Another day started, and Tamaki was acting strangely. Well, stranger than he had been acting with his bomber jacket and unneeded glasses and all.

Haruhi didn't want to, but she felt obliged to ask the boy what was wrong, but when she did, he latched onto her, crying for a few minutes before saying that her class president wouldn't talk to him anymore and that Mori was his brother.

Wait, Mori was his brother?

Haruhi was so confused. She didn't know that Tamaki had a brother. Who the hell was Mori?

Suddenly the room echoed with a tinkling 'who' sound and everyone turned in shock to find that there had been a stoic senior in the room the entire time, holding a conspicuous pink rabbit. Haruhi wondered how she had never seen this boy before, but pushed it out of her mind because he was just so irrelevant to the plot.

But not today.

"Mori, my great friend!" Tamaki shouted, yes shouted. He did not talk like a normal person. He screamed. Totally awesome.

Mori, whoever he was, turned around in surprise. "Y-you noticed me!"

Tamaki laughed, hands on hips. "Of course I did, you're my brother! Mister class president said so!" There was silence for a moment before Hunny put up his hand.

"Is Mister Class President our new Mommy?" he asked, excitement filling his voice.

"Dont be silly," Tamaki chortled, "He never stopped being our mother!"

"Except for that time you shot him," Mori mumbled, but everything had gone back to normal and nobody cared anymore.


Yumi- Happy new y-

Bob- *shoots*

Yumi- ouch...sorry for lack of updates. I actually wrote this in July. I just haven't been on fanfiction much and forgot to post it. I'll try and upload things over the next week, but no promises.