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In Shadow kiss, Dimitri doesn't die in the Strigoi attack. This is the order of how things play out.

The MANA thingy

The cabin

The Strigoi attack

Viktor dashkovs trial

The ghost thing

Oh yeah, at the end of frostbite is when Dimitri and rose started getting intimate and rose is pregnant and not sure how to tell Dimitri

And she cuts herself and is suffering from depression because of spirit's darkness.

(Somewhere at the Royal Court)

"Can I count on you, boys?" Queen Tatiana asked Jesse Zeklos and Ralf Sarcozy.

The teenage boys grinned at each other, smugness radiating from both of them. They'd been given the task of bringing down the girl who had made their lives a living hell, the girl who refused to have anything to do with them, the hottest, sexiest, most sarcastic, goddess like girl any person had ever laid eyes on. The sluttiest girl to ever walk the ground of St Vladimir's Academy for Moroi and Dhampirs.

Rosemarie Hathaway.

They weren't sure why it was them the queen had chosen to bring down the promising soon-to-be-guardian Hathaway. She was top of the guardian classes and they were high school flunk outs. But they wanted her to pay for all the public humiliation and suspension she had caused them.

"Of course you can count on us your majesty. It would be an honour to serve you. And we can all agree that such an immature young girl should not be guarding Princess Dragomir." Jesse sad, trying to sound professional.

The queen smiled a devious smile. "I knew I could count on you boys."

Rose POV

I smiled as I opened my eyes to look at the man I love. At that moment that's all we were. Just two people who were in love with each other. He wasn't my 24 year old mentor; I wasn't his 17 year old student. We weren't sneaking around to be together. We didn't have that constant fear of getting caught. He wouldn't get fired and jailed if everyone knew we were together, and I wouldn't get expelled and shipped off to live with blood whores. We weren't both dedicated to protecting the lives of Moroi, putting their needs before ours. They come first.

How I wished we could live in a make believe world. One where things were easier.

"Good morning Rose." He said, stroking my cheek gently.

"Morning comrade." I said, smirking at the grimace on his face with the use of his nickname.

"Don't call me that." He said with a roll of his gorgeous brown eyes.

I propped myself up on my elbow, and ran the other hand down his naked chest, feeling a lot better than I had earlier. "You know, I think you get a secret satisfaction out of that nickname."

"Is that so?" he said teasingly, sliding the hand that was stroking my cheek down my bare shoulder, my chest, my waist, to my hip. I shivered.

"Oh, yes." I said, matter-of-factly, after realising he was still waiting for my answer.

"Well, you of all people know about my secret satisfactions." He said, his sexy Russian accent thick with flirtation.

Heart racing, I kissed him. Showing I knew exactly what his guilty pleasures were.

Me and Dimitri had been having secret get togethers for a few weeks. It was Sunday morning, he was off duty and I didn't have school. We usually met up late Saturday night (technically morning) and went to one of our rooms. We didn't always have sex. Sometimes we'd just talk and he'd hold me.

"Wait." I said, suddenly getting nervous. I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to tell him this. What if he didn't believe me? What if he didn't want me?

He must have seen the hesitation in my face because he said gently, "What's wrong?" and I knew I could tell him anything and he'd still love me. There was no reason for me to have gotten so worked up yesterday. Stupid spirit darkness/pregnancy hormones.

"I need to say something." I made sure he was paying strict attention and continued. "You know I'd never cheat on you, right?"

"Right." He answered, looking wary.

"And you know that you're the only person I've been with, right?"

He studied me. "Rose, whatever it is that's bothering you, just spit it out."

I took a few deep breathes and answered. "Dimitri Belikov, I am pregnant with your child."

His eyes widened. "Wait—are you serious?"

I glared at him. "No, I had sex with a giraffe and am pregnant with a mutant child."

He ignored me, probably used to my sarcastic attitude. "But, how?" his eyes were shining with wonder.

"You think I know? I didn't even think I was pregnant. But my counsellor told me to do a pregnancy test if I was overly worried about missing....stuff." I said, thinking of the annoying school counselling I had to go through because Kirova thought I was losing my mind.

"Did you tell Deidre"

"No, do you think I'm an idiot?"

His shocked expression softened, very rare for Dimitri. "Of course I don't. I just can't believe this is happening. I love you." He said and kissed me.

"I love you too." For a few minutes I was kind of happy. I had Dimitri next to me. He seemed okay with me being pregnant. He hadn't dumped me. But then the fears I had when I first found out about the little person that was growing inside of me came back.

"Dimitri," I was shocked at how panicked my voice sounded. "I'm not ready for this. I can barely take care of myself. How am I supposed to look after a kid? I'm not leaving it to be raised by Moroi. I don't want it to turn out like me."

"It's okay Rose. I'm going to be here for you. We'll make this work out. I don't know how yet, but we will." Dimitri's voice was soothing to my worries. He sounded so sure.

"Do you really mean that?" God, I sounded like an insecure little girl. Which, technically, I was.

"Of course I do." And for a while I forgot everything. About the academy, and what they would do to us if they ever found out about my baby. I even forgot about what I was going to do when Lissa found out. That was, until I started getting nagging thoughts in my head. Damn it. Couldn't I even have one full day with the man I loved?

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