By Mathieu Leader

This story does contain original characters:

All characters are created by Echiro Oda:

This Chapter is dedicated to Czar Lawerence the III whom I'm introducing his character Charlotte in this chapter:

Chapter Two Smoke on the Water:

The figure of Ensign Smoker, said darkly "White Snake," a grey white plume of smoke spiralled around his forearm and shot off his fist.

Emperor Ivankov said coldly "Queer Spin," and Ivankov spun around faster and faster legs flying in the air and hit Smoker

Smoker said in a rasping voice "Smokescreen,"

Smoker became enveloped in a thick white fog and Ivankov was enveloped in the fog and rasping.

Then Smoker removed his silver Jutte and slapped Ivankov and Ivankov became pale and decrepit.

Smoker said darkly "I took a lot of hot air out of you faggot,"

Fisher Tiger bellowed "Rage Rainfall!"

Water poured from Fisher's body forming a deluge and the deluge hit Smoker.

Smoker said breathlessly "Ouch,"

Smoker was burnt and unconscious and whimpering on the wooden floor.

Then Ivankov was revitalised and said cheerily "Thanks for saving me fish," Fisher Tiger blushed slightly

Then figure of Revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon reappeared in a white light he said proudly "You have proven to be worthy of being a revolutionary Tiger,"

Meanwhile the signal from Garp's transponder was working it's away to Marine HQ.

At Marine HQ the figure of Fleet-Admiral Sengoku sat eating his roast chicken with minted peas.

His small black snail transponder buzzed,

Sengoku said darkly "What is it Garp this better be important I'm having dinner,"

Garp's weary voice beckoned "We need a contingent of Marine Warships dispatched immediately Sengoku sir,"

Sengoku replied sternly "Aokjji ready the warships for battle,"

A tall man with frizzy black hair and dark eyes dressed in a purple suit with white shoes said calmly "Ok Sengoku Anarnara,"

Then he ran away,

Back on the Red Line in the inn known as the Pirates Oasis,

Fisher Tiger said yawning "I'm tired Dragon Chan,"

Dragon said coolly "Better get some shuteye friend for the hard day ahead,"

Together they slept on the wooden floor....

The distant call of a cockerel awoke them and the door opened an enormous dark skinned man with black ringlets, with a scruffy jet black goatee dressed in a brown leather jacket wearing a yellow shirt with rubber boots.

He had a blue parrot perched on his solider it squawked "Marshall, is this the place,"

He said in a thick baritone voice "This is the place,"

Fisher said alarmed "Blackbeard!"

He exclaimed in shocked "Fisher Tiger you actually made it onto Red Line soil Pops said you where planning to do it but I did not think you would do it!"

He said laughing "Zah Za Zha Zah, Fisher you are one crazy son of a bitch!"

Dragon said softly "It is good to meet a fellow believer in fate such as you Teach,"

Blackbeard said politely "Why thanks cousin, I hear you and your camp friend have put that arse Smoker in his place,"

Ivankov said annoyed "Why are you here then Blackbeard?"

Blackbeard grinned and gestured them to come outside

The Revolutionaries stared over the dessert into the horizon where on the ocean stood a big black mass of smoke and the distant sound of cannons being shot.

Blackbeard said grimly "There is smoke on the water,"

Fisher gasped "I guess if one defies the world the world's best come after you,"

Ivankov said tearfully "Truer words never spoken so beautifully,"

Blackbeard said coldly "Now we wait to see what fate has in store for us,"

Dragon said annoyed "Why are you here Teach?"

Blackbeard said proudly "Oh I've taken over Marco's position as Whitebeards right hand as he's hospitalised after our fight with that rude redhead, I scarred him for life,"

Blackbeard laughed coldly

Blackbeard said kindly "I came to help you guys out father Whitebeard did not want one of his sons slain by a bunch of melancholy marines,"

Then from the tavern came a tall blonde haired woman with a long jagged scar of her cheek with green eyes and red lips dressed in a brown cloak.

She said eagerly "So you're the cold blooded Fishman who incapacitated that youthful mariner,"

Fisher Tiger turned and said infuriated "This has nothing to do with you?"

The woman said softly "I'm Charlotte Belladonna,"

Blackbeard said darkly "The Thorny Rose of the West Blue,"

A man dressed in a gold suit with dark hair with a tanned unshaven face with a pair of amber tinted glasses ran across the sand.

The man shouted "Ape Aurora!"

The man was now transformed into a giant golden glowing gorilla made of light and jumped in the air and swung and hit Charlotte and Charlotte said softly "Blossom Blitz," a swarm of pink petals flew and attached themselves to the golden gorilla and the golden glow faded.

Suddenly the man's tanned face swelled and took on a purple reddish tinge and his eyes where filled with crusty pus.

He said happily "Ooh, I Admiral Borsalino is allergic to fearsome flora,"

Then the golden glow reappeared and he disappeared

Fisher said awed "You took on a Marine Admiral single handed?"

Charlotte replied curtly "I've had fights with many people but I want revenge on those tyrants in the World Government,"

Ivankov asked curiously "Why?"

Charlotte said sadly "Twenty two years ago, I was born to a World Noble and his maid but due to me being born out of wedlock I was an outcast sent to live in an orphanage and I was adopted by a gardener. I worked in the palace gardens and one day when my mother the gardener demanded to retire due to ill health my real father killed her,"

Charlotte continued feverishly "I went to the greenhouse where I found a Devil Fruit the Petal Petal fruit to be exact, which my mother nurtured as a gift to me in her will as she was very poor,"

She carried on coolly

"Then I consumed it and set off to become and pirate and I'm here to claim my birthright and change the world,"

Dragon interrupted

He said darkly "We'd better move from Dusty Village to the capital so we can make a start on liberating those who are slaves,"

Blackbeard's face went pale with fear as he saw a thin lanky teen who appeared to be seventeen in a black cape with a straw hat with red hair and four raw prominent scars on his left eye.

He said bitterly "Hello Marshall it is good to see you,"

Ivankov gasped "Red-Haired Shanks the Pirate Prince,"

Dragon said angrily "Cousin Marshall D. Teach is this redhead you spoke of attacking?"

Blackbeard gulped and nodded

Next Time Trust:

Will the band of Revolutionary Pirates trust Blackbeard the interim first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates?

Can the Pirate Prince Shanks trust Dragon.....

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