"Get up, you lazy asshole." was the first thing Antonio heard when he woke up. He opened his eyes to see Lovino leaning over him, yanking the sheets off him.

"Mm, good morning to you too, Lovi~ Good to see that you're this energetic so early in the morning, you looked so exhausted last night that I thought you might be…" Antonio was cut off by a pillow thrown in his face.

"If you finish that sentence I'll kill you personally. And get up, you still have work to do." Lovino relentlessly pulled at the sheets.

"Aww, it's such a nice morning, just be quiet for a moment, Lovi." He put his arms around Lovino's waist and tugged slightly, but enough to cause Lovino to tumble into his arms on the bed. He closed his arms around Lovino's back and buried his head in his shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent of the Italian.

"You smell good, Lovi, did you just have a bath?"

"…Please remind me again why I am here instead of being at home with my brother now?"

"'Cause I was so nice to you last night!~"

"W-what the hell? You weren't supposed to say that, you promised me to forget about it!"

"I promised you that? Oh dear, I must have been suffering from selective memory loss from that pillow attack just now. Anyway, you were too cute that I couldn't resist~" Antonio closed his arms a little tighter, planting a kiss on a hickey on Lovino's shoulder.

"Stop using that patronizing tone with me! And stop calling me cute! Now get up before I throw something hot and boiling at you!" With a wrench Lovino tore himself away from Antonio and left the room, but not before Antonio caught sight of his rapidly reddening face.

Yes, it certainly was a lovely morning.

"Why do I have to cook for you when you're the one who invited me over for lunch?" Lovino grumbled as he stirred the pasta in the pot.

"Because I know Lovi's pasta is the best in the world~" Antonio gave a dazzling smile as he watched Lovino's face redden.

"Yeah, whatever." Lovino pretended to not hear the compliment, even though he might be tiny little bit pleased inside. "Here's your pasta." He set the two plates down on the table.

They ate their lunch in silence, but it wasn't awkward at all. Lovino wondered since when had their relationship became so natural, that they can feel each other's presence just by being together. No words are said, no words need to be said, they just have to be near each other, and their mere presence was a great source of comfort to each other.

Of course, this was the case for Lovino, even after all that had happened; he still wasn't sure whether Antonio felt the same way.

Tell me why, even though I'm so close to you, even though I'm right beside you, I still feel so uneasy and frustrated?
You have no idea how much it hurts me.

They had already finished their lunch but Lovino didn't make any movement to clear up the plates. He just sat there, head slightly bowed, silent and unmoving.

There's so much I wanna tell you, but where do I start?

"Don't ever do that again." He said suddenly, out of nowhere.

"Do what?" Antonio was clearly still out of the situation.

"…Leave me." He still remembered the helpless feeling of being abandoned, the sense of betrayal, and it had hurt so bad like he was going to die.

Because I'd been through it once, I don't want to go through it another time. Because sooner or later, this uncertainty is going to kill me, slowly, from the inside.
So tell me, tell me it's not like that, it's not what I think.

Antonio remained quiet, and for a moment Lovino thought that he had said the wrong thing. But he stole a glance at Antonio's face and saw that his expression was clearly apologetic.

"I'm really sorry. And I mean it. I'm not proud of what I had done, and I know nothing I say will change that fact, but I just want you to know that I'm really, really sorry. And you know that I love you."

If it was anybody else saying it, Lovino wouldn't even give a damn, he's just that sort of person, he doesn't trust people easily, and he never forgave anyone.

It's just an after effect, of being alone for too long.
But, I guess there's always a first.
Maybe it's not about the things you've done; it's that one sentence that changes everything.

And so, Antonio became the first person to be forgiven by Lovino.

I think I understand now.

After lunch it was time to go home. The Mediterranean sun was still bright and shining, and the rays felt like cotton on Lovino's skin, soft and warm. They were walking together, and out of habit, Lovino walked a short distance behind him.

When Lovino was still a kid, Antonio used to hold his hand and walk side by side. But Lovino noticed that, because of their height difference, Antonio will always bend down slightly so that Lovino wouldn't be too tired.

But what about you? Wouldn't you be tired too?

And from then on, Lovino made it a point to walk slightly behind him so that he wouldn't be able to hold his hand anymore. While they were walking, the sun would shine on the both of them, casting a shadow on the ground, and Lovino would shift his hand ever so slightly, so that the shadow of his hand would overlap the shadow of Antonio's hand.

It looks like we're holding hands, doesn't it?

But even so, the strange emptiness in his heart was hard to ignore, and Lovino made a silent wish that he could grow up faster.

Then we can walk side by side.

Maybe the day he grew up came faster than he expected, and before he knew it he had gained independence and he had to go back home to his brother.

Suddenly, a hand that appeared in his vision broke his train of thoughts. Lovino looked up to see Antonio smiling as he offered his hand.

Even if we can't be together, life like this isn't bad either. Lovino thought as he took the hand offered, and continued to walk together, side by side.

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