Chapter 15

When Harry woke it was to the familiar site of Annabeth and the roof of the Zeus cabin. He sat up with a confused look on his face. "How did I get here?"

It was Annabeth that answered, "Apparently you collapsed on Olympus and Clarisse had to carry you back."

Harry looked at his friend in confusion, "when did you get here? How long have I been out?"

Annabeth blushed and rubbed the back of her head, "Luke called me and told me about what happened so I rushed over."

Harry grinned, "And the family was getting to you." His grin turned into a sad smile when he saw the sad look on his friends face. "I take it; they acted the same way as always."

Annabeth sighed, "I don't think I can ever fit in with my father's perfect new family." She knew her voice was bitter, but she couldn't help but feel sad and annoyed at her father.

Harry smiled softly at his friend. "Well, you'll just have to deal with having me for family." He squealed when Annabeth lunged forward and hugged him. They both jumped apart when a throat cleared behind them. They turned and saw a smirking Luke standing there, so they did the most mature thing they could think of, stuck their tongues out at him.

Luke laughed at his friends. "Good to see your ok harry, we were worried when none of the Gods powers would work on you."

Harry stared at Luke with a surprised expression, "How the hell did that happen?"

"No one can figure it out," Chiron said, finally joining the three in the cabin. "But the Gods are working on figuring it out and fixing it. I don't think Zeus would want it any other way considering whatever happened nearly took his son from him."

Harry looked up at his guardian, his face confused but happy that he could see him before he had to go back to the newest demigod "what do you mean?"

Chiron smiled and folded his legs down to kneel next to the bed that held his favorite student, motion while he did for Luke and Annabeth to leave them alone. "I mean that if you had stayed in that coma for any longer you would not have been able to wake up."

Harry gulped, "How did I fall into a coma in the first place?" he asked, sure that he should have been safest on Olympus.

Chiron sighed, "We aren't sure yet what happened, but Zeus has decided that you are not to go anywhere without someone being with you." He held up a hand to stall the protests he knew where coming. "Your father is very worried, and has also said that the necklace he gave you will serve to protect you should anything happen, it will also make it so that he can find you where ever you are."

Harry sighed, wrapping a hand around the lightning bolt necklace that seemed to heat up at his touch, comforting him and reminding him that his father would never leave him. He smiled, "alright, I guess," he tried to get out of his bed only to be pushed down by Chiron.

"You are not leaving this bed until I am sure that nothing is going to happen to you anytime soon," Chiron said, wrapping a white blanket that Harry had never seen before around his body. "Annabeth and Luke have agreed to help you with all the assignments you will miss over the next few days, and I will be checking in regularly to make sure that you are doing as you should."

Harry yawned, suddenly tired, "Ok, goodnight Chiron," he said before sleep took him, never even noticing that he had never gotten the answer to how long he had been out.

Chiron smiled sadly at his young charge, 'If only I didn't have to watch over Percy,' he thought, tucking the blanket that had been made by the gods especially for him even more securely around the sleep relaxed body. 'At least Harry will have a chance for a new friend when he comes to camp.' With that last thought he left his charge asleep with all the protection the Gods could give him without taking him to Olympus for the rest of his life.

Spinners End

Fenrir blinked wide eyes at the man he hadn't even noticed had woken up. "No, my brother Dakar had a thing for young children, but we look enough alike that anyone could say that it was me and they would believe them. It's rather annoying really." Fenrir said his voice distant and annoyed as he thought about his brother and all the things he had been blamed for.

Severus snorted, bringing the two wolves' attention to him, "your brother is an insane moron without a brain in his head."

Remus rolled his eyes at the man who was quickly becoming a friend. "I take it you have met him?"

"Once when I was younger," Severus replied with a quick look at Fenrir. "I nearly skinned him with a stray curse when he tried to infect me."

Remus looked at Severus, his eyes wide with understanding, "That's why you reacted the way you did when you saw me at school."

Severus growled, he never liked it when the day Sirius had tried to kill him was mentioned. "I had barely gotten away from one wolf trying to bite me, excuse me for not liking another one having a go."

Fenrir snorted before shaking his head, "I nearly forgot the reason I came here." He walked over to the cabinet that held the potions he needed. "I have to get these to the pack," he said, he looked at the slightly healthier looking Potions Master, "I will be back to make sure you are at least taking the potions you should." He said before rolling his eyes, "if I had it my way you would be on bed rest."

Severus glared at his friend before sulking, "I do not have to be on bed rest Fenrir, and I'm fine."

Both wolves snorted before Fenrir looked at a slightly more relaxed Remus, "Watch him for me, and make sure he takes the potions." Remus was still slightly shocked at the worried wolf but he nodded anyway and watched as the Alpha left.

Severus snorted, "He'll be back. You can bug him then. Till then I'm going to go to bed, I have a potion I will need to work on tomorrow."