Disclaimer: While large chunks of the basic story and both Libby and Evie are my invention, the rest is borrowed from CBS and people who aren't me. No harm, no foul.

Written for the TalkCSI Nick Fic Song Challenge and (loosely!) inspired by Matt Nicholson's excellent "Who We Are", this ties into my other CSI stories, especially 'Red Rain' - there are some slight spoilers, but nothing that will completely blow any major plots! - and is a series of seven semi-linked vingettes/drabbles, named for the month/year it takes place in.

Many thanks to Smokey and the rest of the gang on TalkCSI for the feedback and help.

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January, 1989

The tiny bundle in his arms was the most precious thing Nick had ever seen.

Being the family baby himself, no one had ever trusted him with a baby this small before but this time around there hadn't been any other option. Somewhere else in the hospital the baby's mother - his sister-in-law - was undergoing a kill-or-cure operation and his parents were looking out for both her and his brother, who hadn't even seen his new baby daughter yet. Nick vaguely felt that wasn't quite right on Billy's part, but if his parents weren't going to raise it, he surely wasn't. Billy didn't really like him all that much at the best of times and these were far from being those.

That had left him - the almost eighteen-year-old runt of the family - in charge of a baby who hadn't even gotten so much as a name yet. So far, he'd watched her while she was asleep, calmed her when she'd woken crying and helped change one diaper. The nurse who'd helped him with that last had told him she'd be wanting her first feeding soon and she, the nurse, would bring a bottle for that. For now, though, as the sun rose on a brand new day the little girl was content to lie dozing in his arms, snug and warm in the shawl his mother had knitted for her.

She was so small and yet so absolutely perfect and Nick knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would do everything he could to look after her. Even if it meant giving up some of his free time and dropping some of his sports to do it. Poor soul wouldn't get anyone else's undivided attention until Diane was out of the woods - if she even made it that far, and that was far from certain.

"You'll have me," he promised softly. "I may just only be an uncle, but I'm gonna be here for when you need me."