Okay, I know I was making an avatar story before about trudy and how she got to Pandora, but ive flicked the switch and rearranged everything. So this is the more improved version I think. Okay, so Trudy was on Pandora for awhile right? Well, what if she had fallen in love with Jake's twin brother, Tom? Hectic! Later on, I might possibly add a love rectangle including Trudy, Neytiri, Norm and Jake, so let's see how this story unfolds shall we? All told from Trudy's POV, don't own Avatar!

Chapter 1

First Meeting

It was like stepping into a fantasy. Like I was dreaming, but then again, I wasn't. I kinda couldn't see through the Exopack that was pretty much saving my life from the toxic gases of Pandora, but in a way I was kinda too scared to take off the Exopack. If it was this brilliant blurry, how could it look with clear vision?

"Chacon!" I spun around at the sound of my name and saw Colonel Quaritch walking towards me.


"Glad to have you with us."

"Glad to be here, sir."

"I got a present for you. You might like it. Follow me." I picked up by bags from the floor and followed him as he led me to a building behind the jet that we had arrived on. I saw rows upon rows of Samsons.


"Knew you'd like it." Quaritch said, laughing. He removed his exopack and Trudy followed suite.

"This one is yours. A Samson 16." He patted it and I almost fell down in shock. It was gorgeous. There was a tiger on the front right side under the cockpit window. I looked on the side and saw my last name painted there as well. I almost started crying.


"You can admire the inside later, Chacon. You need to meet with the doc. Seeing as you're a secops pilot, you're primary task will be flying sorties for the science team."

"Yes, sir."

"Is this our pilot?" I turned around. There was a doc behind me. His hair was dark brown and he had the most piercing green eyes I'd ever seen.

"Sure is doc."

"Dr. Tom Sully. Nice to meet you. I'm here to escort you to Dr. Grace Augustine."

"Right, okay."

"See you later, Chacon."

"See you, sir." I followed Mr Tall-Dark-And-Handsome and he turned around, walking backwards.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing working for us?" He said, cocking an eyebrow. I scoffed.

"Doing my job." I said, smiling.

"Noted." He grinned. I shook my head.


"Flirting, already? Seriously? You don't even know my name."
"How about you tell me it then?" He said, grinning again. I laughed.

"Trudy. Trudy Chacon."

"Ah. I would've said you were a Lisa."

"Seriously? Lisa?"

"How about Alexa?" I made puking sounds. He laughed.

"Watch-." He bumped into a soldier.

"Out." I finished.

"Watch where you're going, Doc!" Tom tried to stop himself from laughing.

"Sorry." He said, his voice quaking with the effort. The guy scoffed and walked away. We both burst out laughing.

"Maybe it's best if we walk beside each other."

"Maybe." I started walking beside him.

"So, how old are you?"

"26. You?"

"26. And a half." I laughed quietly. He grinned.

"How long you been here for?"

"Awhile. Around 2 years. They're making an Avatar for me. They want me to be apart of the program to convince the Na'Vians to move so we can get Unobtanium." He rolled his eyes.

"You think it's a long shot."

"Pretty much. Yeah." We entered a room with heaps of lab stuff that I got confused at by just looking at it.

"Grace! Your pilot's here."

"Thank god." She turned around and saw me.

"He got a girl too. Good. Dr. Grace Augustine."

"Trudy Chacon. Nice to meet you."

"Same. Now, you an experienced flier?"
"One of the best ma'am."

"Ma'am? It's Grace kid. I consider it an insult to be called Ma'am."

"Right. Grace."

"Much better. I like you. Come with me." I looked at Tom and he gave me a she's-kinda-crazy look. He followed behind us. We entered a room and I looked around. There were millions of blue creatures inside these long tubes filled with something.

"Wow, are these the-."

"Avatars, yes. This one here is Tom's." She pointed at it. It was like looking at an extremely tall smurf that looked like Tom.

"Ha. Looks like you." He grinned.

"What we're doing is letting them mature. Once they do, we'll scan them for any problems. If we don't find any, we implant bio-electrically powered electrodes and processor circuits for the control link interface. Once all the wounds are healed, they're ready for initial motor cortex testwork and neural interface link up." She pointed to a box that looked kinda of like a technologic coffin.


"You don't understand a word I just said, do you?"

"Not really. Sounds brainy." Tom raised an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes.

"I wasn't great in high school okay?" Grace smiled.

"You might as well get some sleep. You come back here tomorrow. Wanna talk to you some more."

"Sure thing doc."

"Tom, you'll be a darling and take her to her room, right?"

"Yes, ma'am." She smacked him up the back of the head.

"Right. Grace."

"MAX! WHERE'S MY CIGGARETTE!" She stormed off.

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