E/O Challenge

Word: Warm

Sam and Dean unwind at the end of an unusual hunt, sometimes, you've just got to sit back and enjoy whatever you've got.

Word Count: 100 – On the nose

Disclaimer: I own nothing – it all belongs to Kripke, but I sure do like playing with his boys!

As Good As It Gets by Impaladreams

* * * * *

Dean sighed softly, closed his eyes and relaxed back, playing his arm along the top of the dust-streaked Impala. The dying rays of the sun shone down warming his bruised, upturned face. He cracked open his eyes, gazing aimlessly at the long shadows that stretched towards him from the desert vista below.

He glanced up with a tired smile as Sam mooched around to lean beside him passing an ice-cold beer, moisture droplets beading the tawny bottleneck.

Sam glanced up, worry marring his brow. "We do the right thing today?"

Frowning momentarily, Dean nodded slowly. "Yeah, Sammy, we did good."

* * * * *


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