I took off my long robe and looked down to my mangled arms, legs, shoulders and chest. I was not doubt worse for wear than Jasper. We, Caius, Athendora and I, had attempted to count them once – no such luck. There were so many, there were crescent shaped scars on top of more crescent shaped scars, and the occasional wolf-bite scar. I was ugly. I was ruined. My wolf scars were probably the worst. They weren't just a slightly raised bump; they were ugly pink, shredded bits of skin.

Demetri and Felix burst through the door and stopped in shock, staring at me.

"BELLA!" Demetri was first to recover.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" Felix roared.

"Shut up" I told them firmly. "They're from when we were in Iraq. I killed twenty on my own but a few attacked me. Then one of yours attacked from the side, Caius got me out and I healed quickly, you know I heal faster than you guys.

"Caius gave me strict orders not to take off my robe so I didn't. Athendora tried healing them it didn't work, instead she gave me a kind of makeup to cover them. Later I went to see the wolves, it was the first time since I'd been changed and they didn't recognize me, so they attacked. They don't know about the scars either" I explained quickly. "The only ones that know are Aro, Caius, Marcus, Sulpicia, Athendora and Didyme."

"We're going back to the castle" Felix said decidedly.

I was about to protest but saw the look of sheer determination on his face and nodded. I grabbed my robe and put it on. We headed for the cars the boys carrying any shopping the girls had bought. I kept my head down during the entire car- and plane ride.

"Aro, Caius, Marcus, care to explain?" Felix boomed as he held my hand and towed me along.

"I'm sorry, masters, I wasn't careful enough" I whispered.

"Hey" Aro said gently enveloping me in a warm hug. He let Sulpicia take me and I cried as she hugged me. I was the only vampire capable of crying.

She sat down on the steps in front of the thrones and hugged me tighter, Athendora and Didyme came too. "It's fine. They would have to find out eventually, better sooner than later" Didyme said gently. She was working her magic; her power is to make people happy.

I smiled my thanks and sat up. I saw the tor looks on everyone's faces.

If they were human, I'm sure Emmett, Edward, Felix, Demetri, Alec, Afton, Corin and Santiago would be red with rage and a low rumble sounded through their chests. Jasper looked awed at the sheer amount of scars I had. He was used to seeing a lot of them on his own skin but the ones on mine far exceeded his but there was anger clear in his eyes.

Esme covered her mouth with one of her hands, looking as if she would be in tears if she could. Carlisle tried to keep a straight face, but he had tensed and his eyes were darkened and boiling with fury.

Alice, Rosalie, Chelsea, Heidi, Renata and Jane had the same reactions. As Alice looked up from her hands, her eyes became filled with pity and distress as did Rosalie's. They both buried their faces into their mate's chests. Chelsea too burrowed her head into Afton's chest, Jane into her brothers, Renata into Corin's and Heidi into Santiago's.

As it was the wolves were red with rage, the fury that flashed in their eyes was vicious and deadly but several of them also looked guilty at the same time. They were shaking with anger and all of a sudden there were ten wolves standing in our throne room.

I stood and quickly hugged them. I went over to Quil and Embry, "Stop feeling guilty, you followed your instincts. It's okay," they didn't seem convinced but a little calmer. I went over to Jacob, "And you... you only followed instincts I crossed the border. I'm sorry, but you have to stop blaming yourself" I told him firmly. He too didn't seem convinced but calmer.

I turned to the girls and said, "Its fine, Athendora's makeup is wondrous. And they don't hurt" they seemed slightly better knowing this.

"Now to you" I said turning to the boys. "I am perfectly fine. Demetri, Felix, Alec, there is nothing you could have done to prevent it. He escaped you and Caius killed him, and then I went to the wolves. I'm to blame not you. I knew the risk I was taking by going out there" I told them. "Don't you dare blame anyone but me..."

They nodded, heads hanging low.

"I want to hear nothing about it anymore. Otherwise, I'm leaving" I said firmly.

