immense relief, his gaze finally cleared, the merciless, calculating look returning to his eyes. At last, his fingers loosened around her wrist and he stepped back. Not in the slightest mood to be one second longer in the asshole's presence, she gave him a condemning glare before slipping away to head straight back to their room, firmly shutting the door behind her. After a moment's hesitation, she locked the door as well.

Only then did she allow herself to sag against the old wooden door, letting out a deep sigh of relief. Her gaze fell on Logan, still sleeping peacefully, oblivious to what had just happened. It didn't surprise her, apart from her shriek in the beginning, neither she nor his father had ever raised their voices.


As angry as she was with Mitchum for the daring and blatant sexual pass at her, his son's girlfriend, and as much as she wanted to use it in order to show the world this man's true color, she knew she wouldn't, having meant exactly what she had already promised Mitchum about her never mentioning this to anyone. She could never bring herself to do that. To talk about such a thing would probably hardly affect the great Mitchum Huntzberger's image, especially as nothing had really happened. That moment there only had the possibility of something much uglier and nasty but it definitely would hurt Logan a great deal.

Extremely unhappy, she stared at the sleeping man she loved. Loved so much so that lately, she caught herself thinking more and more of him as the one.

Logan always ranted about his father, never hesitated to declare with full conviction that he could care less about what his father thought about him, did to him. That he was indifferent to his parents; he didn't need either his parents' love or their acceptance. But she knew better. She could very well hear the bitterness whenever he told her about the latest expectation dumped on him. She saw how he would flinch a bit whenever Mitchum said something cruel and nasty over the phone. She felt his deep sadness when he told her about yet another memory of his childhood that was teeming with shameful deprivation of love as well as the slightest envy when he grew aware of how very different it could be whenever he watched her interacting with her family or heard her anecdotes of her truly happy childhood.

Plus, he was quite protective of her, especially in regards with his family. He had been livid after the disastrous dinner at the Huntzberger's where they had told to her face that she wasn't good enough for Logan. She had been barely able to stop him from doing something real drastic when he had learned about his father's little talk with her when she finished the internship with Mitchum. And when she had told him about his parents' impolite behavior at the fundraiser she had organized for the DAR, he hadn't been happy either and again had to be convinced to let it be. If he learned of this newest unpleasant incident...

No, it was for the best he never knew about it. Unthinkable what he'd do because of it and, this time, she was sure there was nothing she could say or do to stop him from taking any actions against Mitchum that would lead to undoubtedly very ugly consequences.

As much as she despised his father, even more so after tonight, she still didn't want to be responsible for any rift between Logan and Mitchum. So for him, she would never breathe a word about what had just happened and hope she never again had to be alone with Mitchum Huntzberger in a room.


(Author's Note: Alas, yet a new story from me. This is the first of four parts and I hope that you like it, even if it is a lot darker than my usual stories. But that was the prompt that you'll find at the end of the story and I honestly enjoyed exploring a darker side of GG. I do have a great love for crime, thriller and drama, frankly said, something I do miss sometimes, writing GG fanfiction. So this weekend has only just begun and I hope you stay tuned for the rest. And R.S. Lynn, I really hope you like your story! I swear, I tried very, very hard to avoid any fluff.)