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The love of my life had left me as human, short after newborn vampires bit me and left me in the forest. I changed. So here I was after ten years, sitting in my bedroom in the castle in Volterra, my home. Aro was like a father figure to me, his mate Sulpicia was my mother. Santiago, Alec, Demetri and Felix were my closest brothers. Jane and Heidi were the closest of my sisters. Then there was Chelsea, Afton, Corin and Renata, Didyme and Marcus my aunt and uncle, also mates and Caius and Athendora also my aunt and uncle and mates.

Aro has almost translucent skin, and one could compare to onion skin. His hair is very long and jet black. When he moves, it appears as though he's floating. His eyes used to be a milky red colour that has a tendency to unsettle people. This red is also due to his diet on human blood. His eye colour changed with his diet as had everyone else's. As the leader of the Volturi, Aro is exceptionally talented. Being vampiric, Aro is blessed with superhuman strength and speed, vastly enhanced senses and immortality. Aro also possesses the supernatural ability of tactile telepathy, an ability allowing him to read minds; his ability is far more powerful than Edward Cullen's because he is capable of hearing every thought a person has ever had. However, his powers are limited since he requires physical contact and cannot read minds from a distance.

Athendora, Sulpicia and Didyme were all fair-hair and powdery skin and filmed eyes, until the change of the diet when their eyes turned golden.

Caius has very pale skin that is almost translucent. It is similar to onion skin. His hair is shoulder length, and white. It is very close to his skin tone. Caius had no special ability.

Marcus has very pale skin that is almost translucent. His hair is shoulder length and dark brown. Marcus has the ability to recognize relationships.

Jane is tiny with lank, pale brown hair trimmed semi short and pale skin to match it. She has a rather slim and androgynous figure. She has a face that is both angelic and fiercely childlike, and lovely when animated. She has wide eyes, full lips, and a childlike voice. Jane is known throughout the vampire world, along with her twin, Alec, for her ability. Jane has the ability to create an illusion of pain on her victims. When Jane inflicts torture on her victim, it physically does nothing to them, as Jane only has the ability to trick the mind into thinking there is pain. Jane can control how much pain she inflicts on her victim. The pain that Jane inflicts is described as being like "burning" inside of the victim. Jane cannot use her power on Bella, even when Bella is human. The reason for this is that Bella can block out a person's mental ability, as witnessed by Edward's inability to read her mind. Her ability is considered strong enough to incapacitate someone into a helpless target. But, unlike her twin brother Alec, who can use his powers on many people at the same time, she can only use her powers on the one object of her focus. Setting her special ability aside, Jane possesses common vampiric abilities too, such as granite-hard skin, razor sharp and strong teeth, sharp senses, speed, strength, agility, inhumane beauty, and immortality.

Alec looks a lot like his sister, having pale skin and golden eyes, though his lips that aren't as full as his sister Jane's, and he has darker brown hair. But, he is just as small as she is in height, as he was changed when he was very young, Alec is as angelic and beautiful as his sister. Alec has an extremely powerful gift which is equally powerful as his twin Jane's. He has the ability to cut off a person's senses. He can make them blind, deaf, and numb to any feeling if he wishes to. When he uses his gift, it appears in the form of a shimmering hazy mist. Unlike Jane's power, Alec can cut off a multiple number of people's senses while Jane can only inflict her power on only one person in her focus. Also, Jane's power works immediately while Alec's takes time to creep up. Alec and Jane are believed to be the most powerful, or one of the most powerful vampires in the world, due to their amazing offensive gifts. It is currently unknown if Jane and Alec are skilled at fighting, without the use of their gifts. However, they have been alive for many centuries, and been with the Volturi for the same amount of time, it is sure that they would have picked up some good skills throughout their lifetime. Other than Alec's special talent, he has common vampiric abilities, such as extreme speed, sharp senses, granite-hard skin, agility and strength.

Demetri has an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, and dark hair that reaches his shoulders. He is tall and lean. He is perceived as being very polite. His special ability is tracking. He catches the "tenor" of a person's thoughts, and is drawn to it. He is said to be the greatest tracker in the world.

