I Think My Boyfriend is Cheating

Chapter 5: The Facts

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I Think my Boyfriend is Cheating

Chapter 5

The Facts


"Just who am I trying to convince?" The blonde said to no one. He sighed once again before taking a sip of the warm tea. He smiled at the minty and citrus taste of the tea. It really calmed him down and he could feel his worries sort of lift away like a feather blown by the wind. His peaceful atmosphere was interrupted by a knock on the door.

He got up from his seat and walked to the door. He opened it and azure orbs widened in shock.

"Sa-" he didn't get to finish because just then his senses decided to give up on him.


"Sa-" Naruto started to say before a pair of lips crashed down on his own. Something about this kiss was different than all the other ones he and Sasuke shared. It's difficult to put into words, but the way the raven's lips moved across is own was that of a man no longer has anything holding him back. The feeling and passion behind the kiss was there before, but it was never like this. The blonde noticed that after that realization his body began to get heated and his senses decided now would be a great time to stop functioning correctly.

Much to either males disappointment the kiss ended as quickly as it had started for the need for air became the forefront of their minds. Onyx met blue. In that instance everything became apparent.

Sasuke ended it with Sakura.

The two could officially be together with nothing holding them back.

"Sasuke..." Naruto said huskily. His voice laced with sudden lust and need. Said raven would gladly give in.

"Naruto...I finally did it." Even though the younger male already knew, Sasuke still felt he need to say it. "We can finally be together."

With that the two locked lips together once again.


Lemon (hopefully this will be better than my other one. I've been practicing.)


The two lovers lay intertwined completely naked, their lips connected in a passionate kiss filled with both love and lust, on the bed they would now share. The pale one on top completely dominated the tan one beneath him. Not that it mattered. The only thing either of them thought at this moment was simply: 'Finally.'

The two eventually had to break apart as once again their lungs needed air to function. A thing string of saliva connected their mouths before breaking.

"Sasuke." The blonde said breathlessly. Oh how he loved this man. The dark haired male said nothing as his kissed Naruto's chin, heading down his neck and eventually arriving at his uke's chess.

He took the left nub in his mouth while pinching the right. He gently scraped his teeth across it, then sucked on it lightly as if in apology. Shortly thereafter he switched to the right giving it the same treatment.

Meanwhile, Naruto released several mewls of pleasure and a deep vibration came from his chest reminding Sasuke of a cat purring. Whether that really was the sound he made we will never know, but who really cares about that, ne?

Sasuke trailed butterfly kissed back up to his lover's mouth where he once again "swapped spit" with the younger male. Said blonde arched his back at the touch and kiss causing both of their members to rub against each other. Both moaned loudly. Tan hands intertwined with raven locks deepening the kiss.

The CEO returned to trailing kisses down his lover's body leaving not a single sensitive area untouched. In what seemed like an eternity he finally made it to that which makes Naruto a man. Sasuke blew cold air on the tip bringing it pretty close to attention. He kissed down the length and sucked lightly on the blonde's balls when he got to them.

"Sasuke...don't tease." Naruto pleaded in between light pants. Sasuke listened and engulfed his lover's manhood in his mouth, suppressing his gag reflex so he could deep-throat him. The blonde responded by thrusting his hips up almost choking his lover. The raven held the tan hips down, much to Naruto's frustration, and began to bob his head up and down while humming and sucking. The sensations were to much for our favorite blonde. He was moaning and "purring" in pleasure as the familiar coil in his lower abdomen tightened and tightened. One particularly long suck from Sasuke was the final straw as the fore-mentioned coil erupted, sending Naruto into pure bliss as his seed spurted into his lover's mouth.

Sasuke swallowed every last drop of his lover's seed then pulled said blonde into another mind blowing kiss. The younger male could taste him self in other half's mouth eliciting a throaty moan to escape only to be caught in the kiss and for his once limp member to become erect again. The broke apart and the raven haired male reached to the bedside table and retrieved the bottle of lube they kept there. He was about to open it when Naruto stopped him shaking his head.

"I want you to take me raw." he said. His voice was soft yet filled with lust and love. Sasuke looked doubtful, but Naruto leaned back and positioned his lover's manhood at his hole. Catching the hint, Sasuke gripped the blonde's hips and slowly entered him.

There was pain. There was a hell of a lot of pain. It hurt like a bitch, but Naruto would endure. A few tears escaped his azure eyes and a sob escaped his mouth. Sasuke stopped for a moment and kissed the tears away before continuing to inch into the tight heat that is Naruto's ass.

After what seemed like eternity, the raven's manhood was fully sheathed in the blonde's tight hole. Naruto gave Sasuke a nod telling him he could move. He carefully pulled out causing his lover to wince until just the head remained in. Then he thrust back in. His blonde lover screamed in both pain and pleasure as his prostrate was hit dead on in the first thrust. His vision was overcome with white as his lover repeatedly hit his prostrate over and over again. Soon there was no pain, only pleasure as the blonde begged for more.

"Sa-ha-suke! Harder! hm...ngh...ha!" Naruto moaned out in between heavy pants. Sasuke complied. His thrust speed up to a frantic pace. The signs of a coming release becoming more and more evident to the two lovers.

Sasuke wrapped his hand around Naruto's neglected member and began to pump in time with his thrust. That did it. A few thrust later and the blonde released his seed all over his and Sasuke's stomach with a shout of his lover's name. Several thrust later and Sasuke came deep inside his lover with a low grunt of his blonde's name as well.

The raven pulled out and collapsed next to the panting blonde.

"I love you." Naruto said sleep beginning to overtake him.

"Hn. Love you too." Sasuke replied before allowing sleep to overcome him.


The next morning (around 9:15)


The two lover's were still in bed, but they were awake. The two just finished their morning "exercise" and were just basking in each others company.

"So," Naruto started. "You finally ended it with Sakura?"

"Yea. It was actually kind of funny seeing her become desperate to keep me there, but in the end it became annoying which made want to leave more." Sasuke said grimacing at the memory. (see previous chapter) Naruto chuckled a little at this.

"So, what about your house?"

"Not mine. It's been in Sakura's name the entire time." Naruto gaped at his sadistic boyfriend.

"She can't afford such a house!" Sasuke smirked.

"Well she should of thought of that before she insisted she be of more use."

"That's mean." The blonde said pouting cutely. He then added on a bit more seductively "I like it."

"Do you now?" The raven asked with and elegant eyebrow arched.

"Yea I do. I think it deserves a reward." Naruto whispered in his other half's ear, nipping on it slightly. This caused "little Sasuke" to perk up and then Sasuke pounced.

The two lover's once again engaged in passionate love making or "exercise." It's a good thing Naruto lives in an apartment that's practically sound proof.


With Sakura (at 1:50 p.m.)


Sakura looked like a hot mess. She was still in that pink furry nightgown, but it had food stains suggesting that the woman had indulged herself in with the food in the refrigerator. Her hair was unkempt and her eyes were red and puffy obviously from all the crying she had been doing.

About an hour ago, Sasuke arrived holding hands with Naruto and a few other friends in tow. The came and cleared out all of Sasuke's stuff. NOT including the pink boxer's she got him for Valentine's day (he never wore them) or the really expensive cologne she swore he said he wanted, that she bought for his birthday last year (Naruto bought him the same cologne, but his had an orange ribbon around the neck making it very special). So she sat around and mopped trying to figure out where she went wrong, but could find no explanation.

Maybe if she never watched those specials on women television about the signs your man is cheating she and him would be together.

Wishful thinking

Truth be told she would have had her doubts anyway.

She thought her boyfriend was cheating...turns out he was.


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