Takes place after 3.07

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Chuck stares at his converses,as if he's in a trance.

"Time to change the shoes?" He thinks to himself. "No."

Satisfied with his answer he continues to stare into space until his brown eyes blur, Hannah approaches the desk.

"Hey Chuck." She says in her usual happy, upbeat tone.

'Hey Hannah,where've you been honey?" He glances at his watch and sees that she is over half an hour late

"Its not like me but,I couldn't get up." She ducked her head in shame.

"Aww....come here you!" He pulls her to him,and wraps his arms around her and she lays her head on his chest, in the corner of his eye Chuck spots Morgan standing there like a lemon,his lips parted and his eyes transfixed on Chuck and Hannah,Chuck quickly dismisses Hannah and babbles something about having work to do.

He walks over to Morgan (who is still standing there).

"Whats up buddy?" Chuck asks him, cocking his head to one side.

"I, uh erm.." Morgan thinks about it,and decides against telling the truth. "I j-just saw you guys together and I thought of Anna, but life goes on, right?" He wandered off, and he cursed at himself for not telling Chuck the real truth, that he had feelings for Hannah, so what if she liked classical music and was way out of his league, if Chuck could get her so could he.

Chuck let his mind wander from Morgan and he watched Hannah replacing the CPU in somebody's computer, he let out a deep sigh , how often can you find a woman who is smart, plays video games and is also extremely beautiful? Lucky me, he thought.

Just then Casey was making his way to him,and and handed him and stack of paper and said in hushed tones " Hey Numnuts, tell me if you flash on any of these papers , okay? We are trying to find out the current whereabouts of a highly dangerous terrorist Cajan Tusmall,go down to Castle and read it through."

It seemed not negociable,so Chuck nodded and headed to the Castle via the Home Theatre Room.

As he came in Sarah heard and jerked her head up and when she saw him she sighed and put her head back down, try as she might she couldn't get Chuck out of her head, she was trying with Shaw she really was, but everytime she saw Chuck with Hannah it made her skin crawl, she was good at hiding her emotions like any spy but it was just getting harder and harder, she knew her and Chuck were complicated and they could probably never be but it didn't mean anyone else could have him did it?

Chuck walked into the room where Sarah was and he nodded sheepishly at her and pointed to the stack of papers in his hand and did a half smile that he did when he was nervous which Sarah picked up on. "Damn." He thought. "I thought I was over this."

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