By Mathieu Leader

All Characters belong to Echiro Oda:

This Fanfiction contains original characters

Chapter One The Plight Of A Fishman:

Deep underwater the Red Line stood Fisher Tiger a muscular black barracuda with blond dreadlocks with green eyes.

He said in a deep voice "Whitebeard noble Emperor of the Sea, I want the slaves to be free from the tyranny of the slaves from the World Government, I ask your permission to breach the sea to free the innocent slaves like you did for us so many years ago"

The elderly figure of Whitebeard stood in a throne made of coral said boldly "I'm glad you are perusing a worthwhile endeavour Adventurer,"

He continued cautiously "Be Careful son, the World Government has forces greater for one man can withstand alone,"

Fisher Tiger said in a whisper "Jinbei come,"

The marble door opened a blue whale Fishman entered with a black Mohawk and dark brown eyes wearing a beige toga and said softly "Fisher Tiger why have you summoned me to the fortress of Emperor Whitebeard?"

Fisher Tiger said fearlessly "As a fellow knight of the sea we are sworn to stop injustice so will you aid me in my quest?"

Jinbei said "I will gladly assist you my liege,"

Then Jinbei shouted "Waterspout Surge!"

Jinbei swayed his hands and a waterspout appeared and swept Fisher Tiger and the waterspout whirled loudly as Fisher grinned as he saw the tops of the massive scarlet cliffs of the Red Line.

Fisher Tiger said loudly "Geppou,"

The barracuda Fishman flew in the air and landed on the soft scarlet cliffs.

He said darkly "Today, like my pops I will make the world shake in fear!"

Meanwhile deep below underwater a large bronze snail peered from the cave.

Its feelers pricked as the echoing sounds of the conversation by Fisher Tiger and Whitebeard entered the snail.

It blinked and went back inside the cave,

The erratic beeps from within the snail skimmed across the massive ocean to the icy island of Marineford which housed Marine HQ.

In a wooden room decorated with portraits of esteemed old marines.

An elderly woman with grey short hair with dark eyes dressed in a white cape emblazoned with the words justice in black.

She listened intently to the smaller bronze snail as she turned the gold dial with her grey silk gloves marked with the blue anchor symbol of the Marines. This smaller transponder snail received the words from Whitebeard's conversation, which happened a few moments ago.

The woman's face went pale and she ran across the hall the heavy thundering across the flagstone floor.

She pushed the wooden doors

Where a goat was chomping vigorously on some old yellowing issues of the Grand Line Times

In the centre of the room was a leather chair in it sat a man dressed in a brown pinstripe suit with glasses, and a big black afro with a braided beard who wore a white cap with a seagull precariously perched atop it.

The man looked concerned and said calmly "Is everything alright Vice-Admiral Tsuru?"

She said harassed in a cold Scottish accent "Fleet-Admiral Sengoku, as your deputy I've come here to some very distressing news the pirate Fisher Tiger is going to invade the Holy Land and free the slaves?"

Sengoku said angrily "I bet that bastard Whitebeard is behind this, I bet in the not so distant future we will be at war Tsuru with the so called Strongest Man in the Sea!"

Sengoku said darkly "Desperate times call for desperate measures, I hate to do this but the Buster Call is needed that will teach those who disobey the world and its peoples!"

Tsruru said desperately "I beg of you Sengoku, reconsider if we use the Buster Call innocent lives will be lost and the World Government will loose credibility and this will give ammunition to those rebel revolutionaries!"

Sengoku said grimly "What am I suppose to do Strategist?"

Tsuru said quietly "Send a fleet with one of the Three Admirals and if that does not work summon the Hero of the Marines to deal with him?"

Sengoku said coolly "Let's see if Garp is free after he did let the Son of the King of the Pirates live and hopefully he'll be a great marine as we planned,"

Sengoku rummaged in his pocket and got out a black snail and spoke hoarsely "Vice-Admiral Garp you are wanted to put a stop to rebel activities in the Holy Land?"

Meanwhile on a ship sat in a white hammock asleep was the huge figure of Vice-Admiral Garp snoring loudly with the hammock festooned with cream donuts.

