I've never read the books, but I've watched the movie and found it interesting enough to write something about it. It's time for my first slashfic! If you are offended by male-male sexuality, then leave now and never return.

Set slightly after Percy arrives at the Camp. SLASH. Percy/Luke. Also, it's a guy writing this, which makes it double the slashy goodness.

Chapter One: War Games

Luke's POV:

A flight of arrows whistled through the air, some striking the ground, while others found their mark in human flesh. The metal-pointed shafts instantly pierced through the leather armor, and one of the demigods fell, screaming and clutching his chest.

The harsh clashing of swords echoed throughout the forest, scaring away the birds – they flew away in great numbers, filling the canopy overhead with their black wings and for a few moments, cast a dark shadow across the earth.

It was distraction enough, and caused my opponent to recoil, just for a moment – in that instant, I knocked his blade out of his hand and kicked him in the groin, sending him sprawling across the ground. He tried to get up, and I gently but firmly pushed him back again.

He had lost, and was out of the game – those were the rules.

Leaving him behind for the moment, I sprinted away, deeper into the forest, searching for more heroes of the opposing team. I silenced my own footsteps on the carpet of wet, dead leaves, and listened for others who were not so careful - the aim of the game was to eliminate every single member of the other side. It was tough, and brutal, but it had to be done.

There was a quiet, almost silent whistle of an arrow.

I stepped aside just in time, and the shaft grazed my ear. I raised my sword an instant later, blocking the heavy strike of my opponent, who had thrown aside his bow and jumped down from one of the trees. The force of the blow reverberated through my body, staggering me for a moment, and giving him time to slash at my chest. A thick strip of my leather chemise tore free, and a few drops of blood dripped from the wound.

He roared savagely, and swung his sword at my feet – but I took a step back, and his attack went wide. It was too late for him to stop moving, and his back was exposed to me – with the pommel of my sword, I struck his shoulderblades, and he dropped face-first into the dirt.

There couldn't be that many left now. I'd finished off a good number of them, and the rest of my team should have done the rest. Taking one final look around the forest clearing, I turned back towards the Camp.

As I passed the halfway mark between the forest and the Camp, the cold river that separated the island from the dense forest, the sounds of consternation grew louder. There was cheering and jeering coming from further down the river, and I quickly ran towards it.

As I reached the little clearing in the trees, I saw what was happening.

The new arrival at the Camp – Percy Jackson, his name was – was being brutalized by Annabeth. Her sword cut through his chestguard as though it were butter, and she slashed his arms so relentlessly that thick streams of blood were flowing. His face was covered in dirt, and it seemed that tears were almost in his eyes – but she was unmerciful, and betrayed no emotion as she beat him to the ground.

Most of the demigods were there as well, surrounding the two of them in a tight circle. Her scarlet-clad warriors were cheering and screaming; my own blue team was looking on in horror, as though willing her to stop.

But she did not. She kicked him in the chest, twisted his arms, punched him in the face and only the Gods know what else – with every wound she inflicted, her smile widened. Each time she knocked him to the ground, she dragged him back on his feet and did it again, until at last, he was near the brink of death.

Only now, after what seemed to be hours, it ended. Annabeth gave him one last, contemptuous stare, and then walked away with the cheering members of her team, leaving him broken on the ground. In quiet shame, the Blue team walked away as well. I could almost sense their disappointment at the Son of Poseidon.

He could not win a simple fight – what more a war of the Gods?

He was sitting next to the river, crying. He had taken off his armor, thrown aside his sword, and was sitting with his feet in the water, sobbing quietly. His face was stained with dirt and tears, and his skin was splattered with blood. The long wounds that Annabeth had cut into his arms were still bleeding, staining the clear river water.

"You should really get that seen to," I said as I approached him. "Wouldn't want you to bleed to death out here."

He seemed startled by my sudden appearance, as though he had expected to be alone. He blushed as he saw me, and hugged his legs to conceal his bare chest.

"What do you want?" he said, slightly upset. I noticed his eyes, so soft, watery and vulnerable, as he tried to contain his tears.

"Wanted to see if you were alright," I replied, and seated myself next to him. "So, are you?"

He did not reply immediately, and gazed into the shallows of the river. His feet splashed the water, almost like a child would, and I unconsciously smiled. He really was cute, in his own way.

"I'll survive," he said at last, turning to me. "What's your name again?"

"Luke," I replied, smiling as we began to talk. "Son of Hermes. I already know who you are, Perseus."

"Oh," he said, surprised.

"You underestimate how famous you are, Perseus," I continued, trying to make him feel a little better after his ordeal. "You're the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea and Storms."

He gave a sardonic little smile.

"Maybe," he said. "But that doesn't make me like him. I can't do anything right. I don't like fighting, I can't run quickly, I can't - "

I pressed a finger to his lips, and looked into his eyes. They widened in surprise at our sudden contact, and I could feel the both of us suddenly becoming very warm.

"Don't," I whispered. "Don't put yourself down. My dad's a freaking messenger, and I turned out alright."

He suddenly laughed – and what a sweet laugh it was. His mouth widened into a smile, and the tears in his eyes were instantly gone.

"Well, maybe there is hope for me," he smiled, and I removed my finger from his lips. For a moment, I could have sworn that there had been a look of longing in his eyes, as we separated.

"Don't," he whispered in turn, mirroring my words. "I… I liked that."

I quietly moved towards him, until our bodies were almost touching. I held his hands, and there we sat by the river, watching the water as it rushed away from us.

I could smell him. He smelt like sweat and saltwater, and it made me feel aroused. I felt the warmth growing everywhere in my body, and I turned to him. Our foreheads touched, and our lips brushed as I whispered,

"Do you like this?"

