Preface- Torn for choice. Vampire or human? Jacob hated me now. But everyone was sure that this was the best decision. Except dad and Rosalie. But I didn't have to do this. I could die- the werewolf part would fight back and my body would struggle to survive and live when the venom dissolved every cell in my body. What to do? It would be too late in just a minute. Carlisle looked at me. "Are you sure?" he asked calmly. "Yes." I closed my eyes as he picked up my wrist, waiting for the pain to start.

Book Renesmee
Chapter 40- Future

I looked up from under my eyelashes at Mum.
"Pwity pweese?" I asked in my baby voice.
"You never let me go hunting with you."
"Because it would scare you, Nessie. Now, I'll get you your blood carton while me and dad go out hunting. Ok?"
I frowned.
"Nessie, stop being so stubborn! It's getting annoying now. You know what I can do if I get cross."
I got off my chair and walked over to the telly. I saw my refection in it- oval face, almond shaped eyes, curly hair. My hair looked slightly bronze in the light. It is bronze, just like dad's hair. I have mum's eyes, though. Almond shaped, green colour. I turned the channel over to something more interesting than CBeebies. I don't know how we get BBC. But we do have a great big satellite on our roof. That might have something to do with it.
Dad poked his head in the doorway.
"Jake's here."
Jake-or Jacob Black- is my best friend. I've known him since I was born. Jake and mum knew each other since before mum and dad met. It's so much fun when I'm with him. He's so funny. He made all my friends from school laugh on my 9th birthday. I'm 16 now. Big girl now. That's what they say. Weird how time passed so quickly, I went from 2 to 16. How does it happen? In that timeā€¦ it seems like I've only lived half my life properly, and now, all too soon, I'll stop aging.

I went to the door and there was Jacob! He looks so huge. He's taller than dad and dad is tall. 6'3. But Jacob's about 6'7.
"Hey Nessie!" he said as ran up to him. I always cuddle him first thing when I see him. Then he squeezes me so hard he winds me. Not funny.

Sometimes I wonder about whether I'll ever be a vampire myself. Jacob would hate that, but mum said if they do it'll be for my own good. Aunty Alice says she can't see anything bad about my future yet. But one day that changed. Her view of my future is limited, because I'm half human half vampire, but one day everyone was called to the kitchen while I went out with Jacob. That's what happened today. Mum said she was going out, but I doubt she was. By the way everyone was behaving, something was wrong.
"Here are your boots and coat. Bye, Nessie have a good time. Mwah." She pushed me out of the door without my boots or coat on and closed the door.
"Bye." I mumbled two seconds too late.
I walked with Jacob after I put my stuff on.
He looked at me. He could probably guess what I was thinking.
"I'm going to tell you what they're discussing. They want to decide whether you should become a bloodsucker."
"Sorry. Vampire." He repeated, his voice dripping with sarcasm and disgust.
"Oh." I could kind of guess they were thinking about that.
"But you don't want to, do you? I told them that but they just bloody ignored me!"
Jacob looked at me, his face sad. I knew he would hate it if another person he loved became a vampire. I know what happened between him and mum. They told me in case I ever saw them kissing (which I never have) and I thought mum was having an affair.
"I might do. Kind of. But you'd still like me, even if I was. Wouldn't you?"
"Sure, sure." His voice was contradicting what he was saying. I sighed. I could never keep Jake happy for long.

"Right. We've decided." Grandpa Carlisle said.
"It might all change though honey. If you don't want to change, you won't have to." said Grandma Esme.
I looked at all of them. They all seemed to want me to change, except dad, who seemed sad, and Aunty Rosalie.
"I... do want to change. Into a vampire." I said, still unsure.
"Right. That's all set. You can transform when you're about seventeen or eighteen." said Carlisle. "You can change your mind any time you like. But, the fact that Jacob imprinted on you..." I hated it when Grandpa reminded me of that. "... Might make it more difficult for you to transform. Or you might not be able to."
I sighed. Life was so difficult sometimes. Why weren't things the way they seemed to be to humans?
"I still want to transform." I looked at dad, and Rosalie, both of their faces disappointed and upset. I immediately felt guilty.

Everyone left the room. I whispered to dad and Rosalie, "Sorry."
Dad walked up to me and scooped me up. "You can change your mind any time you like. Remember, I don't want to drink your blood because you're part vampire. It's not like it was between me and your mother."
"I've made my choice."
Dad put me down.
"If you say so." he mumbled sadly, and walked away.