The sound of heavy footsteps came and a burly nineteen year old with a blue bandana stamped with the words MARINE dressed in a blue cotton shirt with black trousers and sandals.

He smoked a cigar casually and shouted hoarsely "Fist! wake up this is urgently news from headquarters!"

The disgruntled marine awoke and shouted "Ensign Smoker, what is it you know not to wake me from one of my fifteen catnaps I have a day to retain my cat-like reflexes!"

Smoker said softly "Sengoku wants you to stop Fisher Tiger and the Revolutionaries,"

Garp said in a gruff growl "I guess I've napped enough and this will be a perfect time my apprentice to test out my nine lives in the battlefield,"

He laughed happily Bwa Bwa Bwha Bwaa!"

Then Garp bellowed "Set course for Mariejois ahoy!"

The ship set sail speeding across the waters

Vice-Admiral Garp said darkly "This is where we embark Smoker to test your resolve in the art of battle,"

Then the ship was tethered onto a jagged piece of coral,

Garp said boldly "Walk the gangplank with me Smoker Chan,"

Smoker's face went pale and said nervously "I have a Devil Fruit if I'll be wet my powers will be wiped away for good,"

They walked across the gangplank

Then suddenly metal oval platform appeared from underwater.

Garp said cheerily "See the World Government looks after its citizens,"

Smoker nodded,

Then the plucky pair went up the metallic staircases that lead to the red cliffs...

Then Fisher Tiger said in a hoarse voice "I'm dehydrated I must hydrate myself before I bake under the hot sun,"

Fisher Tiger: ran across the sweltering red dessert to a wooden Galleon with white sails blowing in the wind in the sand.

In the sand a wooden sign it read Pirates Oasis in bold letters and Fisher Tiger went inside into a large stone roomy bar with a roaring fire.

Tiger said down at a table where two green hooded figures stood drinking rum.

Tiger said nervously "Hello,"

The larger of the two figures took off their cloak off revealing a tanned large man with a purple afro with thick red lipstick and blue eyes dressed in a glittering silver sequin suit.

He said in a smooth dark voice "Oh they said back on Momoiro Island I would meet a tall dark stranger,"

He laughed coolly "Mfufu Mfu Mfufu,"

Fisher Tiger said angrily "Cut the crap queer, tell me why you and your friend are here!?"

The afro man boomed "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM I'M IVANKOV the stylish monarch of Okama!"

Fisher faltered "Sorry your majesty,"

Emperor Ivankov said softly "Now I and my good friend Dragon are here to liberate those unfortunates from the World Nobility who are cruel and unjust bitch bastards,"

The second figure said quietly "Fate has drawn us together Tiger to help us in the fight to come, what do you say to a partnership sir,"

Fisher Tiger said relieved "I need all the help I can get," he said drinking sweet ale that the second figure had given him.

A thunderous smash sounded the door was dismantled by a big intermediating man with a bushy grey beard with brown eyes.

He said loudly "I'm here to put a stop to this rebellion and freeing of the slaves so says I Vice-Admiral Garp!"

The second figure pulled down his green cloak he was a slender solemn figure with black spiky hair with dark eyes with red tribal symbols tattooed on the left side of his face.

He said curtly to the man "Father, Stop this I don't want to fight there are innocent people here,"

The man smiled and said mockingly "You've done well with the ladies son dating The King of Queens,"

The mans eyes narrowed and raised his hand and said coldly "There is an old saying that people said that love is like a hurricane and my love for you aptly matches that description, you'll be blown away by what I Monkey D. Dragon can do!"

A tremendous gust of wind burst from his hand and swept away the Vice-Admiral to the ground.

Garp said angrily with spittle flying from his bloody mouth to a small portable black transponder "We need reinforcements I have a fight on my hands,"

A cool swift voice came from outside and said "Hold on Garp let the Nicotine Man handle this,"

A burly man dressed in a blue cotton shirt with a blue bandana smiled and said "I'm going to suffocate this rebellion before it has a chance to spread to other people,"

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