Wolf Brother: What really happened

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Author's note

Hey everyone!

I wrote this story with a little help from my friend neddingtonanime1, and we both hope that you enjoy it! Please note that it can be a little disgusting at times (not in a lovey-dovey way). Also, this is not a serious novel, and that is why the chapters are so short.

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Chapter 1

The teddy bear lay on the floor staring vacantly at the sky. How my best friend was capable of such evil, I did not know, but it was still his fault that Fa was now lying on the floor, shaking. Tears fell from his grinning face, and his chest rose and fell with merriment.

"Fa? How? What happened?"

"I. Tripped. Over. Your. Teddy!" He said in between puffs of laughter. Laughter of pain of course: my father cried whenever he was happy and laughed whenever he was in pain, like everyone else I knew (Teddy).

Fa screamed as I accidentally stabbed him with my knife (which I was using to apply the death marks).

"See? It's all better now!" His face was grim, his chest still heaving, he looked so much better than he had been a few seconds ago.

The oil dripped from my greasy hair onto his clothes as I packed my stuff and prepared myself to leave.

"Wait! Torak! Remember your guide will find you!" I raised an eyebrow (well I tried to, but the other one rose as well). I waited for him though. I wasn't even allowed to get food (whenever I asked, he stayed silent). After a few weeks of no food or drink, I decided to leave.

"Bye, Fa, I have to go now, I can't wait for you any longer, you'll have to catch up later." I unintentionally kicked him as I left. He didn't even grunt.

"Are you blanking me?" He said nothing. I kicked him again and ran off, crying.

I ran for a day straight, and ate whenever I was hungry. My foot provided a large supply of edible stuff: mould.

I sat down, panting. Fa's spirit had been chasing me all day. Moving from tree to tree, it could follow me quite easily. It had nearly caught me too, a few times. But that was only because I had crashed into a tree. The memory was vivid, the leaf had lashed at me constantly for one minute. The leaf that Fa had possessed. I shook my head sadly.

'Argh, I'm hungry' I thought, so I pulled up my foot and licked it, grateful for the pus that quenched my thirst. It was a delicious meal, my fith one of that hour. I had had breakfast at the crack of dawn, immediately followed by lunch, tea, snack, nibbles and dinner (the meal I had just eaten).

'Torak! That's not five meals! It's three!' My brain told me. I thanked it and started on my dessert (some mud I had picked up).