I Think My Boyfriend is Cheating on Me


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"Email or instant messaging"

Chapter One: Assumptions

Sakura thought she had it all. Perfect looks and the perfect job were just the beginning. So, why didn't she have her perfect boyfriend? Well, that's what she used to think until it actually came true he final year in high school.

Sasuke Uchiha, the epitome of perfection, had asked her on a date about halfway through the school year. The young Uchiha was the most popular boy in school and in a way she was the most popular girl in school. So, not too many people were surprised when they came to school holding hands.

Not only did she have this super sexy boy on her arm, but he was the object of her crush since middle school. She almost fainted when they kissed for the first time. With his tall, lean body and absolutely cool looks, who wouldn't? As far as Sakura knew, even some guys had turned gay after laying eyes upon the hot teen and some lesbian girls turned straight too. That's the thing about Uchihas. They turn gay girls straight and straight boys gay.

But anyway, Sakura has been on cloud nine ever since. Now, the two were living together and Sakura was eagerly waiting to be proposed to. He hasn't done it yet, but she was positive he would soon. I mean who wouldn't right?

Sakura was currently slipping in to her little black dress for her date with Sasuke tonight. Apparently, this was very important for Sasuke's company and she had to look absolutely perfect. She brushed her pink hair and adjusted her make up for the fifth time in the past hour. It wasn't until the Sasuke yelled for her to come on that she deemed her self ready to leave.

She made her way down stairs and found Sasuke looking expressionlessly at his Rowlex. He was wearing a really nice black suit.

"Finally." He said in his business voice. He had been using that tone with her for a while now. Sakura just passed it off as nervousness.

"Sorry my make up wasn't done." She explained. Sasuke rolled his eyes and was out of the door the next second. Sakura followed suit.

Next day…

Personally, Sasuke hated Sakura. He only dated her because his parents wanted it, but since they are dead, there's nothing really stopping Sasuke from dumping the bitch and focusing his attention on his affair.

Yes, Sasuke Uchiha was cheating on his girlfriend with someone else. That someone else just so happened to be, Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke had to admit he had feelings for the man even back in high school.

Naruto didn't come from a respected family like just about everyone else at the school. In fact Naruto had no recollection of his family whatsoever. And because of it, he was picked on and bullied. But despite all of that, Naruto always wore a smile and he never gave up.

Which is another reason why Sasuke hates Sakura so much. She was one of the main people doing the bullying on his precious blonde.

Naruto was everything Sasuke could ever ask for in a partner. Blonde hair and striking big, blue eyes that were only made more beautiful by the perfectly smooth tan skin. Sasuke often found himself wondering how far said tan actually went. Of course he found out the very first day they met at a job interview.

Sasuke was looking for someone to handle all his advertisements and stuff like that. He needed someone creative, who he could stand to be around for more than five minutes. Sakura had wanted the job, but Sasuke declined almost immediately. His excuse, he didn't want the temptation in his office. That wasn't a complete lie though. He didn't want the temptation to decapitate the woman and get thrown in jail. To bad Sakura took it as Sasuke not wanting the temptation to ravish her and have heated office sex. Sasuke could swear that Sakura was more sex driven then he was and that was saying something.

Besides he preffered heated office sex with Naruto anyway. Well considering Naruto was a million times better in bed (or in this case on desk) than Sakura, it only seemed natural.

Anyway, Sasuke was currently at his laptop instant messaging Naruto, who had been at the dinner party last night. Sasuke was finding it really hard not to just go over to the blonde's house and fuck him into the bed, but he really didn't want Sakura to wake up and call him as soon as she realized he was gone.

"Teme when are you coming over?"-Naru

"After Sakura wakes up… Why?"-Sasu

"Because I'm kind of lonely." –Naru

"Well you are going to have to wait, Na-ru-chan" –Sasu

"You are such a teme" -Naru

"And you, my adorable fuckable uke, are such a dobe" –Sasu

"Don't call me dobe, teme!" –Naru

Sasuke chuckled out loud at his lover's antics. He hadn't realized that Sakura had woken up.

"Sasuke-kun, what's so funny?" she said rubbing her eyes. Sasuke, who was caught of guard by this question, nearly choked.

"Nothing just an email Naruto sent me." Sasuke kind of lied there too.

"Oh really. Let me read it." She said getting her hopes up.

"No" Her hopes were crushed.

"Sakura's up. See you in 20" –Sasu

"Don't be late. Te-me" –Naru

Naruto Uzumaki has signed out.

Sasuke Uchiha has signed out.

Sasuke turned off his laptop and put it in his laptop case. He turned to Sakura, who was pouting, on the bed. This had no effect on Sasuke for the only person who could pout and be cute, as far as Sasuke was concerned, was Naruto.

"Going out. Be back later" Sasuke said. Well it was more like he said in such a tone that Sakura couldn't possibly protest. It was the same tone he used when telling a maid what to do.

"Okay don't be gone to long." She replied. In truth she didn't want him to go where ever the hell he was going, but wanted him to stay with her.

"Hn" he said as he left there bedroom. Sakura turned in bed and looked out the window. She saw Sasuke exit the house on his cell phone. After a few words he hung up and what surprised Sakura the most was that he was laughing about something. Sasuke almost never expressed emotions. Who on earth could possibly make the Uchiha mask come off? Sakura suddenly felt like crying. There was the possibility that her boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha, was cheating on her.

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