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Furface x

Chapter 7

It had been several weeks since Fa had blanked me. Even so, just the thought of this terrible tragedy made my face contort with grief.

"Torak!" Screamed Renn, "Why do you look so constipated?"

In my inner pain I ignored her. My eyes fell on Wolf who was drowning in a puddle.

"Wolf!" I cried, and slithered towards the puddle on my belly. Unsheathing my knife, I grabbed Wolf's tail and tried to cut him free of the water. My flailing hand missed the puddle and I stuck the knife into my wrist instead.

"Oh well," I said to myself, "Now I have a new storage place for my knife!"

Wolf looked at me nonchalantly stepped over my bloody hand, and squashed my head into the mud instead.

Suddenly, I could not breathe. I needed air.

But then, covered in brown muck, I saw it. Two white eyes were staring at me.

"THE NANUAK!" I thought, and I reached out with my hand to grab the slimy thing. I held it tight in my hand.

But...It was so far to the surface, maybe a few millimeters or two. I moved up agonizingly slowly. It seemed to take hours, days, weeks even. My lung were bursting for air. I had no hope. But then Renn grabbed me by the hair and out of the deathly puddle. But my hair was so slippery with grease that she let go and I collapsed onto the ground.

Then my attention turned to the thing in my hand.

It was small and slimy, and it glistened with mud The odor that came from it was so floral and sweet that it made my eyes water with happiness.

"OMFG!" Screamed Renn at the top of her lungs.

"What?" asked Torak.

"It's a fish." She said, "It's exactly as the ancient poem says:

Slimy and dead, and smells like a flower,

Yellow and withered, and tastes kind of sour

So dirty and oily it will make you cower."

After a few moments of thinking, she added, "So, there are 10 nanuak. We need to find them all or we will all die from the wrath of the bear! Got it?"

"Yes." Nodded Torak knowingly. And swallowed the fish, he needed to keep it safe. Or else.