"Yes," he breathed, the sweet warmth of his mouth lingering on my skin. I wrapped my arms around his slender waist and kissed him on the lips, gently pushing him towards the ground into a lying position as we kissed.

He moaned quietly as our tongues met, and I tasted his mouth. It felt like he had never been kissed before – every motion of my tongue made him shudder in pleasure. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body, allowing me to gently stroke his little tongue with my own. The bulges in our pants rubbed against each other, and we both felt gentle waves of hot pleasure.

His chest was bare, and my hands stroked his back. I pulled out of our passionate kiss, leaving him visibly disappointed – until my mouth went downwards, towards his nipples, and gently stroked them. He shuddered as I licked the sensitive spot and used one hand to stroke the other. He buried his face in my hair, breathing in my scent as I pleasured him.

Finally, my hands wandered downwards. They slipped past his pants, and gently massaged his ass, eliciting a groan of pleasure. As one hand explored his soft flesh, the other fingered his hole, stroking the slightly-wet passage.

"Luke," he moaned for the first time, and I knew that he was enjoying it.

A moment later, his pants were off, leaving him lying beneath me in nothing but his underwear. Without my direction, his hands tore off my clothes, and we were both equally unclothed as we kissed. My legs wrapped around his, and we rubbed against each other, feeling the pleasure growing. His hands stroked my ass, gently caressing each cheek, and fingered my opening.

Finally, he raised his legs, and I slipped off his underwear. His manhood was now before me, fully erected – it was thicker than I had expected, and as hard as stone. It was slightly curved, like a horn, and he moaned as I sucked its tip.

"Luke," he murmured again, his fingers grabbing my hair.

My mouth wrapped around his hard length, and I gently sucked his penis. It quickly became wet with my saliva, and as I sucked it up and down, made soft, wet noises. He moaned as pleasure spread through his body, and aching fire burned in his manhood.

I breathed in the scent of his penis, and took the entire length into my mouth, until its tip was inside my throat. My tongue stimulated every bit of him, licking the hot, salty flesh. He moaned louder now, and his legs buckled, the newfound pleasure too much for him to handle. I nibbled the tip of his penis, where it was the most sensitive, and the pain caused him to cry out. As I licked, my hands continued to work at his ass, slipping a finger into his anus, and gently began to thrust in and out.

With one final stroke, I released his manhood from my mouth. I looked upon him now, sweating beneath me, and blushing furiously. I pulled off my underwear, releasing the tightness that had been trapped for so long – my length was longer and harder than his.

I spread myself above him, pressing him against the beach. He groaned as our dicks rubbed against each other, and I added another finger into his opening. He moaned as he was stretched, but I silenced him with a kiss, and stroked his penis even faster.

"Uuhh," he moaned, as we made love. Every inch of our skin was pressed against the other's, and I could smell his arousal, mixed with his sweat and musk. It drove me crazy, and I rubbed against him harder, inserting a third finger into his ass and making him cry out.

"Luke!" he cried.

"Shh," I replied, nibbling his ear. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

He was silent, though, as he lay back and allowed me to pleasure him. The water in the river was beginning to rise, and it washed over our bare legs, touching our thighs and making our pleasure sweeter.

I got up then, my penis throbbing with heat. I looked down at Percy, spread beneath me, and gently stroked the length of his body. I gently carried him to a nearby rock, and laid him down upon it.

"Luke?" he said yet again, but this time with curiosity and a tinge of fear.

"Don't worry, love," I replied, gently caressing his ass. "It won't hurt at all."

I positioned myself above him, and my hands held his as I pressed him against the rock.

Percy's POV:

I was feeling such intense pleasure, like I had never felt before. I had never had sex with a girl before, much less another boy – but Luke made me feel as though I would never need to. His manhood was thick and strong, and pleasured me so strongly. When he sucked me, I felt as though I would die from the pleasure, from the heat that surged through my body.

Now, I clung on to the rock as he fingered me. Three of his fingers were already inside my ass, stroking my insides, and I moaned as he added a fourth. His tongue was licking the rim of my hole, and his hands were stroking my penis from behind. I felt so warm, so safe, as he made love to me.

Suddenly, his fingers pulled out of my ass, stroking the sensitive spots as they left. For a moment, I was confused – but then, a much larger object filled my insides.

"Nuugh!" I moaned, as the tip of Luke's penis entered my body. He was larger than my hole could take, and he both filled me and stretched me as he thrust. I was filled with him in his entirety, and contracted my muscles, squeezing his dick and drawing a moan of pleasure.

"I'm inside you, Perseus," he whispered into my ear, but I could barely hear him, only feel the truth of his words as I was more deeply penetrated. His manhood was stroking me so deeply inside, in parts that I never knew existed, with pleasure that I had never felt before.

I could hear the sound of his balls as they slapped against my ass, and his gentle moans of pleasure as he thrust inside me. Soon, he was completely inside me, and the tip of his penis was touching the most pleasurable point in my body.

He thrust in and out, stimulating my prostrate with every thrust. I felt the pleasure within me rise to a climax, and soon – the fire was escaping, burning my body as I ejaculated. My body convulsed in sheer pleasure, and my eyes rolled out of focus – a moment later, Luke came with me, spraying my innards with warm semen. I came against the rock, splashing it with sticky white fluid, as Luke gave me one final thrust. I felt at once, torn apart and perfect; in pain and in pleasure; burning-hot and icy-cold. Every muscle in my body contracted as I came, and the pleasure was unimaginable.

Finally, it was over, and the two of us collapsed next to each other. It was cold, and I curled next to Luke's warm chest. He put his arms around me, smiling. I felt safe and warm, as though nothing could ever harm me as long as I was with him.

"I love you," he whispered into my ear.

And then we fell asleep, next to each other, beneath the gentle light of the moon, and the evening stars that sparkled as we marked the end of innocence.

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