"Knitting Convention Blues"

"Bob," someone said shaking her. She didn't respond, and the shaking turned to tapping. "Bob," the voice repeated once more, "Bob wake up." She still didn't flinch. The unknown voice was starting to get annoyed. "Anna!" the voice shouted now fully irritated.

"What? What? I'm up!" exclaimed Anna. It was not until then that she realized that the person who woke her up was her new husband Declan. She stared at him for a good couple of seconds to try and get her bearings. He was on the passenger side with the door open, and he was squatting on the ground to get to her level. The jacket he was wearing earlier was nowhere to be seen, and his dress shirt was buttoned down a little bit. His face looked like he was tired, and his beard was looking especially scraggly, but yet extremely sexy 'His face is so hansom, "she mused silently.

"Anna, are you alright?" her husband asked snapping her out of her reverie.

"What? Oh I'm fine. I was just in a really deep sleep," said Anna.

"Well you should be, you slept practically the entire drive," said Declan, "I wasn't boring you. Was I?"

"No, No of course not," she said brushing back his hair. "The scenery and the radio just lulled me to sleep I guess." She sat there for a second in silence fiddling with his collar. "Where are we?" she asked breaking the silence, not even bothering to look at her surroundings.

"Look around," he said. She did as she was asked and gave a good look around. She saw a familiar, little cottage on a creek with a sign outside that said: "Bed and Breakfast." She put two and two together and realized that it was the bed and breakfast she had stayed at with Declan on her previous trip to Ireland. Except last time, she wasn't even with Declan. She was having Declan drive her across Ireland to get to Dublin so she could propose to her ex-boyfriend Jeremy on Leap Day. "Who would have thought that I would come back here with the same man, but legally tied to him?" she thought laughing to herself.

"Do you like it?" he asked with a hopeful look on his face.

"I love it," affirmed Anna while grabbing him by the chin and bringing him into a kiss. "Do they know we're coming?"

"I already talked to them last week, and got us the same room we had last time," he said with a sly look on his face.

"Oh so you had this planned the entire time, huh? You know how I hate surprises," she said dramatically.

"I do, but I thought this would be a good one," he said know that she was just pretending her dramatics.

"It is," she said pulling him into a longer kiss than the previous one. He gripped her face tenderly, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulling him out of his squatting position and onto the corner of the seat of the car. Declan was the first the pull back, and end the kiss. He put his hands on both sides of Anna's face and stared into her eyes.

"I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you too," said Anna.

"Alright," he said getting off of the seat and extending his hand, "Let's go."

"Perfect," she said getting out of the car to go inside.

"Frank! Eileen!" exclaimed Declan while shaking Frank's hand and reluctantly accepting the hug Eileen offered.

"Mr. and Mrs. O'Brady Callaghan"! exclaimed Eileen. The couple's once smiling faces turned suddenly into faces of shock. They both looked at each other remembering the last time they came to the bed and breakfast they were newlyweds with the last name "O'Brady Callaghan" when they weren't even married, or even dating.

"Yup that's right. The O'Brady Callaghan's," said Anna looking at Declan with a strained smile.

"Well, now it's just O'Callaghan," said Declan, "We decided to shorten it soon after we left here actually."

"Well isn't that…grand," said Eileen with a confused look on her face.

"Well it's great to have you back," said Frank, "but would you mine telling us why you both are dressed in wedding garb?"

"Uh. Well you know. I mean," both of the couple stuttered not realizing that both of them were in still dressed from the wedding. Anna still had her wedding gown on, and Declan now donned the jacket and tie that were off earlier. "Wow. We're dumb," thought Anna silently. Finally after mulling over a few good excuses in her mind, Anna said, "Renewed our vows."

"Whot," said Declan, Frank, and Eileen simultaneously.

"We renewed our wedding vows. I know it's a little early for us, but we reenacted the ceremony for my great, great aunt from Boston," said Anna unsurely, "She wasn't able to make it to the ceremony last time, but she was passing through Dingle to Dublin for a um, uh… knitting convention."

"A knitting convention?" Frank asked skeptically.

"Yup, a knitting trip. Isn't that right pumpkin?" Anna asked her husband using the pet name he loathed, and hoping that he could take control over the sticky situation for a little bit.

"Uh, yeah a knitting convention. These old bats in Dublin are crazy for knitting and have a convention every year," Declan said trying to sound reassuring.

"I've never heard of this convention," stated Eileen.

"You wouldn't, it's only for the elite knitters in the world. It's very small," affirmed Declan.

"Ah well that's grand," said Frank.

"Can we show you to your room?" questioned Eileen.

"Yes! Please," Anna said a little too excitedly, "Uh I mean that would be great."

"Very well then come along," said Eileen with an odd look on her face.

"Thank God," Declan whispered into Anna's ear.

"Finally!" exclaimed Anna as she fell back on the bed she and Declan would be sharing for a night.

"I know, stupid blokes we are," replied Declan as he fell face forward onto the bed next to Anna.

"We? We!," cried Anna as she rolled onto her side and Declan's eyes raised in alarm. "You're the one who forgot to realize that we would be coming straight from the wedding. Me in my wedding gown and you in your suit! Jeeze! We could have gotten ourselves kicked out if they found out we lied to them last year! And then where would we have gone? I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't figured us out already" Anna was now standing up with her hands on her hips, with a fired up look in her eyes.

"Whoa there! Don't you be blaming all of this on me," Declan said back. "You're the one who said that your aunt was going to a knitting convention!"

"It was the only thing I could think of! At least I didn't sit there with my god damn foot in my mouth!"

"Bloody hell!" exclaims Declan rubbing the bridge between his nose, "I just wanted to do something nice for our first night together as husband and wife before we actually start our honeymoon, and look at us! Five hours we've been married and we're already been arguing. You always start our arguments!"

"I cannot believe that you just said that!" Anna shouted.

"I just did!" said mockingly while getting inches from Anna's face.

"You know what? I'm going to go see if Eileen needs any help with dinner, and, and, and," Anna said trying to get her thoughts together while taking out the pins from her wedding hair, "have fun sleeping in the shower. Again!" she added slamming the door.

"I will!" Declan shouted after her. "Damnit! What have I done?"