Their heads shot up and I heard their thoughts,

She can't do that! – Alice

I already lost her once – Edward

NO! I am not losing my little sister again– Emmett

She is completely serious – Jasper

Please don't, Belle – Jane

You can't just leave – Alec

There rest had similar thoughts apart from Felix, Kevin and Trevor their thoughts were interesting,

Maybe she could live with us – Trevor

She loves her family; we can't separate them again – Kevin

She can't leave, no way. Baby, you are not leaving, please don't you can't do that to me. I'd burn myself – Felix

"Trevor, Kevin, FELIX!" I exclaimed. "I would consider it, Trevor. Kev, you have nothing to do with the first time it happened. And Felix, don't even consider doing that!"

"What?" Aro asked smiling smugly.

"Trevor says I could live with them. Kev says I love my family, they can't separate me again. And Felix says he'll burn himself if I leave" I explained.

At this Aro, Marcus and Caius were smiling smugly, this already confused me but what confused me to no end was Sulpicia, Didyme and Athendora smiling fondly. Suddenly everyone was laughing, the wolves, the Volturi only the Cullen's weren't.

"Okay, what the hell are you laughing at?" I asked.

"Bella, they are extremely happy" Jasper said.

"I know" I said, I looked at Felix only to find he was gone. I sighed and left the throne room, I listened intently and heard his breathing in from his bedroom.

I quickly headed to his bedroom and snuck in. He sat on his bed, back turned to me staring out the window.

"What do you want?" he asked sounding pretty pissed.

I was taken aback, Felix was never one to show if he was in a bad mood especially not to me, "For someone to tell me what's going on" I said cautiously.

"Ask someone else" Felix said keeping his back to me.

"I don't want to ask someone else, I want you to tell me... Fee, what's wrong?" I asked reaching out to put my hand on his shoulder, I felt him tense, his muscles flexing underneath my hand.

"You weren't meant to find out" he said still not meeting my gaze.

"Find what out?" I asked confused. I sat down next to him.

"They didn't tell you?" he asked surprise evident in his voice.

"Fee, tell me what? Please" I begged.

"Come on" he said getting up and taking my hand, tugging me to the window. We jumped out and ran into the forest, he led me deeper, further away from the castle. Finally we stopped and he turned to me, the entire time holding my hand.

"Felix, what is going on?!" I exclaimed.

Suddenly he tugged on my hand making me step closer. He reached up to my neck with his other hand and pulled my lips to his.

His lips were rough on mine as he fought for control...of himself and me. In just a moment, his lips began to soften against mine and he felt me open and he knew the moment I began to participate fully in the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and holding him close. He couldn't hold in the groan that erupted from him as he felt my warm lips tug at his own.

Allowing my tongue to slide out, I pulled at his bottom lip and laved it with a gentle swipe. He became incredibly still for just a moment and I thought I'd done something wrong...something he didn't want.

And then, he growled, as he pushed me back against a tree. I jumped up so my legs were around his waist. Our tongues massaged and danced with each other as my fingers twirled around in his hair. His hands moved from my waist to my thighs as to support my position.

We kissed like that, for who knows how long, then I pulled my mouth away from his. Having lost contact to my lips he began trailing kisses down my neck.

"Felix? What did you want to tell me?" I asked breathlessly.

"That I love you and I was jealous when Cullen came here. Everyone knows but we weren't gonna tell you 'cause you love Cullen" he replied between kisses. He still managed to say Cullen with disgust.

"Jealous? Of Edward?" I laughed.

He looked up at me suddenly, wondering why I was laughing.

"Edward left me... of course I can forgive him and his family but I could never love him as much as I love you now. Maybe a long time ago... just not anymore" I smiled. The smile on his face was breathtaking; he looked beautiful, so utterly happy.

"Repeat that please?" Felix said.

"What?" I asked teasingly, knowing full out what he meant, he looked at me pleadingly, "I love you" I laughed. I don't think he'd ever smiled that much in one day. I loosened my legs and dropped to the ground.

"Come on, we have to get back" I said turning back towards the castle.

"Wait" he grabbed my arm and he turned me so I was facing him, "I need this first." He took me by the neck and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. It was hot and frenzied at the same time. I returned his passion with my own and he smiled under my lips and ran his hand down my arm to take my hand and we ran back to the castle.