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Chapter 1: Prelude of Despair

Veemon slowly opened his eyes, but he noticed something strange. He felt too dizzy to look, and after what seemed like several minutes, he opened his dreamy eyes and saw that he was tied up against a stone cross. Suddenly alert, he woke up and looked around, from what his reptilian eyes allow him to see, he was in the centre of a room made out of pure smooth and flawless obsidian like stone. The room was quite big, so big that he could not see the walls but the floor and ceiling. Other than the cross made out of the same material as the room which Veemon was tied against, the room was empty.

Veemon struggled vigorously to be free, the mysterious bands that were tied around his wrists and ankles were translucent and did not even seem corporeal, even so, they did not move even a tiny bit against Veemon's tenacious struggle.

Finally, he gave up and slumped down panting.

"Why struggle?" asked a voice, Veemon looked up and saw a figure walking out of the shadows of the corners of the room, Veemon cannot see another other than a dark shape, "Why struggle against yourself? It may have been good reason to seal you away but wiping your own memory to escape the guilt is just shameful." the voice was undoubtedly masculine, and it sounded so familiar to Veemon, but he never met this "one" before.

"Who are you? Why am I here? Where is this place?" Veemon asked desperately.

"Do you want to know?" the figure replied, "If you do then you would already know the answer."

"Stop speaking in riddles!"

The figure lifted his hand and opened his palm towards the cross. Black lightning burst through the cross and electrocuted Veemon.

"ARGHH!!!" Veemon cried out in pain, "Stop!!" he said, struggling to speak without biting his tongue with against the electric tremor, "Why are you doing this? AAAHHHH!!!"

"So you truly don't know... I am sad to hear that." the figure did not stop the torture, but spoke in a ever so calm tone, "This is going to be a whole lot harder than I thought."

The ethereal bands around Veemon's limbs disappeared and dropped him hard against the floor. He is grateful that the electrocution has stopped, but the mind-breaking pain has not yet subsided and he could not stop shaking. The figure walked towards Veemon.

"Look at you, so weak and vulnerable, lying by my feet at my mercy." the figure said, with a tint of pity in his voice, "Where did you go?" Veemon watched in horror as a long pale blade appeared from the figures sleeve, it was a ceremonial blade, decorated to the extreme with digi-gems, with beautiful digi-runes carved into the flat of the blade.

"This is but the first steps we will need to take, my friend." the figure lifted the blade up with the tip pointing downward towards Veemon. "It is step beyond rational possibility, but a step we must take never the less."

Veemon tried to get up, but his body was drained of strength, he couldn't move at all. All he could do was watch in horror as the shadowy figure brought the sharp blade down upon his chest.


"HELP ME!!!" Veemon shouted as he suddenly shot out of Davis's bed, scaring the hell out of Davis. Sweat drops the size of almond nuts dropped from his head, and when he realized that it was all just a bad dream, he was ashamed to find out that he was crying too.

"JEEZ!!! Veemon!!!" Davis exclaimed, he put his hand on Veemon's head and said, "What kind of dream could scare you like this? You are sweating like you have been running for miles non-stop!"

"I'm sorry, Davis." Said Veemon, panting.

"There is no need to be sorry, but I have never seen you jump out of your bed because of a nightmare before."

"OK, basically, I dreamt of being tortured and executed by this guy who don't even talk normally."

"Ish... freaky."

"It is not the first time I dreamt of someone killing me, but the helplessness I felt." Veemon was surprised he can remember the dream so clearly. "And the loneliness and sorrow I felt in the room, it was so depressing."

"Are you sure you are OK? Want some milk or something?"

"It's OK. It's just, the pain... it felt so real." Veemon was still quite shaken, he touched his chest, and let out a breath of relief as there wasn't a hole or gash there or something, he looked down, and choked on that breath he just let out when he saw bruised marks around his wrist and ankles. "Actually no, I'm not OK. I will go and stay at the living room, so I don't keep you awake."

Davis looked at the clock with sleepy eyes, it was 5:40 in the morning, "I will be getting up in about two hours, so I'm not that bothered, but if you need me, just tap on the door."

"Thanks, Davis." Veemon walked out of the room and laid down on the sofa, he looked at the marks on his wrists again, and he didn't dare to close his eyes. He sat there for half an hour just thinking about the dream, then sleep slowly took its toll on him.

Veemon lay on the many cushions on the sofa, comfortably asleep. The moonshine from the windows gave his blue skin a glowing tint: a beautiful shine, yet an ominous looking shade.

Kind of spoils it a bit but being a reader, we all know that it was more than just a normal nightmare.

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