Felix has an olive complexion which looks odd combined with his chalky skin. He also has short, cropped, black hair. He is very big, tall, and thick. He is not gifted, unlike most of the Volturi. He is kept in the guard because of his immense strength due to his physicality. He also is a fighter. Felix is probably the most powerful vampire, physically speaking, in the Volturi Guard, if not the world.

Heidi is gorgeous and statuesque with long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs. Like all other vampires, Heidi has common abilities such as inhuman beauty, strength, speed, agility, granite-hard skin, sharp senses and strong, razor-sharp teeth, and immortality. Heidi also has a special ability she creates illusions of desire and lures people to do as she wishes.

Aro taught me about mythical creatures, not only about the traits of vampires, but also describing in detail werewolves, fairies, witches, and shape shifters. I was eager to learn about the tribe of shape-shifter wolves in La Push, America, some of my best friends being shape-shifters there. I was surprised to find out about another tribe in Africa that could shift into lions.

Marcus and Caius taught me about literature, expanding on my already strong interest in classics by showing me their favourite novels of all time, and telling me real life stories about some of the authors. They also both had a passion for chess, which I quickly picked up. They were only too happy to teach me, and I was soon developing my own tactics and strategies until I occasionally beat one of them.

Didyme quickly discovered my love of music, and taught me to play the harp, which I quickly came to love. She also found her favourite music throughout the last millennium, and with her guidance I developed my taste in music.

Jane taught me about technology, especially mobile phones and computers, to the point where I could hack into any government agency, or secret service in the world.

Alec's enthusiasm for history made him my geography and history teacher, and I quickly learned all I could about different countries throughout the ages, learning their languages as well and extracting promises from all ten vampires that they would take me to visit some of my favourite countries.

Heidi taught me maths, surprising me with her passion for formulas, which contradicted her supermodel appearance.

Sulpicia was also surprising, her interest was science, and she was an excellent teacher, always allowing me to do fun experiments.

Santiago taught me about mechanical things, and I quickly mirrored his passion for cars, learning all I could about current cars and cars throughout history, as well as engines etc. I had already had Santiago teach me to drive and he helped me pass my driving test with ease.

I quickly got used to being shadowed everywhere by Felix and Demetri, although I regularly apologised for having to have them follow me everywhere, I imagined that it would be an incredibly boring thing to do every day. But they assured me that it was the most interesting thing they had done in years.

They taught me to fight, which I found incredibly fun.

I had several trademarks: my ¾ inch wide, 24ct white gold cuff bracelet engraved with a pattern of ten freesias linked with lavender sprigs. At the centre of each freesia a clear ½ ct diamond was embedded. The freesias and lavender represented me, and was because to them my scent smelt like a combination of both flowers. The twelve diamonds represented each member of my vampire family, for their durability, and because, like diamonds, they sparkled in the sun. Then there was my necklace it was an intricate design of a golden rose that sat on top of the blade of a dagger. It sat in between my collarbone and was held around my neck by a thin white gold necklace. Every member has one much like it, but instead of a gold rose like mine, they have a black one.

Now that I lived in the castle, Felix and Demetri decided that I had time to spare, so they taught me how to play different games on the multiple gaming systems they had had installed in my room. I have to admit I enjoyed competing against them at Mario Karts and Halo a lot more than I let on, and it was amusing to watch two vampires who were centuries old pout at me when they lost.

I was Princess of Volterra but also leader of the Volturi Guard, my gift was to take on any gift of any vampire I came across, I need no more than a few second within 30ft and I had their gift duplicated.

Some of my favourite gifts: I can control fire, earth, water, and my favourite is air because with air comes gravity so I can move things around with my mind.

Then I am able to do this supper cool one that comes in handy sometimes where I just picture an outfit, makeup, and hair and then snap my fingers and it's on me. My favourite is looking into someone's eyes and making them do anything I want.

I can also turn invisible and teleport. It's fun because I can scare my father Aro and my uncles Caius and Marcus.

I am also the most beautiful vampire ever. Every guy wants me and every girl wants to be me but I don't date. My hair goes down to my back, my features are way better than before, I have curves that an angel would have, and my golden eyes went perfect with my now golden eyelashes.