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Chapter one

Everything was quiet on Privet drive. The flickering lights where barely enough to illuminate the one person who walked down the street. The short black haired boy made his way towards the local park to sit on the swing-set. The boy had raven black hair that grew past his shoulders, his bangs barely touching his emerald green eyes, completely covering a lightening shaped scare on his forehead. This boy's name was Harry Potter and he was a very special boy.

Harry sighed to himself as he looked at the star filled sky. He had just entered a new year at school and his Uncle had decided he deserved a beating for daring to come home with a note from the principle staying that he would need special help for his dyslexia. 'If this continues I may never need help for anything,' Harry thought as he picked out the constellations he knew. He was so lost in thought he never saw the person that was watching him from the shadows of the nearby woods. A few hours later Harry decided it would be best to make his way back home.


The Next day


Harry grimaced when his name was called, his class had just started learning about Greek and Roman history and his teacher, Mr. Brunner, seemed to think he should be the smartest kid in class even with his learning difficulties, and it was starting to really annoy him.

"Now Harry, Can you tell me who the King of the Titans is?" The teacher asked, staring at the fidgeting boy.

Harry gave a silent sigh of relief; he knew the answer to that one. "Kronos," he said softly, ignoring the glare his cousin was sending him. Dudley hated it when he got any answer right, mostly because Dudley couldn't answer even the simplest question on his own.

Mr. Brunner smiled slightly at the answer as he adjusted blanket over his legs and wheelchair. "Very good Mr. Potter, Now, Mr. Dursley," The teacher said, his eyes focusing on Dudley, who had just tossed a wad of paper at the back of his cousins head. "Can you tell me who the King of the Gods is?"

Dudley sneered at the teacher, "Its Kronos, you just asked the freak that question." Dudley smirked at his answer; sure he had gotten it right and happy that he had been able to call his cousin a freak in front of the teacher.

Harry sunk into his seat; He knew what was going to happen. Every time his cousin called him a freak to one of the teachers they began to sneer and ignore him just like all the other adults in his life. Harry was surprised when Mr. Brunner growled at his cousin.

"First of all Mr. Dursley," the old man said, his face masked in anger; "The King of the Gods was Zeus; second of all you will not call anyone in this classroom a freak ever again or you will find yourself in detention for the rest of the year."

Harry looked at the teacher his eyes wide as the teacher turned to the blackboard to right out the names of the gods they would be studying that week. 'Why didn't he change like all the others?' Harry continued to think about what had just happened up until the class was dismissed. He was about to follow the last of the kids out of the room when he heard Mr. Brunner.

"Mr. Potter, could you please wait a moment?"

Harry stiffened and turned to watch his teacher, his expression weary. Mr. Brunner was finishing up a few of the homework assignments that they had turned in, two of which Harry himself had had to do himself; mostly because, even with his Dyslexia and ADHD, he was still smarter than his cousin, 'though a rock is smarter than Dudley' Harry thought as he watched his teacher finish with the tests.

"Now Mr. Potter," the older man said softly, turning to look at his fidgeting student. "I have a question for you," Harry stiffened slightly 'I don't like the sound of that,' he thought, his fingers fiddling with the bottom of his shirt.

"What would you like to know, Mr. Brunner?"

Mr. Brunner smiled slightly, "How is your home life Harry?"

Harry stiffened further, his eyes as wide as they could go. 'What the hell?' No one had ever asked him about his life with the Dursley's, they had all just assumed that the rumors where true and he was a freak who got into all sorts of trouble. "Its fine Mr. Brunner," Harry winced slightly at the lie.

Mr. Brunner just stared at him knowingly. "Why aren't you living with your parents?" He asked, never taking his eyes off the little boy.

Harry looked down sadly, "They died when I was a baby."

Mr. Brunner just continued to stare as thought expecting something else. A few moments later Mr. Brunner sighed, "I will see you tomorrow Harry, Try and have a good night." He said his voice mildly distracted.

Harry sighed and left, History was the last class he had so he made his way home. He was late so of course his uncle was going to be mad. Harry shuddered at the thought of the beating that he was sure was waiting for him. 'I may be nine but I'm not stupid,' Harry thought, changing course from his house back to the park.

It was nightfall before Harry noticed what time it was. 'I had better get back;" he thought with a wince, 'Uncle is really going to beat me for this one.'

Harry got off the swing, only to scream when he heard a loud explosion coming from behind him. He turned to see a strange lady making her way towards him, a creepy smile on her face as she stared at him. Harry gulped, turned and ran as fast as his legs could carry him as a sharp laugh sounded from the creepy lady that was following him.


With Mr. Brunner


If anyone had bothered to look into the classroom that held Mr. Brunner, They might have thought they were a little crazy. The teacher in the wheelchair was currently talking into what looked like a rainbow, or rather he was arguing with the rainbow, and the rainbow answered back.

"I can't just leave him there," the man growled, "If I do, it won't be monsters that kill him!"

"Oh, and I suppose you are willing to take complete responsibility for him?" The voice said, you could hear the sneer in the man's voice.

Mr. Brunner scowled, "Of course I would, I wouldn't have bothered calling you if I wasn't planning on taking responsibility."

The rainbow snorted, "than do what you please, so long as you are back for camp. I will not be left alone with these foolish Heroes." With that the rainbow dissipated and Mr. Brunner sighed and made his way over to his desk. "Well is I'm going to do this than I had better get the paperwork started." He said, smiling at the thought of what he had planned. 'Soon you won't have to worry little Hero, just hold on for a little longer.'

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